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I love the campus and the education. My sister goes there and I am applying there. The city of Madison is huge and has plenty of places to eat. I would visit every month and sometimes attend the thrilling athletic games like Football, Swimming, and Hockey. All my friends who go there are all highly educated and love the social scene. My sister's dorm was up to my standards and I hope that I can go there next fall 2019.
The professors and university, in general, don't seem to care about individual students. Many professors have very strong accents that make it very hard to understand them. The staff seems, in general, to assume everyone is liberal and agrees with some liberal opinions (I'm in an English class right now that assumes everyone agrees that capitalism is bad).
University of Wisconsin-Madison is a great place for studying. Peers are motivated and the professors are very professional and helpful. The student life is excellent and the if you like partying you are in for a real treat. The residence halls are a little expensive so if you stay off campus you would be able to save a lot of money. There are a lot of on campus part time jobs available and you won't have a difficult time to find one. Hope you have a good time at University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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Love how liberal and beautiful it is. Would like to see the school have better connections with the capital.
I love love LOVE this university. From the moment you step on campus, it is clear that UW Madison has Badger pride and cares for the well-being of its students. Not only is it a well-known, prestigious campus, but the students and faculty here are welcoming, kindhearted, and are always up for a good time. This campus caters to nature lovers, as Lake Mendota is easily accessible, to city people, and everyone in between. Classes, although often fairly large, are fair, yet challenging. Overall, I am very very happy with my decision to attend UW Madison!
Excellent school great school for research sports and academics. Very great work experience. Large school with wide variety of options and an amazing athletics program.
As a current sophomore, the University of Wisconsin has provided me with a chance to explore my interests and has challenged me in all of my courses. It has a great environment and a great campus with a wide variety of clubs and activities that make school more fun and a good way to make a big university small.
I have had an excellent Wisconsin Experience thus far! Although I am simply a sophomore, I know that my time here has been worth it!
Although there is not a ton of diversity on campus, getting involved in the right way can make you feel more welcome. There are tons and tons of opportunities and I constantly see myself grow because of them.
The University of Wisconsin is the epitome of working hard towards your degree, while having the most fun college experience imaginable. I have made life-long friends while getting an education that has prepared me to take on any career I could imagine in the "real-world".
The University of Wisconsin is a phenomenal school with great professors. My only gripe is the food in the dining halls is a bit bland, but that is a small issue in a school full of amazing features.
I college campus and city environment. It is so nice being right in the heart of the capital while on campus
I loved studying at Wisconsin. It is a very special place. The academics are great, but what really stuck out to me was the spirit of Madison and the people who inhabit the town. The friends I have made are some of the best people I've met. I'll really be sad to leave in December!
I haven’t even started school yet, but I have been in Madison most weekends for the last 4 years as my brother went their. Madison is such a beautiful city and the campus is breath taking. You will not run out of things to do, and the education you will receive is second to none. Madison is already a top 10 school in the country and it is on the rise.
The University of Wisconsin is the perfect place to attend college! The athletic events are fun to attend, the campus is beautiful, and the education is among the best a person can receive in the state of Wisconsin.
Madison is such a great place to live as a young person. There is this intellectual energy and so much pride to be a Badger! I cannot say how many times I've woken up early on a Saturday knowing I was heading to the Farmer's Market and Gotham Bagels on the square. There are hip and trendy bars and restaurants, lots of opportunities to see art, the Orpheum and Overture for concerts, Camp Randall for games, Devil's Lake State Park, Picnic Point, malls, the Terrace, etc.

One thing I would want to do would be to create a more welcoming community for racial and socioeconomic diversity within the university and accepting the people who were on the land before us. There is a lot of tension about this on campus. It makes it hard for me to fully enjoy my experience there without feeling some sense of guilt.

I think the school could look into more affordable apartment housing options close to campus.
Large campus with a lot of different options for student life and activities. The lake and the student union are very unique!
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They offer engineering students lots of tutoring options. However, their are some bad professors specifically in the math department.
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Growing up in a very small town in Wisconsin meant that UW-Madison would be somewhat of a culture shock to me. I was nervous but excited to start my new life there and was eager to see all of the ways it would help me grow as a person. I never would have imagined that 4 years later I would say that I fell in love with my school and this city. There are so many opportunities to get involved, to learn, and to be apart of a network as big as this. I can honestly say coming to UW-Madison was the best thing that could have happened to me as an 18-year-old high school graduate!
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