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University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Reviews

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Overall, most of my experiences have been very pleasant both on and off campus. Aside from one of my professors, all of my professors have gone above and beyond the call in order to do whatever they can for their students to succeed.

Unfortunately, a lot of those most helpful teachers are now struggling to keep their positions because of the UW systems restructuring toward labor and career training, rather than higher education and experience of the arts.
I am a student in the College of Natural Resources. The professors really care about you. I had one that, every day before starting class, displayed job opportunities and internships he would be willing to help you get. The coursework is challenging, but doable, and the college offers a lot of tutoring opportunities.
My personal experience with UW Stevens Point has been one of association. I have yet to apply here but have been influenced by many alumni, professors, and current students of this college in ways that other colleges have not. In addition to this, the city itself is smaller, being only roughly the population of 20,000. This adds to the feeling of community and safety while attending this college. After graduating High School, I plan to attend UWSP for Computer Programming, General. I hope this short review of UWSP helps you make the right decision for your future.
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The campus is beautiful, and the professors are excellent at their jobs. They have cut many majors, which is unfortunate.
As an international student university of Wisconsin Stevens Point is one of the good schools with low fee paying for international students. The councillors are experienced. They literally bring out the best in you.
With my journey in Stevens Point, people are always ready and willing to help people in need and do it with a smile on their face. I wouldn’t change a thing.
A very green campus, friendly atmosphere, short walk to classes, and close to food. All the professors I've had have been amazing!
This is a small and welcoming community. It's an honor to be a part of this family. While there have been recent budget cuts, I do not believe the school will be affected too greatly. Additionally, the price of food on campus is quite high, but I do enjoy my time here. The campus is gorgeous, and the people are friendly.
At Stevens point it is a good solid college. Problems that I have are the lack of a nursing program. Along with that the life on campus is rough. The dorms get very hot during the early and late parts of the school year do to the lack of A.C. while attending I played football and was very pleased with the faccilitys and staff.
I love this school very much and I am excited to attend. there is a beautiful nature scene that really draws people to it. it has a very natural feel, as it is 100% self sustainable with solar panels, composting, and many other things. I love the people including my roommate, everyone seems every down to earth. Although it will be a huge change for me I just know this school is a great fit.
The community is very supportive and there is a great feeling of family and togetherness here. The social work program is wonderful and there are lots of opurtunity.
What i love about Wisconsin Steven's Point University also known as UWSP is that i have had the opportunity to be a member of the pointer's Hockey Team. Being a member of the Pointers Hockey Team is an Honor and Dream. Having the ability to achieve my academic goals while following my dream . During my freshman year at UWSP i have gained and developed many relationships both in the classroom and on the ice that will follow me through my life. The Pointer community is my Home away from Home.

The one thing that i would change is that International students pay so much more to go to Stevens point.
I like the UWSP because it's a smaller University and the teachers encourage you to get help when you need it. This is a great school to transfer to from a tech school or even a college that was "too big" for someone!
The people around campus can be very friendly, and the community isn't afraid to stand with the students and teachers when something goes awry. That is a testament to the teachers and students, too. Each values the other, and neither simply stand to the side when there's something to be done.
I loved the community, class, professors, and opportunities my school offered. I was not a fan of administration!
As a military Veteran and a transfer student I felt very welcomed by my only the other students but faculty as well. They were very understanding of my disabilities and made sure I was included in any activity. I am proud to say this is my new home for the next 3 years.
I am currently majoring in Drama as a freshman and this year the school decided to cut most of the Fine Arts majors, including a bunch of arts that I wanted to switch my major to. If you're looking at UWSP for art, I wouldn't suggest it. It's all about it's sciences and natural resources. I am applying to transfer to a different school this fall.
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I LOVE IT HERE! I am currently a freshman at UWSP and love it here. It is a great school and a great place to be!
UWSP is the place to go if you love a smaller college Campus with access to outdoor recreation. The small town environment makes UWSP feel like home
My experience here at UWSP has been amazing. Not only am I surrounded by nature, I am surrounded in a community atmosphere that cares. The professors that I have know my name, and try their hardest to see us students succeed.
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