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Overall, the University of Wyoming has really been a great experience, especially for the value. The university is fun, but the professors and people here are what really makes the university great.
I have not officially started school there yet but I have attended many sports camps on their campus and have has a marvelous experience.
Love this school and the town. I've made so many connections to new people and found new things I'm passionate about. I've really grown as a person and an adult here and I cant wait to see where I go within the University of Wyoming's walls.
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There is no place I would rather be for college than the University of Wyoming. They have a great sense of community both on campus and in the town of Laramie. They have events as well as excellent professors and most faculty and staff are willing to go the extra mile for students. It does get a little chilly in the winter time but even that can be beautiful. The tuition prices at the university are amazing and you get bang for your buck. Living onbcampus can be a drag, but living off campus is way better. The down town area is super close (about 6 blocks) to the university and has a variety of restaurants and small businesses. If you're looking for a school that's large enough to have lots of funding and provides an excellent education but small enough to feel at home, the University of Wyoming is a great choice.
Overall with a faculty and staff that is top notch and plenty of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and all sports included. The weather can be unpredictable so please prepare before visiting. I have enjoyed my stay here and after four years have found plenty of fun things to do. I give the college an A.
I spent a year at this college. I loved the teachers and the size of campus. However, for some of the majors they require classes way far out of the field of interest of the major. For instance, I was a biology education major and required to take a computer programming class, a skill I would never use in the classroom or in the rest of my college career.
Growing up in Laramie, it was never really a choice if I was going to go to UW or not. They offer a great scholarship to Wyoming residents that you cannot pass up! The school has many different opportunities and the small class sizes really help each student succeed. The professors really do care about every single student.
Great school overall. The system is a little convoluted for transferring credits or switching majors but it can be done. The campus is very nice and most professors are great.
All of the professors I've had are great and very understanding. They really help if you go into office hours.
I am a student at the University of Wyoming and I absolutely love it! This school is full of warm and happy people and it has a gorgeous campus. I looked into this school because of the price, and this school truly shows that you can get a quality education at a fraction of the price of other universities. Not going to lie it can get a bit cold and windy in the winter so if you are planning on choosing the University of Wyoming as your new home you might want to invest in a warm jacket.
The University of Wyoming is a wonderful unsung resource. As the only land grant university in the state, it has a surprising amount of funding that is uses reasonably well, mainly to create affordable study-abroad opportunities. Campus size is perfect, with about 10,000 students, and class sizes are on the small end, never exceeding 200. Their propensity for involving undergraduates in research of all kinds is unparalleled, and the professors' outreach is truly impressive. I became involved in research my first semester, and thanks to my professors and graduate partners I am on the path to publishing my findings in several scientific and academic journals. Campus life is vibrant without being pushy; there's plenty of opportunity to join clubs and organizations, yet if you choose not to, you're still plenty capable of finding activities. I would recommend the university to essentially all majors and interest groups.
This is an excellent school with many opportunities. One of the best study aboard programs. Many state of the art facilities. Small town feel and if you like the outdoors this is perfect
I ignored all of the bad reviews about this place when I was choosing a school- and now I know I should have listened. Laramie is awful, if you don't have a car it is pretty much impossible to leave campus, which makes you feel completely isolated. The weather is awful, and the campus is very cliquey, which I wasn't expecting. The dorms are tiny and constantly have issues, but everywhere that you can live off campus is an inconvenient distance from the school. The campus isn't involved at all and the school rarely puts on events, so there's nothing to do. Don't even try to party here- the RAs report anyone they even think might be drunk and the cops give out MIPs for any suspicion they have. I personally know over 15 people that have gotten an MIP here. Overall, I wish I had never come here. I am transferring after finishing my freshman year, and I can't wait to never come to this town again.
UW is a great school. The staff members were very caring. Almost all of the classes I took had a very small school atmosphere with the benefit to state of the art facilities. The school has very affordable tuition for both in-state and out of state applicants. The school also has a lot of scholarship money available.
A bargain of a university. Though administration and advisers are not up to par on helpfulness, the University of Wyoming has all around incredible professors. At first Laramie seems quite the Podunk town but after a while it grows on you and it is really a spirited town that has changed me forever and will you too.
I love every part of the campus not only do I feel like I am apart of something bigger than myself but I feel like being here at the Univeristy will help me accomplish my goals in more ways than one
A great campus with amazing professors. I feel like curriculum is very focused on your major and not a lot of busy work, only real world application. Athletics are average, but outside of football attendance isn't usually great. Laramie as a town is fairly awful. Not a whole lot of things to do, even less for those under 21. Outdoor opportunities are great if you have the transportation. Greek life is extremely tame and any parties there are get broken up quickly. The dorms and food could be worse, but they're certainly on the lower end.
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I didn't know squat about UW or Wyoming before a last minute decision to attend the university. I'm half way through my bachelors and I can't imagine being anywhere else! The physics and astronomy program is great, top notch, the mountains and weather are beautiful (if the latter is sometimes painful) and the costs are amazing for the quality of education you can receive.
I am a freshman at UW. My experience so far has been very good, the teachers are good, the sports are very fun to attend, the campus is beautiful. The best part about UW is most certainly the campus. It's spacious with a park, benches located in little hide-away areas, walk ways and places to take your dog.
Going to the University of Wyoming has been a big change for me, but it was a great decision. The professors, staff, and students are more than willing to help you better your education. There is also a wide variety of extracurricular activities available.
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