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This is my first semester here and I hate everything about it, if you're a city kid run. If you don't have a car in good condition run. There's nothing to do. It's a ghost town.
First year student and I feel this is a good school for local kids. I was raised in Las Vegas so city kids probably do not like this school that much.
Upper Iowa started out ok as far as enrollment goes. I had gotten enrolled in 1 class during the fall semester. Then a day before classes I was told by an Academic Advisor I had to be enrolled in 2 classes in order to receive my financial aid! 1st mistake. So now I'm forced to take 2 classes. An I work a full time job, has 3 kids, 1 of which does home school. So i'm at my max of disappointments with this school. Secondly the online classes are okay, but it just requires to much. You have to do way more than being in a actual class setting. Which I don't like. If you the type of person that gets side tracked or distracted don't do online, pretty boring if you ask me. And taking more than one course is entirely to much.
And the business office is the one who disburse the funds which is around week 3 if you have any over payments. It goes to the Bank mobile card or you have a option of setting it up to a bank which takes 2-3 days after its disbursed.
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I chose Upper Iowa for having my major being offered, the size, scholarship opportunities, and the location. NorthEast Iowa is a beautiful place to be, and the small class class size makes everyone feel like friends and family.
The college has hired some amazing teachers!! Their value of home-school/work balance is amazing. They offer a variety of different options to obtain your degree.
I'm enrolled in online courses and in person courses at their Madison center. I love UIU, the instructors take time to make sure you know the material. Anth they bring their real life experiences into teaching the subjects.
I am a new student at Upper Iowa University. Go Peacocks! However, my experience so far has been excellent. As an adult student(online/offline) I was nervous about the process and hesitant to believe I could actually achieve enrollment status.

Let me tell you what, the advisors and all other staff included have blown my mind with how efficient and easy they made this process. Whatever your student type, UIU will ensure you have the information and resources needed for success in your pursuit for education.

My only wish is that with the online training they include some sort of video-based classroom instruction.

Over all, keep up the fantastic work UIU!
I have attended Upper Iowa University for 8 years. The curriculum they offered, best suited my needs while I continued to work. My advisor has been a great help and always was attentive to my needs while I worked towards my degree. Upper Iowa offers a variety of degrees to help me choose the right field to go into. I will be graduating with a dual degree in Human Resources Management and Business Management.
I am in the online BSN program. I have enjoyed my professors and the classes I have taken. The class sizes are small and there haven't been a lot of group projects, which I appreciate. The cost is high, but typical for an online BSN program.
Air conditioning in all the dorms and free laundry! Food is great and lots of variety.
Chance to actually get to know your professors, and more importantly a chance for them to know you. At UIU you are actually a person and not just another face in the crowd.
As far as food goes, no reason to go hungry. Many healthy choices available, but if you want to live on pizza and ice cream, have at it.
The main drawback for some is that it is located in a small, rural community. You pretty much have to drive to get anywhere. UIU provides weekly trips to Ealmart, etc. Really not bad once you get used to it.
I enrolled in the Master's program after a great sales pitch from the advisor Milwaukee WI campus. I took a class in place of a foundations Math class than my program emphasis changed without my knowledge. When I switched to a different emphasis program I was told I had to take a Math class that I had been told I did not have to take when I enrolled. If your not paying attention classes will be added to your program without your knowledge. The school is a scam.
The experience was regular , but the employees were incompetent! They need to work on advising and helping the students with financial assistance. Also, they need to be more transparent and helpful when letting the students know what is needed to graduate and complete their major. The teachers were nice and very knowledgeable but some were not so understanding. I can not wait to graduate and be done with this school. I only chose the school for the flexibility and it’s campus site.
I love the learning experience. The instructors are amazing as well as the students. This learning experience has been one of the best to me by far
I have had nothing but positive interactions with all faculty and staff! Everyone is friendly and helpful. I would recommend it for anyone.
I am an adult learner, going back after leaving college 20 years ago. I love the class availability online or on campus. They are attentive, making sure that if you need help you get it. Teachers make themselves available for students, tutoring online 24/7 for math and in person on campus. You can even tutor via skype. They care about their students.
I love the small college atmosphere. I have met my best friends there and the education there is amazing.
As a active Army, I can take classes online or in class. If I move I can still take classes through their many locations . The professors are very understanding of the military crazy schedules. They work with us when it come to homework / classworknwe missed. Over all I love that upper Iowa is military friendly and they care to see us succeed .
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Teachers suck. You basically pay to teach yourself. 40% of the classes did not apply to my job. Unorganized online classes. Too much unnecessary course work time spent. Understood the material the first time without repeating it in 3 different assignments for the same subject. Was not expensive, but I didnt get 2 use my financial aid for books.
Upper Iowa University has been fitting for me and proven to be one of the best decisions I've made. From the Milwaukee WI center I have enjoyed classroom instruction from a great faculty team. The Fayette staff often seem like they are right next door and all avenues of student support has been great. Online courses are taught by Fayette campus faculty too and the standard of excellent instruction was consistent in the classroom and online.
Upper Iowa University is a home away from home for four years. The class schedules are amazing. You can take online courses along with courses on the campus. You only have to take three classes at the most for eight weeks. There is two terms in a semester and it is not to fast of a pace what so ever. With this school being a small private university you know almost all the students here and even most of the staff. A lot of the teachers give you their personal numbers and are always make time to help you if you need it. The small town feel is a little difficult to get used to coming from a big city but you get used to it after a little bit.
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