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Do not go to this university they are racist and hate people who have learning disabilitys I know because I was a student there I am Hispanic and Jewish and I have a learning disability. I was booted out and told never to set foot on the property.this was only 3 classes before i was to graduate from ther after being expelded for no reason my depreson became much worse i am now under the care of a dr for it. if anyone whants more datals i am happy to provid much more.
Overall Urbana has been a very great place to be. We are a small school packed full of people from seven countries other than the US. The school has an amazing education program and is known for having many student athletes that make up the student body
I am a college credit student the goes here, so I'm not getting the whole experience here. But, what the teachers I've had have been pretty nice and mostly try to help you do well. Also, the students here are nice and friendly. But, I've heard that their isn't a lot to do on campus. Which makes sense since it's a small campus.
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Best thing about school is meeting new people and experiencing a complete different atmosphere from high school.
People need to be more involved.
The prices of off campus housing is reaally reasonable compared to the price of living on campus.
It is better than the cafe.
There isn't much that goes on.
It took forever to get help from somone.
There is the same thing almost everyday. The main needs to be better.
It is boring. There is nothing to do for the students over the weekend. There should be more involvement from a club to put together activities.
There is not many big parties. There are mainly multiple small parties that take place after a football game.
The football team is the primary reason the university is still running. They have pushed for years to get new athletes to come play for them and they football team has to deal with sub par athletic facilities.
Student health and safety is taken very lightly at the university and is often seen as a joke amongst students.
There is not a Greek life at Urbana University....
The financial aid department was fired my freshman year and then a whole new staff came in and started over the process and in return lost all of my financial aid status.
The academic advisers and coaches really make it nice.
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The dorms are not properly taken care of or up to date.
I didn't have very many challenges. It was pretty simple once they got you started, they take care of almost everything.
I like it but it gets a little boring.
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