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I looked into an online class and never officially enrolled or sent in any of the proper documentation but they still charged me. I got sent a bill in the mail two months later for $1600... SIXTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS for ONE online class that I didn't even take part in. This university is a scam!
Well I’m just about to start I’m very nervous but excited at the same time I herd only good thing so I can’t wait to dive head first in
I've had a great experience so far with UW Colleges Online. Application and enrollment was fairly easy and it didn't take forever to get a decision! My classes have been challenging, but my professors have all been very flexible with any conflicts that have come up. Additionally, the coursework is interesting and doesn't feel like a check-in-the-box like a lot of other online schools. My personal favorite part is how I can look at a "transfer wizard" tool and see how my classes transfer into any UW institution. It makes planning out my academic schedule and goals very easy!
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I have taken multiple online courses through the UW system and have had nothing but smooth sailing. The D2L system is very easy to use - within my three years of using the online UW system, they have updated their online format so many times it gets hard to follow but it's easy to catch on.

Tuition is very, very reasonable. Professors are very easy to reach - contact information is easy to find.
It was a blast. It felt easy yet stimulating all the way through. There are some who cannot handle the stress of being online because it isn't like a traditional classroom and you can't ask questions, but I thoroughly gained more from e-colleges than traditional settings. It was exciting for me to figure out concepts through online resources and digital discussion areas. Not only am I doing online college again, I am deliberately going to receive my bachelor's degree (electrical engineering) through a state wide online collaborative program!
My school is convenient because it's close to home.
My overall experience has been great I met a lot of new people and great teachers that have helped me tremendously. I would choose my school again if I could do it all over because I like that it's close to home and that it's affordable.
Some of the courses were interesting to learn about they were taught by quality professors
It's important to receive an associate degree of arts and science from this school it's the basis of completing general education.
Online courses are more at your own pace you can manage your homework by getting it done earlier.
My school is diverse which has helped me learn about other cultures within my school.
I think that I'm receiving a great education and is worth the tuition that I pay. My experience with financial aid has been smooth.
My school doesn't have a career center since it's a two year school and has low enrollment.
I am able to take classes that pertain to my major and not have to take general education classes. My school has great facilities and a great deal of internship opportunities. They well prepare students for graduation and job opportunities after.
I wish my school had more study groups it would be more beneficial to my learning. The class registration process is kind of confusing but with the help of an academic advisor it became more clear. The professors are really nice and have office hours available if I ever need help with homework or have questions.
The people are very friendly and willing to help answer any questions I have.
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