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Very nice campus! This is isn't a party which great because it helps you focus on your studies. Yes some things can be improved like a student union and more males need to attend. The sports teams are highly valued here and everyone is very nice. The professors love to help you in every way they can and there are tons of resources outside of the professors that the college offers. Yes the campus is small also which is great for if your running late to class or your not used to walking long distances!
Ursuline is definitely below average, but not necessarily poor. It is an expensive choice for a nursing program, and as far as return on investment, I don't understand what they use the money on. The quality of educators is subpar. They brag about hiring mostly at the doctoral level, but the professors do not know how to educate. The buildings are falling apart, and the technology is a nightmare. Many of the students when asked why they chose Ursuline replied: I didn't get into the other shools I applied to. To me it seems as though they don't have a standard for students, and a fair amount of time is wasted teaching students basic information that should've been covered in pre-reqs. To be fair, I have attended a 4-year and a 2-year school previously so that's where my comparisons lie.
Ursuline is a great small school, that really focuses on giving students a great education! The classes are small, which allows for students to ask questions easily. The professors really get to know everyone and are very helpful!
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Ursuline is an amazing school and so are the people. I have never had a better experience with a school. The people and campus make you feel at home.
I admitted to Ursuline College 2018 spring. I was so impressed by the clean campus and friendly faculty at first glance. Even though it is a small College but have a great quality of learning environment.
Ursuline is a very good school. I feel I have a lot of opportunities there. I am in the nursing program and so far I am very impressed with ursuline.
Ursuline College is wonderful for someone who strives in small class sizes and close relationships with professors. The small campus atmosphere provides a sense of community and familiarity with each student. Everyone knows each other; you're not just "a number"--you are a human being. Professors are always willing to answer questions and provide support for you and your classes. Being that Ursuline College is a women's college, you have the unique experience of classroom and campus life being dedicated to putting women's learning and preferences first.
I like the beautiful campus and the friendly professors, advisors, and staff members. The campus is also an aesthetic majesty of architecture. The only thing I would change is the cost to attend, which is astronomical as the heavens themselves.
I've been here to visit friends and I feel like this college is a safe area and very well educated students.
What I like most about Ursuline College is the diversity of the student body. Yes, we a majority female campus. However, within that population, you find people from every walk of life. I have made friends I never would have met otherwise.
I love Ursuline's small atmosphere and the way that they work with the students to help them reach goals rather than setting barriers up! They are open, have an amazing curriculum and instructors! The art therapy program is growing and I am proud of the way that they are continuing to improve. I would like them to try to integrate the graduate students with the undergraduate to foster unity within the department though. Also there is a shortage of dry erase markers.
Ursuline college is a great college to attend if you are looking for an all academic college. The professors are kind and try to work with you for whatever you're struggling with. The students and faculty are all kind.
There have been a few racial skirmishes between students, but nothing major. Most have been the result of ignorance rather than hatred. There is an office of equity and inclusion if something needs to be seriously addressed. Gay people are generally accepted, you will see equality symbols on the doors of many professor's and staff member's offices. There is a good mix of conservative and liberal students, though you probably wouldn't know anyone's affiliation unless it came up in conversation or class discussion.
Very rarely, you may see or smell marijuana or edibles but they are not common or encouraged. People sneak and drink alcohol in their rooms, but you will probably not see anyone getting drunk. I haven't heard anything about other kinds of drugs being used.
It's a women's focused college and it's small. Some men live on campus and of course violent or sexual crimes can happen between women, but the likelihood is much lower than at a typical co-ed school. Also, there's no parties and no drug or alcohol scene.
The dorms are usually quiet and clean. Rooms are on the smaller side of what I've seen on other campuses and alcohol and overnight male guests are prohibited (As of 2016). However, female guests can stay overnight. Curfews for male guests are reasonable. Common areas have TVs. There is a lounge with a pool table and air hockey. The only "perks or amenities" are the average vending machines and communal kitchen. Each floor has a bathroom with a good number of toilets, showers, and sinks. Almost never overcrowded at any time of day.
Ursuline College has an amazing reputation and employers know if you have a degree from Ursuline College then you are a hard worker who will be perfect for the job. There is even a whole office on campus that will help you find internships and jobs! Ursuline College wants their students to succeed.
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I love Ursuline College. The professors are amazing and very accommodating to every students need. Although we are a smaller school, a lot of opportunities will present themselves and there are a lot of ways to get involved on campus and have fun! Classes are small so the professors get to know you and really care about your success not only as a student, but in your future career as well. Everyone is super nice on campus and you will never feel alone. I could not imagine going to any other school.
If you ever needed something, someone would be there for you. This being said, health and safety are very important to Ursuline College and the campus is located in a very safe area and nothing bad ever happens. Students are not afraid of leaving their book bags/laptops sitting out because they know nobody will steal them. Ursuline College makes sure to make you feel at home and safe.
Ursuline College just got a new gym, work out rooms, lockers, and everything else you can think of. Very beautiful and spacious.
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