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A great campus with amazing professors. I feel like curriculum is very focused on your major and not a lot of busy work, only real world application. Athletics are average, but outside of football attendance isn't usually great. Laramie as a town is fairly awful. Not a whole lot of things to do, even less for those under 21. Outdoor opportunities are great if you have the transportation. Greek life is extremely tame and any parties there are get broken up quickly. The dorms and food could be worse, but they're certainly on the lower end.
I didn't know squat about UW or Wyoming before a last minute decision to attend the university. I'm half way through my bachelors and I can't imagine being anywhere else! The physics and astronomy program is great, top notch, the mountains and weather are beautiful (if the latter is sometimes painful) and the costs are amazing for the quality of education you can receive.
I am a freshman at UW. My experience so far has been very good, the teachers are good, the sports are very fun to attend, the campus is beautiful. The best part about UW is most certainly the campus. It's spacious with a park, benches located in little hide-away areas, walk ways and places to take your dog.
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Going to the University of Wyoming has been a big change for me, but it was a great decision. The professors, staff, and students are more than willing to help you better your education. There is also a wide variety of extracurricular activities available.
I like the university, but the town doesn't have much to do. Some classes are challenging, but some are mind numbing and boring. The campus is nice and the gym is great.
I love the University of Wyoming. I've lived in Wyoming my whole life, so the campus is cheap and close to home. I am an outdoorsy person and there is so many outdoor opportunities offered directly through the University!
This school is well diverse and has a great education program. Student involvement is a priority, tuition is cheap, and the teachers are generally well educated. The campus is very beautiful and open. The gym is state-of-the-art and provides students with many activities.
The university of wyoming is an amazing school. They are generous and very open to helping people who need it. The staff and professors are amazing and they are very uplifting. The various times I've been there they were notjing but helpful to me.
I love how the professors really try to help you succeed. They are always there and willing to help. It is also a very affordable university.
I would like to see changes when it comes to safety during the winter, better parking and better living. Parking is by far one of the worst things whether you live on or off campus. Some classroom building need repaired badly and more precautions need to be taken when the weather is bad. I do enjoy the atmosphere and people. Most campus activities are great and I always enjoy the sporting events that are held. However, there isn't much to do in the town because Laramie is a small place. But if you love the outdoors it is a great place to live because of the large variety of wilderness that surrounds Laramie.
It was an amazing trip. I loved to see the theater and music buildings. I loved the surroundings and I loved to see all the people there and how they got along. The campus was beautiful even though it was pretty cold out. I like how the campus is spread out a little bit but not to much.
The University of Wyoming offers a university experience in a midsize town in Wyoming. It is great for students coming from rural areas and offers a great Ag program. I have felt welcome and feel as if I fit in. I am enjoying my classes and have found an excellent work opportunity on campus. The dorms are great. I joined a freshman interest group that assisted in getting me started in a great field of study and helped me meet a group of like-minded students in my dorm and in the program I am studying.
I think that the University of Wyoming is a really good college for a really good price. I came here mainly because it was free to me, but the courses are actually really good. They are challenging without being overwhelming. There isn't a whole lot to do in Laramie, unless you're into outdoors activities. But it's still a really cute town and it's a relatively safe area to live in. The dorms aren't too bad. I don't think that I will live in them next year but I would definitely recommend living there for your first year at the college. I've met some of my closest friends at the dorms.
UW is in a very cold state, but the campus, students, and faculty are incredibly warm and inviting. State of the art gym. Could use more advisers for business program. Most definitely not a party school.
The school is well funded, the town sucks. The weather is never good and everything is run down and broken.
I absolutely love UWyo. All the teachers I’ve had so far have been really nice and want to work with you, and the campus is beautiful.
The campus is beautiful and always clean. The university provides many resources to help students succeed.
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I loved the diverse setting, great professors, and understanding environment. The professors were very helpful and understanding. The school itself fostered a diverse and accepting culture. I appreciated the resources offered on campus such as a health clinic, mental health counseling, fitness center, and student center. There were also many extracurricular clubs and activities even for those no in a scholarship sport.
I'm only a freshmen here at UW, but I love it. The campus is great and they have so many activities for students.
I love the resource centers. They provide a good community. The American Studies program is a bit like a family to those that are involved. There's a good number of student organizations. However, since it is the only university in the state, they focus so much on football then other sports.
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