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2,810 reviews
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University of Wisconsin-Madison is a beautiful university that offers a unique experience as a small city surrounded by nature, and with almost 30,000 undergrads, boasts unlimited potential for finding students of similar interests.

Though the student population could be much more diverse, Madison is a liberal city, where people are welcoming of those of differing backgrounds.

While courses are often difficult, they challenge and help you grow immeasurably, both as an adult and in your field of interest.

To top all this off, UW-Madison has a party and football culture that cannot be beat. On game days, students roam in red in a show of Badger Pride, and there is never an absence of parties (except, maybe, finals week).

Students have an appreciation for life that motivates them to strive for academic excellence and to spontaneously let loose with friends. This studying and partying defines what a Madison experience is all about: work hard, play hard.
UW-Madison compares to no other schools. The social life is fantastic and there is always something to do or somewhere to explore. The classes are highly involved and push you to be the best student. UW-Madison is challenging but also so rewarding. There is no other school that has students whom are this passionate about their school and campus. Everyone belongs at UW-Madison and it is truly the best college experience in the country.
I love the campus and the people who attend the university. Majority of the Professors are good, but there are a few bad ones to steer clear from. I would recommend this University to everybody.
Faculty is experienced, engaged and eager to help students fulfill their goals. Classes are challenging and the student body is both motivated and academically gifted.
The professors are helpful, but challenging. You need to be sure to take the time to ask for help when you need it and be thorough with your concerns considering many of your professors will have hundreds of students.
There is something for everyone! The University of Wisconsin-Madison boasts a lot of offerings, not only in academics but in all sorts of opportunities from amazing athletic programs to a myriad of clubs to get into. To the sports enthusiast, UW-Madison has athletic programs in football, ice hockey, and basketball which are renowned regionally, if not also nationally. To the grade-A active student, UW-Madison is also a mecca of infinite opportunities, it is even somewhat of a challenge for any student to navigate the "Org Fair" which displays the many student organizations that are available on campus. Organizations are available for students who are the soon-to-be titans of energy and even for the ones who are almost certainly going to be the consulting executives of the future. No matter what you want to get yourself into, there is always something for you in the land of the Badgers.
I really liked how many opportunities that this school provides for students. There are many different organizations, classes, and different programs for us to join.
There are as many majors as you can dream of so the sky is the limit for what you can do and classes you can take. They take the time to really help you ease into the whole college experience and find the right fit for you, and are always encouraging you to explore more options including their study abroad chances. There have been so many professors that have truly inspired me to do things that I'd have never thought I would have tried before.
UW Madison has the ultimate college experience - game day, downtown life, a lot of different food options, and a beautiful campus! The classes can be a bit big, but TA's help make the classes seem more catered to your needs. Great university, great education, great memories!
UW-Madison is an amazing school. There is always something to do and new people to meet. The campus is very nice and well-kept. Faculty is super helpful and extremely knowledgeable. It is such a fun school and perfect for anyone looking for new experiences.
I love the campus set up and how there's two sections. There is the city section which we call "Southeast" and then there's "Lakeshore'. Theses are two very different scenes that give u a taste of the city life and a taste of nature. What I am disappointed in is the lack of diversity. There are very few Black, Asian, and Hispanic students on campus and I wouldn't be disappointed if UW wouldn't have advertised just how diverse their school was. I was shocked when entering this campus environment to discover just how few people of color there truly is and the lack of inclusivity experienced by minorities. Many of the white people have never even seen a person of color before. So my advice for UW is don't advertise your campus' diversity if you truly barely have diversity.
I enjoy the school spirit and Badger pride students and staff at this University have. Some classes are not as good as others but that can be expected anywhere. The classes that I enjoyed were taught by professors who were fantastic and truly have a passion for the topic they are teaching. The classes I didn't enjoy were graded unfairly and were often taught by professors who seemed to not have as much passion. The campus climate isn't always great, specifically when it comes to race. Although I do feel safe on this campus most of the time.
I love attending UW-Madison. It's such a welcoming atmosphere for all students, regardless of their personal backgrounds and past experiences with education. UW-Madison pushes students to be the best and most successful versions of themselves, and I love to be a part of a community that encourages growth.
The school has a rather big campus, but the classes are centrally located. The professors seem to be very willing to help any student that asks for help.
The University of Wisconsin Madison is located in a very beautiful location. The campus is large and has many great opportunities for involvement. The professors are very helpful and are usually available outside of class. There are many class choices and there are very diverse learning experiences. I would recommend everyone to take a look at this school. The facilities are for the most part very nice. I would like to see some older buildings to be renovated.
I absolutely love everything about this school!! At first i was nervous this wasn't the right place for me but after spending a semester in madison and meeting everyone i know it's my home.
Overall, it is an amazing place for both academics and having fun. UW-Madison can fulfill any of your goals. Good professor, ample choices of student organizations, beautiful campus, and strong athletics. And its cost is relatively low among top tier universities. Very recommended college choice.
It has it all. It has a fun, welcoming atmosphere, a great community, rigorous academics, has any opportunity you could want available, and great staff. It is a big city so there is always something to do, but retains the small town feel. It is the perfect place to learn and grow as a person.
The University of Wisconsin- Madison is incredible in academics. I am a science major and the school puts impressive money and funding into increasing the ability for students to have good academic experiences. The university, however, struggles with getting students to participate in an inclusive environment. Minority students find it quite hard to feel accepted and as though they belong. It is often assumed that a student of color got accepted into the university to fill some quota rather than for their academic excellence.
The size of the campus is perfect there is so much to do but it only takes 10 minutes to walk across campus. Having state street and the lakes is super fun and convenient when you're looking for something to do and close places like UW Hospital offers many good job opportunities for students interested in science, research, and the medical field.
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