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It was a blast. It felt easy yet stimulating all the way through. There are some who cannot handle the stress of being online because it isn't like a traditional classroom and you can't ask questions, but I thoroughly gained more from e-colleges than traditional settings. It was exciting for me to figure out concepts through online resources and digital discussion areas. Not only am I doing online college again, I am deliberately going to receive my bachelor's degree (electrical engineering) through a state wide online collaborative program!
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I wish my school had more study groups it would be more beneficial to my learning. The class registration process is kind of confusing but with the help of an academic advisor it became more clear. The professors are really nice and have office hours available if I ever need help with homework or have questions.
I am able to take classes that pertain to my major and not have to take general education classes. My school has great facilities and a great deal of internship opportunities. They well prepare students for graduation and job opportunities after.