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UW- Marathon County is a very comfortable, small campus. It's student body is small, although it is diverse. The campus offers many opportunities to get involved with whatever interest. The professors are also readily available and have a high level of education.
The experience I had at UW-Sheboygan was great. The professors were great at doing their jobs and I feel like I learned a lot of information through the courses I took.
I attended UW- Waukesha and it was a very nice school. Most of the staff was very helpful and put forth their best effort to help the students succeed. My favorite thing about the school is that is very affordable and is close enough that I can commute to school.
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I've enjoyed all of my professors in the college, and everyone I've met is very nice. Since it is a two year and I have to live with my parents, it is definitely not a party school. However, the classes are pretty okay, I really like the professors, and it is really cheap, so definitely worth it.
I transferred to this college from a different technical college in my area and I enjoy UW Colleges much more than my previous college. They have a very high attention to detail with each student. Professors are very willing to help you on their own time and are very accepting if you run into troubles with getting to class.
University of Wisconsin Barron County, Rice Lake is a small University located in a smaller Northern Wisconsin town. All the campus buildings are located close to each other and campus housing is located within walking distance of the entire campus. The class sizes are small so you have good contact with your professors and excellent feedback. You have good choices for majors and undergraduate requirements. The campus offers a small cafeteria on site. The University offers a variety of competitive team athletics. I recommend this campus as a stepping stone to your career.
It is a two-year school; you are getting what you pay for. Although it is a smaller school, there are a lot of resources and places to study and staff to help. The office staff is very helpful, and will sit and work with you until the problem is resolved. All the arts are very unsupported and you have to buy almost all materials yourself. Also another downside is a lot of credits don't transfer, so although you may be going to save money you actually could be spending more by having to redo a lot of credits. If you are just going for your associate degree, it is a very decent school to go to.
The University of Wisconsin two year schools are a very affordable option to pursue before transferring to a four year school.
The campus is really easy to navigate and the school tries to get the students to have as much fun as possible while on campus. Classes and teachers could be more difficult but they make transferring to a four year college very easy.
The professors were kind and interesting. I had a lot of personal interaction and attention. The class sizes were small and I graduated early. It was definitely worth the money.
The staff have all been very nice and helpful. I like that they have smaller class sizes. They also offer free tutoring for those that need it. The only thing I would change is to make printing free.
I love how interested and how much the staff and faculty care about the students here. Everyone is nice here and is very understanding when life gets rough, they work with you not against you.
It was quality education at an affordable price. Classes were small in size and they had good Professors.
I love this school. My extension has been great, and I am happy with the decision to the 2 year program way. I saved so much money compared to my friends who went to a 4 year right away. I am living at home and getting my gen. eds. out of the way so I can transfer and get into my major, hopefully getting my bachelors in 1 year and 6 months.
The colleges of the University of Wisconsin build a very strong, interconnected foundation that allows students to transfer easily from once college to another. And if you don't want to leave your hometown and save money on room and board, there are growing online options that provide for a variety of majors, all you can complete from your own home while you work. The coursework and difficulty can change between colleges, so it can require a little bit of reading and preparation ahead of time to figure out what you need to take and what you want to take. Each college option, whether online or a physical institution, all have their ups and downs, be sure to find the right fit for you, and always keep in mind you can change schools fairly easily as well in case you need to.
My experience at UW colleges has been OK. The food is not the best but the classes are easy and the professors are very nice and will help you a lot.
Was able to get all classes in morning but one
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I plan on going to another school to finish
Get to commute and save money
The process was hard because they did it online
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