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Experienced professors and instructors teach the courses. Typically good response time to student inquiries. Online program is well structured, easily accessible.
Average university in a small town with not much to do. Wish there was more to do around town. Sporting events are a lot of fun and the teams are really good so at least the school has this going for them. Dorms are either renovated and very nice or not renovated and very poor quality. On-campus food is good with a lot of variation and many places to eat. Would like to see more enthusiasm from campus assistants and RA's. I'm not sure if there is just a lack of carin from older students that fill these roles or if there is not a lot of influence from their bosses but they always seem bored and are sometimes very rude to students.
So far, my experience at UW-Whitewater has been great. The staff are very friendly and they are always willing to help in anyway they can. One thing I would like to see change is where and when students are allowed to use meal plans. Most food options at the university center do not allow meal swipes, and if they do it is only after 2 pm. They do not allow meal plans during the most convenient and/or busiest times.
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As a first generation college student, I was very nervous to be moving away from home and living, "on my own," without my family by my side every day. I can honestly say though that this campus is like being part of a family, and it has been a very enriching and exciting experience so far. I am incredibly glad that I choose the right college for me!
Best experience of my life going to school her for my undergrad. Whitewater became home to me and I learned so much about myself both personally and professionally.
I love this university! One thing that sticks out to me is that the teachers are so hands on and actually want to see you succeed.
The University of Wisconsin - Whitewater is a very friendly and close-knit college. The campus is of a perfect size so that you know many people, but its not small enough that you will know everyone. The campus itself is beautiful and organized. All the classes are on the same block so that way, your furthest walk would be 15 minutes, AT MOST. The part I love most about UW-Whitewater is the professors. The class size is small enough so that the professors know your name and can help each and every student get the best education. Overall, I would recommend UW-Whitewater to anyone and everyone!
As an incoming freshman I was very nervous to start college. The students, faculty and my RA, did a very good job making my transition in to college an easy, and enjoyable one. Whitewater is a very diverse and excepting school and makes sure no student feels uncomfortable. The freshman advisors are always willing to help and make sure you are happy with your experience at Whitewater. I look forward to my next 3 years at Whitewater!
My experience at UW-Whitewater has been limited due to the fact that I am currently a Second Semester freshman, but so far I am in love with this campus. The university has copious amounts of resources and are helpful when needed.
It's a small campus, which is likeable. And everyone is super nice. No one will ever turn you down if you ask for help on an assignment. And professors are always willing to make time to help as well
UW Whitewater is a great school for those who went to a small high school. The class sizes are similar to those in high school. Whitewater has many organizations where everyone can find something they are interested in. There are many resources on campus that make the experience great and a little less stressful. The professors are all friendly and make it easy for students to come to them with any issues with class.
My favorite thing about UW-Whitewater is the class size. I am a hands on learner so its easier for me to learn when the classes are small and I am able to connect with my professors. Here at UWW, I am able to do that. The staff all around the campus is extremely friendly and always willing to help us students. I enjoy the small campus events that they have for the students to attend, and the activities open for student access as well. The environment of UWW is extremely friendly and fun and it makes the experience a whole lot better. Here at Whitewater, I get to say that college was some of the best years of life. A few things that are not my favorite about this campus is that the dorms are pretty far from the academic buildings. Not too far, but it would be nice if they were built closer for student convenience in Winter or bad weather conditions. Another thing I don't like is the food. The food is not my favorite choice and it is repetitive and not always the healthiest either.
UW-Whitewater had a family feel to it. It is small enough to be able to walk to class and see a couple people you know. It is also big enough to meet new people every day/semester. It is definitely a college town with not much around it, so you get to know people there. Around it is very cool open land which I love to explore. Great for biking, running, and hiking. Getting outdoors on the weekend is great. The professors here are also very good, with the exception of a few, as I'm sure everywhere. Not many classes are lectures. Even the classes that are lectures, though, the teachers are there to help.
The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is a school with so much spirit and compassion. This university allows students to learn in a productive and safe environment and gives ample opportunity to get involved.
It's a small town so every place is within walking distance, Illinois residents are charged out of state fees but it's still cheaper than almost every Illinois school. It's great for business and speech pathology, absoluttely horrid for any science major (except Geography, the GIS they do there is pretty good). Food was nasty from Chartwells but it was changed this year. Definitely not balanced or allergen friendly by any means.
It's a small school in the middle of nowhere, and even more so considering it's Wisconsin. Because of this, it has a concentrated population of rednecks, wannabe rednecks, and racists. I transferred out after one year. The dorms are all falling apart. I've had 2 instances of my mail being stolen with no regard from the staff
I think this is a really good school. It could use a little more diversity but overall the location, size, and professors are great. There are also dozens of clubs/organizations to choose from. There are many offered majors and every one tries to work with you to make sure you succeed in your time there.
I am a Sophomore Theater Costume design major at Whitewater, and my experience so far has been wonderful. To start, the professors at the university are amazing and do everything they can to help you succeed. They are so supportive and encouraging. At the beginning of my sophomore year I went through the difficult decision of changing my major from performance to design. I had the best support from my academic adviser, she supported me in changing advisers, and getting on track to peruse my new degree. My new adviser was eager to get me straight into design, and helped me prepare a make up design for a theater festival as well as throwing me into costume design by giving me two dances in our upcoming dance show to design for. Everyone is very supportive and willing to help teach students new things, and act as mentors. the faculty highly recommends trying things outside of your own field to become a well rounded theater student and to get the best experience possible.
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University of Wisconsin Whitewater is a fantastic place for those who seek advancement in academics and personal development. My Transfer was very welcoming I felt apart of the War-hawk family by attending their plan it purple orientation. The housing is very comfortable for anyone looking to live on campus which I recommend!
Fantastic school; campus is very well taken care of and the community is unbelievably friendly. Some of the professors don't seem to quite understand when students are struggling however
Whitewater is an affordable school that offers lots of opportunities for its students. You can always find something to do on the weekend.
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