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I absolutely love the University of Wyoming. My older brother currently attends college here and I can't wait to start my experience in Fall 2019! Go Pokes!
I love the diversity around campus and the endless activities and programs that you can participate in. Everybody around campus is always very friendly, and the amount of help that is offered with coursework is incredible. The University of Wyoming offers everything you desire in a college experience!
The University of Wyoming is a very good University, full of life and opportunity. Every one is very friendly. The professors help out a lot. There isn't anything bad about it. Its in a small town, so you can focus on your studies. But just because its a small doesn't mean that that there is nothing to do. Lots to do actually. Lots of outdoor recreational opportunities. Good class sizes, there isn't much more that is needed.
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The largest problem with the university of Wyoming is the UW police department. The police drive circles around campus day and night, pulling over kids at will to test them and hand out as many tickets as possible. If you’d like to feel like everyone is waiting for you to mess up so they can pounce on you and shake you down for cash this is the university for you.
The University of Wyoming is a wonderful campus full of a lot of pride and very intelligent students. There are lots of facilities that are very good and accessible to all students. There always is something to do around campus and everyone is friendly.
The University of Wyoming is very helpful in helping you attain your degree. Everyone is so kind and eager to help!
There are events every week that anyone can attend. For a smaller school they draw a lot of students from all over the world so the opportunities to meet people are high in a small town. Very friendly staff and teachers, unfortunately my last year they cut a few of the programs in the language departments and religious studies areas but the teachers in those departments are very dedicated and put their students first. There are also many clubs to participate in, free comedy and entertainment shows, and very often free lunches are offered at many of the events!
My experience overall has been really well. I have nothing to complain about. The academics are great and there is always something to do. The campus is very safe and welcoming.
The people, and atmosphere was amazing at the university! Whether it was enjoying the athletic events, or the smaller class sizes, the University of Wyoming is a place that I would recommend to anyone!
I like how the teachers are available for their students despite the numbers of students they can have. The school is modern, all the teachers use computers and projectors for classes which is very useful, especially for student with vision issues.
The campus is beautiful too. It's really green, the buildings fit in this green space.
The communication from the school is also a good point. We receive emails for about everything that happens on campus. As the school year starts, we've been warned that some emails (like email about construction on campus) will no longer be sent but if we need information a link is given to us.
I love the feeling of community and involvement. As silly as it sounds they don't call it Wy-HOME-ING for nothing. I feel safe and like there is always something going on I can get involved in.
I like the campus and the professors. Its a beautiful campus and people are friendly. I would like to see more nontraditional students and diversity as well as making events more child friendly.
So, my experience at University of Wyoming has been great! There are many awesome clubs and sports that a person can take part in. The professors are great and there is always someone to help if you have any questions or concerns.
I enjoyed the process of apply to Wyoming. The facility was so helpful in answering all questions. I can call them twenty-five times with the same question and they would happily answer. I was connected with a lot of students and they were helpful as well. The atmosphere is impeccable, the campus is beautiful, the trees are everywhere.
The professors are kind and care about the students. The staff at the university are helpful, and were able to assist with all my questions.
Great place to go to school. Staff is willing to help. Great counselors. Great environment with a location with great access to the outdoors.
I would like to see a change in them taking more care of students during winter. They should think about us having to walk to class in the horrible cold and weather.
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Such great staff. Very helpful and want you to succeed. They have a great program that’s not just at the main campus so students can get class time without moving.
It's a great environment. Most of the classes are small sizes. Small personal feel in your education.
I love how the University's campus is in one main area. It's very gorgeous and well maintained. The cost is very affordable for out of state and in state students compared to other schools. You can easily get your money's worth with the resources on campus. I would change the dorms because they are old and need to be updated.
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