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I'm only a freshmen here at UW, but I love it. The campus is great and they have so many activities for students.
I love the resource centers. They provide a good community. The American Studies program is a bit like a family to those that are involved. There's a good number of student organizations. However, since it is the only university in the state, they focus so much on football then other sports.
I have only been here for a few short months, but in this time I have come to find that coming to the University of Wyoming was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
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During the first two years of attending the University of Wyoming, I had a hard time adjusting to the small town campus. After getting into my upper division classes, I began to really fall in love with the school, Laramie and my major. My professors were very dedicated when it came to their students succeeding and they really took the time to get to know us. I excelled in my major because of the dedication of my professors. If I could do it all over agin, I would in a heart beat. The campus life is great and people are very involved in the community as well. Going to the University of Wyoming was a great experience for me.
To me University of Wyoming represents something more than just higher learning institution. It represents a community of people who show that they care for education in general. It is extremely difficult to fail in a system that encourages critical thought processes. Every where you turn there is some form of help. If you feel overwhelmed there are many sources to turn too. Couldn't think of a better place to attend college.
I've had a good time so far. It's a very diverse campus despite the state it's located in. They care a lot about bullying and suicide and helping people make choices that are good for everyone.
I have enjoyed my time at The University of Wyoming. The class sizes are small and the people are friendly. I would recommend Laramie to anyone wanting the small college town experience.
I loved the experience, loved it. There were a lot of nice people that soothed my scary thoughts about college and helped me through my college tour. There is also a lot of things to do on campus, as well as nice people that are easy to make friends with. My overall experience was great, I just wish I could've spent more time there.
The University of Wyoming is an awesome place to be. Everybody is nice and very helpful. The campus is very open and nice looking. Anyone is sure to have fun participating in any event in Laramie. The school is affordable yet still a very challenging.
The University of Wyoming is a great 4 year university with some of the lowest tuition rates in the country. I personally enjoy being at the University of Wyoming because of the relationships I as a student have made with my professors. Due to the low amount of students the University of Wyoming has a student who is willing to take time out of their day to go talk to a professor is likely to make a great relationship with that professor.All in all the University of Wyoming is perfect for anyone looking to escape community college education without loosing the community college feel.
I love the University of Wyoming. It's in a small town so you really get the sense of community no matter where you go in town! I was born in raised in Laramie, so I am a biased. Ou facilities are top notch and with a small class room size you really feel like the professors actually care about your invidual success.
Teachers and staff care about students. Easy to navigate facilities. Super helpful staff, whenever a student is having a problem they immediately solve it in the best way possible .
I love the classes for my major offered by the University. They are engaging with great professors that are approachable outside of lecture. The professors for the music classes are especially great and have made it easy to stay in music even as a non-music major. Getting between classes can be a little difficult as a biology music student but the campus is bike-able which helps a lot! There are so many clubs on campus it is hard to limit yourself to just a handful. I am active in two clubs but also get updates and information for another two clubs. There is lots of outdoor space for enjoying nice weather, which helps for getting out of studying slumps.
There is a surprising amount of opportunities and diversity for a relatively small college in Wyoming. While it is a smaller college, it gives students the feel of a larger college. There is something for everyone, whether it's a certain major or student organization.
University of Wyoming offers a great selection of services and opportunities for everyone. The communication is excellent and everyone has been overly friendly and helpful!
Though this school is in a small town in Wyoming, it truly was an amazing experience being there. There is a wide variety of things to do constantly. Clubs, sports, organizations, greek life, international study, and so much more is available to all students. The small campus makes it feel home- like and the the whole town is nice and super involved in the University sports. If you're looking for a college experience like no other, the University of Wyoming is a great option!
The small town environment was nice because it felt like we were "all on the same team," and that there was a family aspect to it. However, all of the counselors I had were pretty horrible, and they didn't really seem to care how I was doing academically.
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I absolutely love going to the University of Wyoming. Everyone here generally cares about you as a student and a person, and they are so open-minded. The city of Laramie is beautiful and the campus is, as well. I've had so many amazing opportunities here at UW, met people who have changed my life forever (positively!), and done things I never would have imagined doing in high school. This university has definitely helped me grow as a person, and I will never regret choosing to go here.
The University of Wyoming is a welcoming and prestigous school. It was a great experience as a college freshman and i am very glad that i chose to come to school here.
The University is an amazing institution for education. I study Civil Engineering, and compared to some other friends of mine that go to other universities, they have to spend more money and take more classes that don't relate to their major, and one thing that the University of Wyoming does really well is connected all your classes to your major so you aren't taking useless classes.
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