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University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Reviews

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There are a lot of great things about Stevens Point, the most prominent being the sense of community there is across the campus. I don't think I've gone one day in the last two years where I haven't been greeted by someone at some point throughout the day. The students and staff are just wonderful. The size of the campus is smaller without feeling overcrowded or too close to the city (even though it's right in town) as well. One of the few downsides is that parking is limited/not guaranteed and is a "supplemental" cost to students. Another is inconsistent responses to maintenance of campus during the winter months. Sometimes snowplows are out instantly, and others, it takes about a day to clear the snow or salt the ice.
Great programs, enthusiastic professors, plenty of clubs/groups and internship opportunities. Great community
I really liked that professors! They are really fun and understanding. I also really the like the environment and how accepting everyone is. The class structures overall are decent. I wish the generals would have been more one on one focus to better my education.
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The main dining center is closed for the year due to renovations. That being said my dorm is about a twenty minute walk from the new dining center, versus a five minute walk. The food is as good as I was expecting it to be. Somedays the good gets really boring. I wish that there were more food options and that they rotated the options more. Classes are a good mixture of difficulty and ease. All my professors want to see us succeed and are very helpful in us getting to that level. Everyone is also very friendly around campus, very easy to make friends.
I came for the music programs. It's nice and the professors are pretty cool. Also the campus is really compact which is good too since it's less walking. Parking isn't that great though. It's so scattered. It's okay for a college. I wouldn't give it like 7/4 stars of anything.
My experience at UW-Stevens Point has been an overall good experience. I have had multiple good encounters with professors and the students as well. I am looking forward to creating new relationships and goals at UW-Stevens Point.
I enjoyed how they were able to have many sports and clubs open to everyone and it was a way for the students to connect with one another. I also think that having an area of nature next the the college is great for the students. This way they have an area to use for classes and get involved in the outdoors. As well it is nice to have because students get to enjoy a place that doesn't only have a city but a place to escape and see the outdoors in another way. I hope to see more about first generation students get more help because they are the first in their families to have to go through college and they don't know what to look forward to or have any idea what there is to come.
My current experience at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point is ok. However, there would be more things I'd like for the university to improve on such as how long it takes for the office to help the students, the parking meters or parking permit availability or a waiver for the parking permit, and the classes location is not as condensed. But, UWSP did do a good job with teachers, food, and the amount of diverse clubs.
There is so much I love about campus I can't even begin to fit it into 100 characters. I just know this was always meant to be my school.
Everything was fine until they decided to cut my major. I came here because it's rated as one of the best places to get an art degree in the state, but they don't care about the fine arts. My major along with 12 other liberal arts degrees are being cut to make the school into a technical college.
Stevens Point is great university for living with environment and enjoying nice and warm weather over summer.
I'll be starting my fourth year at UWSP this fall and judging by my past three years I know I made the right choice by deciding to attend this school.
Overall, most of my experiences have been very pleasant both on and off campus. Aside from one of my professors, all of my professors have gone above and beyond the call in order to do whatever they can for their students to succeed.

Unfortunately, a lot of those most helpful teachers are now struggling to keep their positions because of the UW systems restructuring toward labor and career training, rather than higher education and experience of the arts.
I am a student in the College of Natural Resources. The professors really care about you. I had one that, every day before starting class, displayed job opportunities and internships he would be willing to help you get. The coursework is challenging, but doable, and the college offers a lot of tutoring opportunities.
My personal experience with UW Stevens Point has been one of association. I have yet to apply here but have been influenced by many alumni, professors, and current students of this college in ways that other colleges have not. In addition to this, the city itself is smaller, being only roughly the population of 20,000. This adds to the feeling of community and safety while attending this college. After graduating High School, I plan to attend UWSP for Computer Programming, General. I hope this short review of UWSP helps you make the right decision for your future.
The campus is beautiful, and the professors are excellent at their jobs. They have cut many majors, which is unfortunate.
As an international student university of Wisconsin Stevens Point is one of the good schools with low fee paying for international students. The councillors are experienced. They literally bring out the best in you.
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With my journey in Stevens Point, people are always ready and willing to help people in need and do it with a smile on their face. I wouldn’t change a thing.
A very green campus, friendly atmosphere, short walk to classes, and close to food. All the professors I've had have been amazing!
This is a small and welcoming community. It's an honor to be a part of this family. While there have been recent budget cuts, I do not believe the school will be affected too greatly. Additionally, the price of food on campus is quite high, but I do enjoy my time here. The campus is gorgeous, and the people are friendly.
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