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University of Wisconsin - Superior Reviews

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Small school for outdoorsy people. The University of Wisconsin-Superior has a lot to offer with academics and athletics. They also offer a lot of outdoor recreation opportunities.
I loved how cozy and friendly it felt. It's a smaller school, and it felt like I got to know my peers and professors much better than at larger schools.
What I like about University of Wisconsin-Superior is the small campus feel. I like to be able to get the help I need from my professors directly. I also like the area that the campus is in. There are many things to do on and around campus.
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I attended UW-S to earn my master's degree. I felt that the academics were very strong and prepared me for my job. I am now seeking scholarship for my son to attend this great college.
Excellent communication during the enrollment process. Flexible online classes. Paths to degree were provided. Many opportunities are provided to involve students on and off campus.
I love the small class sizes and the caring faculty of the Counseling Graduate program. I also really like that it is pretty affordable compared to some of the other universities in the area.
Your information here states that UW-Superior doesn't have Distance Education. That is incorrect. UW-Superior was a pioneer in Distance Education decades ago and currently has an extremely strong Distance Learning program. Please correct your information! UW-Superior is great in both face-to-face and distance instruction.
I really enjoyed my time at UW-Superior. I am going back next semester to further my education. The staff and students are extremely friendly, and helpful. I did have some trouble with the math department with their teaching styles but overall was a wonderful experience.
I love my school the classes are good, there are good resources for help with homework. The teachers are very laid back and understanding of students situations. the food is good although i do wish they had more options for people with dairy allergies. the campus its self is beautiful but somewhat remote. overall its a good college.
The University of Wisconsin-Superior is a wonderful school. The instructors and staff in general are very knowledgeable and helpful. Class sizes are fairly small and the campus is quite diverse.
If you are someone that likes small class sizes and diversity then the University of Wisconsin - Superior is for you. The college also allows students to better themselves by way of healthy daily activity with an indoor field house and weight lifting facility that is free to students. Tuition rates are also very affordable to students compared to the neighboring colleges.
I am a freshman here, it has been the best year ever. The campus is small which is amazing. You never have more than 30 people in a class. Your professors actually know you names!
School is cost efficient, good size, and good distance from home. Dorms were all they crack up to be especially with roommates. My roommate and I got in a big argument. She placed unfair rules expecting me to follow them to the T. Complained she had no one to talk to even 5 usually were sitting on my bed. I wasn’t allowed to have anyone in my room especially when she’s gone. Moving was the hard part. I found someone to room with but dropped out so the housing department moved me to Ostrander. I was fine with it but they tried getting me to pay extra for the room I was placed in since it was a single room. I had to go to the dean to get that charge lifted. I believe the housing department should look out for their students better and stop trying to manipulate to get more money. It's pathetic.
The main reason I chose to go to the University of Wisconsin-Superior is because I love the size of the campus because it isn't too big, but not too small either. The class sizes are perfect so you have time and resources to interact with your professors and peers. The cost of tuition is also a huge plus, because you get the whole experience of a university at such a low cost. The only downside to the University of Wisconsin-Superior would probably have to be the city it's located, and I only say that because there isn't much to do in the small town.
I love that it's a small school and that, if you connect with them, the professors and faculty members will learn your name and go above and beyond to give you the best college experience possible. The only bad thing I have to say about this school is that Superior itself is a small, sketchy town, but the campus is safe and cute.
The best part about this campus is the feeling that the professors and the school actually cares about you. I got to class and my professors know my name. It makes me feel wanted and comfortable asking for help and advice.
Time I was there I felt very safe.
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My only experience was for three weeks in the summer when I attended for two three week accelerated courses.
I am a distance learner but I did attend campus for a couple of summer sessions. The facilities are well taken care of and you can tell they take pride in their athletes and athletic programs.
This school has been great to work with as I pursue my degree as a distance learner.
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