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I currently attend the education program at UW-Whitewater. It's a great university with caring staff. The school features state of the art technology to help empower students to have voice/choice in their learning.
I like how the campus is laid out. It is great to walk around in your free time, and it also has a lot of tables where you can do homework at, eat at, or sit and talk to friends at. The classes are easy to find and the professors are really nice and teach very well.
Whitewater is a very safe and fun environment to attend school in! There are many, many student organizations to be involved in. Also many job opportunities! Overall, Whitewater is a very fun, diverse, safe, and "homey" campus. I would recommend it to everyone!
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My experience at whitewater is great because first they are always care about students education and if I needed any help, we have so much help around campus it is the best. We also are one of the best schools in the nation for disability students, so that’s why I love my school whitewater. It is the best school and I would recommend anymore out of state to check it out!!
Everything you hear about the campus is mostly true. It has a big campus feel while remaining small and friendly Midwestern folk and teachers. But beware, this is a backpack school and if that bothers you this is not the place for you.
I love my professors and that you can tell they love what there doing. There always passionate about helping you out. I love how everything is a close walk and you do not need a car to get to places in Whitewater. I enjoy being able to do a college sport and I love that environment. Whitewater is a very safe town and I feel very comfortable walking around. Everyone is very friendly and always has a smile on there face.
I love that UWW is a smaller campus. You don’t feel rushed to get to one class after another. The landscaping is absolutely beautiful, especially in the summer and early fall. The janitors are so friendly and most of the professors will do anything have I help you succeed.
It’s all about the athletes and business. Everyone else is a no body. All of the money goes into sports and business. I did not feel included when I was on the golf team so I quit and joined the royal purple.
I like Whitewater for many reasons. It is not a big school and the campus is a good size. There is many options for classes to fit anybody's schedule. There are many extra activities to participate in outside of classes. I got a job on campus and I love it. It is great to be involved in the school community!
great experience. Professors are determined to get the information through to every student. Students are very friendly
I like UW-Whitewater because I am the Upward Bound student there. once a month on Saturday, we, the Upward Bound students have a workshop there. it was a fun experience. we get to know the school and familiar with the school, the campus. Also, they have a really good program for an education major that's why I like UW-Whitewater.
I have really enjoyed attending this university. From the resources, to the students every aspect is top notch.
I love the smaller size of the campus. My instructors were supportive and helpful. Two new dorm buildings, one opens this fall. The other opens next year.
Great school, fun people, excellent experience! This is how I would label UW Whitewater. They have a spectacular business program that deals with modern every day issues in the business world. What really sells the school is how the professors and other students are so welcoming and enjoyable to be around. All around choosing UW Whitewater as my academic future was one of the best choices I ever made.
Whitewater is a very affordable and gives a great overall experience. There are so many great leaders and organizations to join, and the staff are willing to help you whenever you need it.
The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is my home. The campus is a perfect size, the people are amazing, and the extracurricular options are endless as well. I am apart of Greek life and I couldn't be more thankful for it every day. It has made my first year at college not so hard for me, I have found my best friends in Greek life.
Whitewater is a very nice campus, but it is small. There isn't a lot to do off-campus either. If you are looking for an experience of a small-campus feel, where you plan to stay on-campus and you don't feel the need to be connected to a city, this might be a great place for you.
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I really appreciate how open and diverse the campus as a whole is, as well as the Art department where I usually am. Teachers are also incredibly open to your own views or standings on things and are wonderful with constructive criticism. I can tell my teachers really want me to succeed and to push myself in what I can do.
I like the class sizes and the way most professors are hands on. However, there is an extreme lack of diversity, and there is only so much the minority student associations can do to bridge this gap. The school needs to work towards everyone feeling equal and fairly treated.
This was a very fun school. A lot of fun activities took place. The academic side was a bit weak but overall pretty average.
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