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It was really good I have lived in platteville and it is a great school to continue your education at. Everyone on campus is friendly and always willing to help. The campus life is good; there is always something to do. The professors know what they are talking about.
UW-Platteville is a safe and friendly university that offers dozens of majors for anyone. Their student to staff ratio makes it easy for learning and understanding in any class you are involved in.
The University of Platteville is a great place! It has very friendly people, good food and it also has amazing academics. When I toured Platteville for the first time I noticed how close the students were with each other and how close they were with their professors. I am super excited about the area also. It is a small town and it mostly contains only college students. I am beyond excited to attend the University of Wisconsin Platteville!
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The campus is huge. There are plenty of things to do and clubs to join. The staff is very diverse unlike the student population. There are a lot of resources to help with homework and plenty of hands on learning.
Great university for agricultural majors. Lots of hands on experience. Something I would change is there is nothing to do on the weekends here unless you are of age to go to the bars.
Professors are willing to help if you ask for it. There are so many opportunities to meet new people though activities and dorm activities as well. There are many on-campus options for food and they’re all delicious!
Good value school. Decent programs for most engineering degrees and criminal justice majors. Computer science/software engineering department is a little lacking. Professors can be really hit or miss. Some care a lot about seeing you succeed and others that are tenured just show up to collect a paycheck or are incompetent in their field. Food is good, decent amount of options for dining. Dorms are pretty crap, only single room option is the most expensive housing option. Switch to off campus housing as soon as you can. Not much to do in the town but drink or go home.
The campus has a great college feel and I always feel safe there. All classes are taught by professors, who also have office hours each week to meet with students. There are many types of assistance programs available to help with any class.
I have only attended one year so far, but it is absolutely amazing. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and the dorms are good quality. Most of the staff have lots of respect for the students, and there is always help when you are struggling.
I love the University! The campus is small; everything is within walking distance. The professors are great and the engineering hall is new and updated.
Platteville was an OK school. The Phy Ed department was amazing but some of the other departments were not so great. The other students were also not great. It was a cheap college though.
Platteville provides a UW-System level of education at a cheaper price than more expensive schools. The people are friendly and the teachers are helpful. The only downside is there is much to do in surrounding towns.
Smaller school with great opportunities. Beautiful location. Very few 4- year colleges offer the degree I am seeking.
I really like the campus and the return on investment is very good. However because it is so affordable, individual attention is a little lacking
The university is a nice place, with many diverse ideologies, and an overall friendly faculty. The school has an amazing job placement rate, and it's super affordable. I dislike the area, however. There's not much around, at all. Most students, even the ones who live in Platteville full-time, leave every weekend. For a college town, it's pretty lackluster, unless you like going to the same five bars.
My overall experience at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville has been great. I've had the opportunity to meet new people and try new things. There are always activities on campus. There are great teachers that truly want you to excel in your academics. There is anything specific that needs to change, I have enjoyed Platteville more than I originally thought I would.
Overall I am very pleased with this institution. However, I would like to see changes made to their parking policy. It is way overpriced for not being guaranteed a spot in a lot.
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Overall, I have enjoyed my time at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville
(UW-P). The school has small class sizes, and the professors know you on a first name basis. Platteville is a pleasant community, and the campus is within walking distance from the downtown business district. UW-P has very affordable tuition. Unfortunately, the school is cutting some liberal arts majors. However, if you are interested in STEM or criminal justice programs than this is the school for you. The school's engineering program is top notch. Since Platteville is in a rural area, UW-P has a farm where agriculture students can gain first-hand experience. The school also has an excellent music program and a huge marching band.
University of Wisconsin-Platteville is a very nice school. The school campus is very open and there are many clubs for students from any range of hobbies to participate in. One thing I beleive should be changed is the system of how majoring at UW Platteville works. It is based on a core gpa, however you are forced to complete these coure classes in a limited credit range. If you have a proffesor who is less than average, it could severely hurt your core gpa.
As an out of state student, staff members have put a lot of effort in making sure that I have a support team academically and socially.
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