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Urban College of Boston Reviews

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All technology in the school is old, virus ridden, slow, and the wireless signal is terrible. The professors have issues with the old projectors and laptops in class during lessons.
Diverse group of people from different ethnic backgrounds, although mostly Hispanic students. They are also older more established adults.
The curriculum is not adhered to by all the professors, and should be more challenging. The student's hard work and dedication goes unnoticed because the work is not checked. There are no prerequisites for any of the classes so anyone whether component or not can take all the classes.
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The registration process is infuriating. There is no online registration, or even registering on your own. Every semester you have to wait in 4 obscenely long lines to first consult with advisors, check-in with the financial aid and payment offices before you can finally register for classes.
None of these services exist to my knowledge
They have nothing there, no school activities, no book store, no athletics. I have more books at home then they have in their library. There is one computer lab which has the the oldest, slowest , virus ridden computers. The school is located in an old office building, most of the classes are in the basement where there is barely no wireless signal for the non-working computers and projectors. The classroom furniture is old, mismatched, and uncomfortable.
My school charges higher tuition than the other two local community colleges, but has non of the benefits of the other schools. The professors are not as qualified, the curriculum is laughable, the administrative's only concern is money not the student, and the school's technology is outdated and limited to say the least.
The school just passes people through, grading only on content and not quality of work. They are setting aspiring students up for failure without providing sufficient learning on the college level.
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