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Overall, the campus is great. The education is top-notch and there are lots of opportunities to get involved and be an active student! The city is also a great place to find things that you enjoy.
Great Network and School. Many opportunities for involvement all around the school internal and external to your major.
UW-Madison has so much diversity and wonderful student life. With so many activities and opportunities, it is hard to not have anything to be interested in. From D1 athletics to world class education, U of Wisconsin is a wonderful place to be. Go Badgers and On Wisconsin!!
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Awesome place to go to school. I love the location and the people here. There are so many great things about Madison.
As a current freshman starting out here at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, I can honestly say that this institution is one of the greatest in the nation. So far, UW Madison has been able to provide me with specific resources in achieving success in finding a major that suits me well. Additionally, the benefits for achieving a successful career path aren't the only thing that make UW Madison a great school, but the social environment is really welcoming as well. Yes, there is several selections of parties on campus, but there are definitely many other activities and organizations to join as well! The school is also a part of the Big Ten, so games are definitely very fun and rowdy when you go! Overall, my current experience as a Badger has been nothing but exceptional!
I visited University of Wisconsin with my family, and it was beyond welcoming. There was a large about of graduates still showing pride for the school they once attend. I could see how much they enjoyed the school in their earlier years. The school itself is huge and beautiful. My favorite part is the nature side of the campus where you have a perfect view of the lake. I could see myself relaxing by the water working on homework after class. On the other side of campus you get the city life. This is filled with tons of bikes,scooters, and buses. It is not too populated to where it comes off as overwhelming. Wisconsin has the perfect balance of city and nature life which is an aspect i value greatly. Besides the beautiful scenery, Wisconsin is a selective school that offers high education. The many programs and clubs it provides insure me that i will get a highly educated experience. I recommend all students looking for a bigger campus to visit Wisconsin.
Although I am only a high school senior, I have spent a lot of time at Madison. It is my #1 choice for schools. Madison is an outstanding campus with plenty to do in a welcoming community and the academics are highly above average. The school is diverse with many interests, beliefs, religions, and ethnicities. There is always someone else that has similar interests as you and majors, clubs, minors, etc. that each students will enjoy and look forward to.
While the tuition is higher than other Wisconsin state schools, it is a renowned university with incredible research and lecturers. It is also an incredible city with a lot to offer students.
UW Madison is a great place.... if you are not a student of color. As a black student it can feel so isolating here in many aspects of the college experience- from the party scene to the classroom. It needs to do a lot better for it's PoC students here.
I like how big the campus is and how there is so much to do. However, as a freshman, the campus could seem too overwhelming and the campus should make some freshman programs to connect new students to the campus and student life.
Academic-wise, this school is amazing. All the resources available for the students regarding research is outstanding. The bad thing about this university is the lack of diversity and how faculty tend to put people of color aside. I've been mistreated and treated differently just because I am latino.
UW-Madison has great academics and a lit party scene, so it's the best of both worlds! I wish the student body had more diversity though, 20% students of color isn't swell at a school that has so many students, so I'd love to see those numbers go up. But otherwise, not too many complaints.
Absolutely LOVE going the UW Madison. It is in a fantastic location and has everything you could want from great academics to a fun social atmosphere.
The large-scale setting of UW-Madison makes for a poor undergraduate experience. I barely connected with students and professors-- not because of a lack of effort, but because the environment didn't allow me to see them enough to form a strong relationship.
I love UW-Madison! It's a very large campus with lots of new student organizations and opportunities available to students. Even though it's a large school, you still have the opportunity to get 1 on 1 advising with many of the professors.
I unfortunately had the rotten luck of going through a presidential election as a republican (not a fun of Trump, though) on an extremely liberal campus. For this reason, it did not seem welcoming, and actually a bit discriminatory. Although this was a rough time for the entire campus, getting spit on and called white trash was not the highlight of my time there. The professor are extremely wonderful, though. At sporting events, everyone bonds together, and there is always so many great activities to do on campus.
Overall my experience at the University of Wisconsin has been amazing! I am getting a great education, the courses are rigorous but intriguing and they offer a ton of resources to help you succeed in your classes like the many different libraries and tutors. The campus is beautiful, you get the perks of being in the heart of the city so you can interact with locals and it is right next to Lake Mendota. There is always so much to do on and off campus, there are hundreds of clubs to join and always events going on around campus, it is never a boring day. The only main concern I have is that the school is not diverse enough for me. I am African American so it can be frustrating being the outcast 90% of the time, but Madison offers a lot of safe spaces for people of different ethnicities and races. Other than that my first year was a wonderful experience and I am excited to begin Sophomore year.
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I am very happy with my college decision. UW-Madison provides me with endless opportunities and continues to push me and get the most out of me.
I have really enjoyed my time at UW-Madison. The academics are harder than my high school, but are challenging in a good way. I enjoy going to class and learning. I was surprised by the diversity here. Madison advertises high diversity, but in reality when you walk down the street it flows with white people.
The most amazing place in the entire world. With a beautiful location and facilities, the University of Wisconsin truly encompasses what a public University should be. The faculty and staff are wonderful, the academics are challenging, and the overall vibe and love of the school is contagious.
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