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I really like the campus atmosphere. It is relaxed. The students I have met are very hospitable. Instructors are competent and actually work with you.
I love Stevens Point because the campus is beautiful. When I first toured here everyone was smiling and super nice; I never heard a rude comment from anyone. The classes are challenging and the professors do truly care about their students. Athletics and campus events are just a portion of what the campus offers for students to stay busy when they aren't in class. Going to Stevens Point was the best decision I ever made!
Overall, the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point is a very good school full of great professors and diverse communities. The campus staff is kind and understanding and many people are always willing to help. For me, the free tutors were very helpful, as was the food and the amazing teachers!
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The college is spread out yet still connected throughout the kids. They have many opportunities for extracurricular activities and for kids to excel in what they do. They have clubs ranging from science to literature to running. Class sizes are small yet you still have a chance to connect with your professor. Overall a great college.
The professors on campus are very passionate about the courses they teach. They are very understanding and work with students. Athletics are very successful year after year. The community on campus is very friendly. If you need help finding anything on campus, someone nearby is always willing to help.
It is a good school for the most part. It is affordable which is a huge selling point. However, it is not the most updated building-wise. Professors (in my majors at least) were fantastic-truly couldn't ask for better. Overall, it was a good experience. You get what you are paying for, which is cheaper than nearly all other colleges. They campaign on being homey which they deliver on.
I love Stevens Point! They have so many classes to offer for science and health majors and the professors care about your education. The people here are nice as well and it's easy to make friends. The classes are challenging and the tuition is relatively low for being a public school.
I really like how friendly the campus is. Everything is within walking distance and there are just enough kids on campus that you don't have to worry about there being too much of a cluster.
The students and staff on campus are wonderful and it is a very inclusive school. There are many opportunities for students in all programs. There are plenty of activities and groups to join. Overall a very nice school.
Really great professors, the classes I've taken have been fun. There is a lot of activities around campus and good food. We do have a campus police but the emergency stations are mostly not functioning.
Going to UWSP has been a great experience for me. The professors are good and they care so much about their students that they get to know them on a personal level and encourage them to succeed! They also offer many services to help students - tutoring, counseling, library resources, clubs, disability services, inclusivity, health services, etc. Campus is also in walking distance of many restaurants and shops.
I feel safe and welcomed at this school. It is a warm campus that does its best to keep you happy and feeling safe.
I will be graduating next semester with two bachelors and two minors and I really enjoyed attending this school and the professors. The campus is neither too small nor too large. If it were not for my advisers and professors I would not have been able to accomplish all that I have. The only downside is that the glass program (relating to one of my majors) is going downhill and funding has made it difficult to keep the art program running at it's potential.
I have had a very nice experience at Stevens Point so far. The professors and advisers are very friendly and are willing to take the extra step to make sure you are on the right track. Everyone is overall very friendly and helpful on campus. It depends on the class, but generally the class size is not too big, so it is possible to get to know your professors and ask them questions.
Great school, great atmosphere, great teachers. Love the town, great for outdoorsy people. No complaints at all.
UWSP is a very fun campus to be at. There is always something going on, from a basketball game to a performance of a musical in the fine arts building. UWSP has many different majors in a wide varsity of subjects. Overall I have really enjoyed my time at UWSP. Come be a dawg of the pointer family and as as ways GO POINTERS!!!!
Stevens Point is a beautiful, sustainable city filled with friendly, humble people always willing to lend a helpful hand. With so much to do, it's hard to say you had a boring weekend.
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My experience at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has been very good. The teachers and staff are very dedicated and responsive. The advisors are very helpful in helping you plan your academic career. The university cares about your opinions. They send out surveys on academic programs, as well as many other things. One thing that really stands out about the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is their dedication to protecting vulnerable students. They make great efforts to make the environment safe and friendly for LGBTQ students. They offer legal assistance and social support for the dreamers (DACA). The one thing I would change is access to information about scholarships. For students who are not eligible for grants, they may find it difficult to find out about and apply for scholarships sponsored by the university. If I had to choose a university all over again, I would stick with the University of Wisconsin system.
UWSP is definitely a very welcoming campus. It's nice that Stevens Point isn't a huge city; it has a nice friendly feel but you still get to experience diversity and culture. Known for it's Natural Resources program worldwide, UWSP still has a lot going on with their other programs as well. All my professors have been super great to work with so far, they really want you to succeed and learn something through your classes.
I'm in the college of natural resources, I came from suburban Illinois, I didn't know much of anything about fishing and hunting and all of that but now I do and I'm very happy. I definitely chose the right place, I love my friends here, and everything I'm learning in my classes makes me feel so fulfilled in life and happy. Food is honestly pretty crappy. The parties are awesome as long as they don't get busted by cops which is VERY COMMON. Renovated halls are very comfortable to live in.
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