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Utah College of Dental Hygiene Reviews

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The Utah College of Dental Hygiene was the best experience. The facility is great and they just remodeled a large portion of the front of the school. It looks average size on the outside and then you go in and it is really big.
I will always be grateful UCDH accepted me and made me into a great hygienist.
The admissions office and the people who work in it are great!
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Online courses are expensive and not fun. That is why I chose UCDH. Everything is hands-on and they do not have even a single online course. Everything is one-on-one and I learn best that way.
I am going on after my education at UCDH to earn a Masters in Dental Hygiene. San Diego here I come.
I loved all the professors. They are all dentists or hygienists.
The college keeps good track of the graduates. If you are curious the facebook page has albums that feature when and where graduates get their jobs. Before I started the program I was curious and so I looked up their online reviews. Google was 4.7 out of 5, Yelp was 4.5 out of 5, facebook was 5 out of 5, and this site was 4 out of 5. Not bad for a quick glance.
UCDH (at Careers Unlimited) was really a very different college experience in a good way. I wanted a small school that would be committed to my education. I also wanted to get through with the whole "college degree" thing quickly. UCDH accomplished both exceptionally.
One of the many reasons I chose UCDH is that they accepted all of my transfer coursework. Many of the other programs I applied to either would not call me back because I was not a 4.0 student and I guess they considered me a "waste" of their time. The people at UCDH did not treat me that way. I called and Hanna and Kaydie were very nice to me. They explained what I could do to get my credits moved over and it was really easy. One class had to be assessed by the College President and that took about three weeks. One of the other programs I applied to wanted me to retake some of the classes I had already passed with A's and B's just because it had been over five years since I had taken them. I think that is just a waste of time and money.
The cool thing about Career Services at this school is that there is an entire course taught by Professor Brown that focuses on all the things you can do with your Bachelor's Degree in dental hygiene (BSDH). There are more job options for dental hygienist's with Bachelor's Degrees then there is if you only have an Associates Degree.
The professors at this school have been great. Dr. Allan, Professor Molen, Professor Green, and Professor Brown were my favorite. I was really glad that most of the classes were straight forward. There was not a ton of "busy" work. Sometimes there seemed to be assignments that did not make any sense but as school progressed and I was further along in the program the need for those pesky assignments started to make sense. Really they just want you to succeed. I also LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, the fact that we would take our national clinical boards (WREB) at the school. There are only two schools out of seven in the state that allow you to take your full boards (Weber State and the Utah College of Dental Hygiene). I was so relieved that I was able to take the boards at my school and that I did not have to road trip or fly to another school. I saw so many students from other schools that had to come to my school to do their testing and they just looked so lost. Me and all of my classmates had already been through practicing boards three times at UCDH and we all did well.
The placement rates at my school are outstanding. I would guess that it is because there is an entire course offered in the program that is taught by Professor Brown that focuses on resume writing, interviewing, where to go to find the right kind of job and what to say (and not say). They even let you practice at the school and offer more help after graduation if you are still nervous and need to get some more practice before you go out for your first interview. They will bug you for about a year after graduation trying to see if you got a job or if you need more help but I would rather have that then never being called and not ever receiving any contact from your school after graduation because they really don't care if you ever got a job (thanks for not caring UVU).
The instructors here are very knowledgeable but they are also very firm. Dr. Allan, President Molen, Professor Green, and Prof. Brown are great. They expect the best you can give. They don't really just let you just "skate" through class. If you fall asleep in class you will regret the "pop" quizzes because you won't do well. That being said the concentrated workload is very challenging. It is not easy to go to class all day long (8a.m. to 4p.m.) Monday-Thursday every day for 20 months straight. You do get two to three week breaks between semesters but other than that it is year round (no long summer breaks). For me it was worth it because I really wanted to get through with school and get on with my life (home, career, family, husband, kids, etc.)
This school is very small but I really enjoyed it. They only have one program which is dental hygiene and I found out that I liked it. My previous college experience was stressful as I was kicked out of anatomy lab and the rec areas because the pre-med students or nursing students or athletes were more important. I liked the fact that I did not have to "share" everything with other programs and students. It is nice being able to see the same 60 classmates every day. We are like one big family and have grown very close together. The course work was very hard however. Some of the teachers are very strict and expect quite a bit out of you and don't allow you to just "skate" through their courses. Dave and Cinda are very helpful and Dr. Allan and Professors Molen and Brown are great! This school accepted me when other schools would not even talk to me because I did not have a 4.0 GPA. I liked the faculty here. They were always nice to me and believed in my ability to become a hygienist. One of my only complaints would be the small computer lab we had when we started but half way through my program they remodeled the computer lab and expanded the upstairs student break room into an awesome lounge and made it much bigger. I am proud to be a graduate.
Not a lot of flexibility but that's what you get when you sign up for an accelerated bachelors degree
Professors really actually care unlike other college experiences I've had and all the work is hands on
Job prospects are great because graduate students have a great reputation
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The school follows up with graduates for 6 months to check placement
We have a large class siz but like I said before there is a 5:1 student teacher ratio
As a dental hygiene student my school takes pride in our 5:1 student teacher ratio. The workload is tough but doable if you're desires are firm. UCDH also prides itself on a 99% graduation rate and the opportunity to obtain a bachelors degree in just 20 months!
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