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I like how welcoming the community is and how professors really want you to succeed and will go above and beyond to make sure that success happens.
Ursinus has a fabulous neuroscience program. The faculty are very engaged in their classes, and most welcome students to visit office hours with questions or concerns. The small campus environment makes it easy to get to know your classmates, and many students are down-to-earth and friendly.
The staff is super helpful in your process to achieve your goals. The entire campus is like a giant communal family! There's a lot of things to be involved with and many employment/internship opportunities.
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Ursinus is a wonderful institution. The academics are quite challenging for a small school but the professors are some of the most supportive human beings
Although Ursinus is a very small campus and there is very little diversity, it is academically chanllenging and prepares it students for the future.
I find that Ursinus College has provided academia in which helped guide me into further opening my mind. My college has been the best experience of my life, and I believe it is a needed experience.
There's a vast amount of opportunities at Ursinus that not only help you get to where you want to be in life after graduation, but as well help you figure out where exactly that place or career is. From the research involvement to study abroad programs to career events on and off campus, Ursinus really helps its' students become settled and secure not only in their career paths, but also with themselves as people.
I absolutely loved Ursinus and would highly recommend the school to anyone who is looking to apply to colleges. I learned a lot, especially from the freshman seminar, The Common Intellectual Experience. I joined a Sorority, made friends at a local nutrition club and took rigorous classes.
Great place to learn. Class sizes are small and the professors are always available. People who go there are down to earth and everyone cares about each other.
The Ursinus community is very nice, many students on campus freely express their opinions and there are many on campus opportunities. From academic and Greek organizations to club sports there is plenty of student groups on campus. The faculty and staff are very friendly over time some may even begin to be like family. Food needs a little work and like in most places not everyone knows what hygiene and cleanliness are but that's why there are many options for housing after the first year and multiple options for getting a bite to eat.
I had a wonderful first year here. The professors are helpful, the facilities are well kept, and it was easy to make friends.
Ursinus College is a small, private college in Collegeville, PA. It may be small but its size makes it unique and actually quite likable. The students become close and the learning is really tailored to the students' style. The classes are challenging but fun, the clubs are welcoming, and the events make everyone feel like a community. The thing I would change would be the limited diversity at the college. I would like to see people of many more backgrounds and experiences.
Ursinus was a school that I applied at last minute to and wasn't entirely sure about my decision. However, I have been pleasantly surprised over and over again here. The professors are extremely qualified in their fields and the small class size makes it super easy to get a more personal and engaging learning experience. The student body is diverse not only in their ethnic background but also socioeconomically, politically and their interest. I am a member of the swimming and track team along with balancing a double major and a radio show. The passion among the students here, especially the studnet-atheletes is contagious, and it wasn't long before I found myself passionate not only about my course but also my studies.
This school is perfect for anyone that wants to have a close relationship with their professors and classmates. With the small class sizes, both academic classes and graduating classes, you will be on a first name basis with almost everyone on campus. You become close with your professors and are able to seek help in your course work on an almost daily basis. If you professor is not available, any professor in the department is willing to help you.
Ursinus has a great community. The campus is small, which means you can walk to all your classes within 5 minutes. The campus is also very beautify with many trees. Professors are great and very attentive. Courses are hard be if you apply yourself they aren't that bad and you can make it out with good grades. Party scene is great to me, but other aren't into. You become friends with everyone because you see them everyday.
Ursinus College is a wonderful institution, full of engaged students and passionate professors. The academics prepared me very well for graduate school.
I love the environment, it's a small school so you can walk to classes within 5 minutes and I love the campus feel. It's in a small suburban town with loads of trees and nature on campus. The food isn't great, but most college diners aren't, the food is generally okay but doesn't have much variety and could always be more nutritious. The academics are great, I've loved all my professors, even the ones that taught classes I hated. They are also great because we have small classes, so there is more time for teachers to help students with one-on-one time.
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I would like to see better living standards and better food. I'd also like to have more of a student center and non-alcoholic fun options.
As soon as I walked on the campus I knew this school was for me. The campus is great & everyone I met was very inviting. I'm interested in the engineering program, and absolutely love the athletic facilities on campus. I'm planning on joining the cross-country team so I look forward to working there too.
Overall a very close nit, excepting community. There are tons of academic and social opportunities for all.
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