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The University of Wisconsin- Madison is to beautiful and fun but the diversity is so bad. Each year, I visit the diversity rate never seems to go up. Its disappointing because although there is a lot of "inclusion" groups there's not many students that are minorities and the inclusivity in general isn't shown.
I loved attending University of Wisconsin's manitowoc campus. The student to professor ratio was perfect for me and I enjoyed the type and amount of classes offered. All of my professors and advisers were happy to help me whenever I reached out and they all helped me succeed in my first year of college.
I loved it from the moment I first stepped on campus. The campus was awesome being on the lakeside. It was diverse, and the environment was electric.
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Fantastic town, wide breadth of academic offerings, amazing school spirit. Wisconsin truly checks off all of the boxes. There is something for everyone here. While there is a large student body, class size remains small allowing for quality class instruction.
Absolutely loved my experience here--it's nice to be at a big ten school where you can get excited about sports if you want to, or you can completely ignore that aspect if it's not your thing. All of the academic programs are excellent with passionate professors. The community itself is tight knit and engaged, especially as the capitol of the state. Not to mention phenomenal study abroad programs! There's something for everyone and I am so glad I transferred.
I think that it is an excellent place to go to school, and it a great research-based college. It is very important to get good grades in high school if you want to attend the school of UW Madison, but it is also easy to transfer in after a year at another Wisconsin state school. The party scene is amazing, as is the food.
The University of Wisconsin-Madison is absolutely beautiful. Its campus has the perfect mix of city and rural with its connection to the capitol and to the lakeside. The architecture and history of the campus is astounding. Yet most of all the Badger athletics are amazing!
I love the campus and the education. My sister goes there and I am applying there. The city of Madison is huge and has plenty of places to eat. I would visit every month and sometimes attend the thrilling athletic games like Football, Swimming, and Hockey. All my friends who go there are all highly educated and love the social scene. My sister's dorm was up to my standards and I hope that I can go there next fall 2019.
The professors and university, in general, don't seem to care about individual students. Many professors have very strong accents that make it very hard to understand them. The staff seems, in general, to assume everyone is liberal and agrees with some liberal opinions (I'm in an English class right now that assumes everyone agrees that capitalism is bad).
University of Wisconsin-Madison is a great place for studying. Peers are motivated and the professors are very professional and helpful. The student life is excellent and the if you like partying you are in for a real treat. The residence halls are a little expensive so if you stay off campus you would be able to save a lot of money. There are a lot of on campus part time jobs available and you won't have a difficult time to find one. Hope you have a good time at University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Love how liberal and beautiful it is. Would like to see the school have better connections with the capital.
I love love LOVE this university. From the moment you step on campus, it is clear that UW Madison has Badger pride and cares for the well-being of its students. Not only is it a well-known, prestigious campus, but the students and faculty here are welcoming, kindhearted, and are always up for a good time. This campus caters to nature lovers, as Lake Mendota is easily accessible, to city people, and everyone in between. Classes, although often fairly large, are fair, yet challenging. Overall, I am very very happy with my decision to attend UW Madison!
Excellent school great school for research sports and academics. Very great work experience. Large school with wide variety of options and an amazing athletics program.
As a current sophomore, the University of Wisconsin has provided me with a chance to explore my interests and has challenged me in all of my courses. It has a great environment and a great campus with a wide variety of clubs and activities that make school more fun and a good way to make a big university small.
I have had an excellent Wisconsin Experience thus far! Although I am simply a sophomore, I know that my time here has been worth it!
Although there is not a ton of diversity on campus, getting involved in the right way can make you feel more welcome. There are tons and tons of opportunities and I constantly see myself grow because of them.
The University of Wisconsin is the epitome of working hard towards your degree, while having the most fun college experience imaginable. I have made life-long friends while getting an education that has prepared me to take on any career I could imagine in the "real-world".
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The University of Wisconsin is a phenomenal school with great professors. My only gripe is the food in the dining halls is a bit bland, but that is a small issue in a school full of amazing features.
I college campus and city environment. It is so nice being right in the heart of the capital while on campus
I loved studying at Wisconsin. It is a very special place. The academics are great, but what really stuck out to me was the spirit of Madison and the people who inhabit the town. The friends I have made are some of the best people I've met. I'll really be sad to leave in December!
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