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The university of Wyoming is a wonderful place, full of character. The schooling is excellent, and the professors are very nice, smart, and understanding.
I love the University of Wyoming because the people are so amazing and the professors genuinely care about you and your accomplishments. I wish there were a few more clubs available on campus but other than that I wouldn't change a thing.
Every time I visit UW, the campus is always clean and has a very nice environment to upcoming students.
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I have enjoyed the class room environment, and the way the professors help the students succeed. Each professor I have had so far have all given supplemental information via Canvas to help students study on their own time. Whether it is additional problems, reading or study guides, the supplemental information helps greatly.
The University of Wyoming is a great environment for education. There is a hometown feel when you are here in Laramie that you don't get at any other school.
There is not much do here if you aren't into the outdoors. There is no nightlife at all. Downtown gets boring really quickly. The campus is pretty but there isn't much to do on it. Our sports teams can be downright terrible at times and to be honest it is hard to support our God awful teams. The professors are very hit and miss depending on what department you are in. I honestly feel like going to this school was a bad investment. Other schools offer more scholarship opportunites than this school. To be honest, I wanted to like this school, but so many crappy things have happened to me since attending this school. It's hard to have pride in school that at times is a massive joke.
The University of Wyoming is a great university for me. Everyone is friendly here. As an international student, I received the warmest welcome from the university and they gave me assistance on how to get started with classes, helped me to adjust to campus life and made my stay in Wyoming a very happy stay.
The campus is very safe and beautiful, the staff so far has been very helpful for new students and usually always have a good attitude, I have learned a lot and have enjoyed all the events that the campus has put on. They seem to really try and make the college experience safe, easy as possible and fun in many ways. I can't think of anything to change besides maybe updating the advising system because I have been switched to three advisers because they keep changing the system and that has caused some issues in my scheduling which has put me behind and has caused frustration in many students.
The art program has so many resources available for the students. The professors on campus are very easy to reach and interact with.
I have loved my experience at Wyoming. The smaller campus atmosphere, while having a University stating was unlike any other college. Before I started, I was scared and worried about college. Especially knowing that I was moving away from my family to live in a new place. That very first week, I was welcomed with loving arms, and have felt at home since. I highly recommend anyone to come here because it is an amazing University at a great cost.
My experience with attending the university has been amazing. I have made so many friends and connected with people so well. I have learned many life lessons and learned so much from my professors thus far I am excited to go back and see my friends get involved back on campus and most importantly go back to class and soak in the knowledge of my degree I intend on getting from the university of Wyoming.
This University is a good choice for students that are outdoorsy or introverted. It is good for business majors and engineering majors. The Math department lacks in good professors, as does the English department. Some professors are good at helping students, others are rude.
I love the University's atmosphere, although I've had a few bad experiences with professors. For the most part, people are competent, respectful, and kind. The campus and surrounding areas are beautiful.
Normally pretty small class size. So far the professors are awesome. Small campus. Great little town to live in. Everything is pretty affordable.
I love the small town feel of the university. I had a class of about 250 students and the professor still knew me by first name outside of class. Everyone really cares about everyone; students aren't just numbers and dollar signs.
UW has a great selection of professors and instructors, and they are dedicated to helping their students achieve.
My university experiences so far have been great. I have taken diverse classes and met many interesting people. I am still discovering new things about the university with the various programs, services and events they provide. The are many athletic and cultural extracurricular actives to choose from, as well as committees and organizations to join and become a part of the community.
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The school is in a great town, the school really does care about your academic success. They have a great campus and have great programs.
From a wide range of majors, to endless campus jobs and incredible research opportunities, the University of Wyoming is an amazing school. I have met so many different people from all across the country and we all agree, this school seems too good to be true! It's affordable, the professors are always understanding, and if you like nature, there is always something to do! Whether you travel downtown, or go skiing for the weekend, there's always an adventure to be had. Class sizes are so small, that every professor I've had still knows my name! Overall, this is an incredible school and I highly suggest that everyone apply. The only thing I would change about UW is the dorms. They should be more frequently updated or repaired.
University of Wyoming is a very good value for academics. I didn't find a lot to do around town, but it is very close to Colorado which can be a fun weekend trip. When is is warm in Laramie which was very often there are some nice hiking trails. In the winter there is some nice cross country ski slopes. There are parties around if your looking for them. Overall a pretty good school.
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