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University of Wisconsin - River Falls Reviews

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I am going to be a freshman at the University this fall and love the campus and everything about it so far.
River Falls itself is a beautiful little town with great walking trails right of campus. Campus is right off of main street so there is plenty of food options and job opportunity. The school has great professors and class size is small so it is easier to learn and ask questions. Campus is set up so everything is in walking distance and easy to get to. They built a huge new center with a gym and a bunch of classes like yoga to take all for free.
The university of Wisconsin River Falls is a great school with a lovely small town feel. It is close to the twin cities and is very affordable but still offers great educational opportunities.
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River Falls offers thousands of opportunities to get involved on campus, meet other students and faculty, and feel at at home. They have great academic programs and professors who desire a personal relationship with you and to help you in any way they can!
As a transfer student it has been a wonderful experience living on campus, but also with having a smaller class size has helped too. I have felt that I've been doing better in school as well as mentally too.
The campus is beautiful! The professors actually take time to get to know your name and get to know you. There are so many opportunities to get involved, it's just a matter of finding what you want to do!
River Falls is a nice school with decent academic buildings, student housing and facilities. The professors are helpful, the school is not too small, yet not too big so you can easily get one on one time with your professors if you choose to. The campus is beautiful and kept up nicely and it is a nice place to go to college.
I live near the college, I don't attend it as a student, but I am constantly surrounded by the students walking to class or moving into the houses next to mine. They always talk about how well school is going for them and they tell me that they love the atmosphere and the campus.
After 4.5 years of study I graduated with a Business Administration - Management Degree. I started College in 2012 as an Animal Science - Pre-Vet major. After Studying abroad on the International Traveling Classroom (ITC)Trip in the Spring of 2014 I changed majors to Business Administration Management. In both majors my professors were very knowledgeable in their fields. They pushed to get us relevant experience and not just classroom experience. I also love the campus and city of River Falls. The off campus housing is isomething to look forward to.
It's a great campus! I love the smaller campus feel! They have many clubs to join and activities to do, including the rodeo each year. One of the reasons I chose to go to River Falls was because of the farms and their great Equine Science program.
River Falls (in my experience) has, for the most part, great professors who really make time in their busy schedules to meet with students and actually get to know them, rather than each student just feeling like a blank face in the crowd. The campus is really pretty and although the school doesn't have the most funding, is well kept and for the most part updated on technology.
UWRF is an extraordinary 4 year university for any student to attend. It has a great location to keep faculty and students active and also creates a diverse amount of teaching areas for all. Everything that the University does is for the benefit of the students to make their education the best possible. I am a current freshman at UWRF for Agricultural Education and Communications. Making the choice to come to this University was the best way to advance my career and education.
The University of Wisconsin - River Falls is the ideal university in the Midwest. UWRF is close to the Twin Cities yet has a small town, agricultural feel. It is the perfect size if you’re looking for both, the college experience and an easy-to-navigate campus, overlooking the beautiful Kinnickinnic River. I can walk anywhere on campus and hear a warm “hello” from many friends and strangers out and about. The university has an affordable tuition rate and books are free! The professors are as caring and kind as your friends and family, making your classes even more enjoyable. There is no limit to the opportunities students have at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls!
I love how they focus on animal science majors with the lab farms. The teachers make sure the kids are challenged with their studies but don’t make it to hard at the same time. The food could be a little better but what college campus has perfect food?
I absolutely loved attending my undergraduate years at UWRF. I started off as an animal science major, which is a very strong major here. All the professors were knowledgable. I switch to Exercise Science and all the professors in that department were amazing as well. They all treat you with respect and truly want to help you succeed.
I LOVE UWRF! It has the small town vibe, but there is so much to offer there. And the staff is all so friendly and helpful.
Most of the professors are very caring, and helpful. There is also a lot of resources available for students as well as clubs, and intramural sports. A negative aspect to this school is all the wasps in a few buildings.
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The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is a very welcoming, beautiful place to spend one's time. For everything the campus is giving to the students, the price is very affordable. Teachers are really nice and almost all of them are always willing to help their students. Everything about the small town of River Falls is beautifully close to campus. Every small business in the town is a major hit. Every student should take the time to see as many places in town as they can. As for the actual falls located in River Falls, I believe that every student should see them at least once. Almost all students are very welcoming and everyone is there to help others out.
UW-River Falls is a nice small campus that does very well in the Agriculture, sciences, stage and screen arts, teaching, sports, and psychology. We have a brand new huge workout center which is amazing and scheduled to get a new science building in the next 4-5 years. Otherwise some of the buildings are run down a bit but thats to be expected. The freshman dorms are okay, they could be better... The sophomore dorms are very nice and have an oven on most every floor! The campus buildings are sorta spread out but nothing more than a 10min walk. Honestly I love it here and enjoy the agricultural scene and all the outdoor loving students!!
I enjoy the location the most. It's not a huge campus but it is also not too small. The town is very nice and lovely. For the most part stores are at a walking distance.
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