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UW-Stout is a great campus if you are looking for a small college experience. The farthest walk is around ten minutes depending on how fast one walks. Professors are good and the people here are very welcoming. UW-Stout does not have safety stations around campus like most other University of Wisconsin schools, however.
I am a freshman at UW-Stout and so far I am in love with the campus. I had a very rough start to my first semester of college with having to deal with a death of a loved on and depression on top of that. The school was very accommodating and accepting of me. I made sure to tell my professors what was going on in my life and they all helped me get through my hard times. I feel very safe at this campus. I love the dorm that I am in. I appreciate all the resources offered to me and I use them every chance that I can. I am very Stout Proud.
UW-Stout is an awesome college to attend. It has many unique majors and is the only Polytechnic university in Wisconsin. Every professor that I have had so far are very caring and want me to learn the material very well. Then we can use what I have learned and apply it to my future job. The class sizes are small, and you get to know others who are in the class. The laptop program is a plus! When attending Stout, you will receive a free laptop and after your sophomore year of college, you get to trade in your laptop and get another one that you get to keep after you graduate! Also, the book rental program is awesome! No more paying for textbooks. Just go to the Stout library and check out textbooks that you need for the semester and then return them after your final exams. There are also so many student organizations on campus that you can get involved with! Overall UW-Stout gets a 5 star from my experience so far!
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My high school art teachers are both alums from Stout and had me apply. I fell in love with the campus and local scene. There are wonderful opportunities for community and friendship. I have made many wonderful friends and have become involved with a plethora or campus orgs. The job placement after graduation and the hands on learning is what really made me feel comfortable with my decisions to go here!
I have enjoyed my time here at Stout, the academic programs and campus environment are wonderful. I would like to see more diversity on campus, as a student of color.
College is a WHOLE lot different than high prepared for new experiences but stand your ground. This is about you!
I wish they had more things to get transfer students more involved on campus because coming in and not knowing anyone is really hard.
Stout is a small school that lots of students love. The professors are very helpful and you are pushed to get ready for life outside of school as soon as you start.
I loved my first year at stout! The people were friendly, the instructors are passionate about what they are teaching, and are always willing to help you. The average class sizes are around 20 students to 1 instructor which makes you feel actively engaged in the classroom. Also the food is pretty good!
Stout is an alright school. I chose to go here because the have the best engineering program for the cost of it. I wish it was located in a bigger city. Overall I've had a very good experience at Stout.
Stout is very diverse and accepting. The professors are very qualified and helpful. The school cares a lot about its students, there are many services to help each student to succeed and graduate.
Stout has a great environment, great professors, small classrooms, and hands-on learning. On top of this it is affordable and accredited, I cannot go to an office without running into some who went there. I have one degree from there and decided to return for my second and I would not have if I did not think it was a great school.

Only downside, it is kind of in the middle of nowhere and the only real entertainment is bowling (if you like that) and WalMart.
I felt that the University of Wisconsin Stout was an average school. Some of the professors left a little to be desired, but all in all I enjoyed my time there. Renee Surdick is an outstanding adviser.
I've enjoyed my time so far at the University of Wisconsin - Stout. I've been involved with so many things on campus, including involvement with Housing, working in the msc, and going to activities put on by many clubs. It's a small campus, but it doesn't take forever to get to your class from wherever you are on campus. There's always things going on, and you'll find something you'll like quick. Teachers are there to help, there are plenty of areas to do your homework (and get homework help), and you'll always be close to your friends. The food on campus is priced reasonably and there are plenty of areas in the dorms to even make your own food if you really want.
I personally loved the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I went to the University as a freshman however, they do not have my major (nursing) so I am very sad to leave. I did not have one bad professor, and the academics were great. The only down fall to Stout is the community. It did not always feel like the safest campus, and I wish there would have been campus security or someone patrolling - especially at night. Besides that small aspect I could not complain!
Diverse student body, all the students and professors are very friendly, good academics, and lots of clubs and activities!
The classes, faculty, and staff are all good. Some of the facilities are a little underwhelming though. Class sizes are great if you looking to get to know your professors.
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My sister attends this school and receives an amazing education and has met some of her life-long friends.
I love that it is in a small town. You are provided a laptop and there is also a large variety of art programs.
I greatly enjoy my experience so far at UW Stout. Everyone is very friendly, the campus is beautiful, the community is very home-y and there are so many classes and fun campus programs.
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