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University of Wisconsin-Platteville is a very nice school. The school campus is very open and there are many clubs for students from any range of hobbies to participate in. One thing I beleive should be changed is the system of how majoring at UW Platteville works. It is based on a core gpa, however you are forced to complete these coure classes in a limited credit range. If you have a proffesor who is less than average, it could severely hurt your core gpa.
As an out of state student, staff members have put a lot of effort in making sure that I have a support team academically and socially.
Small Campus not long travel time. Tons of clubs and organizations to join, Residence Hall Teams are very active as well. Professors are easy to reach and people are nice enough for the most part. The only downside is that there isn't too much diversity in some of the degree programs which can make it uncomfortable for minorities.
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I have not started at Platteville yet but I am going to be an incoming freshman this fall. I am so excited to start in a place that welcomes me as a family member. I am also excited to meet new people and new friends and to be able to get the education for my dream job.
I loved how Platteville was a more consolidated campus. Everything was easy to find and not far away. The professors were very helpful and friendly.
Pro's: I attend UW Platt through their Distance Education program. I work full time and have two children. I like that they offer a variety of pertinent master's program that are accessible online. Coming in to the classes with limited technical knowledge, I have found the classes to be very helpful and applicable to my current job.
Con's: The teaching styles vary even with the same instructor that teaches different classes. I have only had two instructors so far and have taken three classes. One of the instructors was very vague with instructions for assignments and assigned a significant amount of work to be done. Much higher than expected. The other instructor assigned limited work, which did not always match up with the information we were reading. I had to buy a textbook for the class which I did not even open as we used online articles for most of the work.
The University of Wisconsin Platteville is a great place to work toward a degree in business administration and management.
UW Platteville is a smaller school compared to others which I like. Everything is within walking distance of within ten minutes. Everyone is so friendly. If you get lost and you see someone walking they will stop and tell you how to get to where you need to go. Also they have plenty of activities that'll keep you busy over the weekend and they bring dogs in during finals week to help ease the stress and anxiety you might have. One dollar movie nights or bowling nights are a blast to attend! If I could change the weather I would in a heartbeat. The cold can be a bit much at times at times. There's nothing you can do to change that unfortunately.
University of Wisconsin platteville is a small college where it’s mostky agriculture and engineering majors.
Platteville is a great university for Education majors or Engineering majors. They offer other programs as well.
UW Platteville is a great small college! This allows for students to have more one on one conversations with their professors. By having this the professors, in turn, will get to know their students, which is a great way for a student to get a letter of recommendation that has more meaning behind it because of the professors personal experience with the student.
Amazingly clean. All the people are so nice it's unbelievable! They should be called wisconsin nice instead of minnestoa nice
UW-Platteville is an incredible school. Most go here just for engineering, but all the programs are superb. It's absolutely overlooked in favor of larger schools, like UW-Madison, and it deserves more credit. Professors and student life here are great, the quality of living here is pretty good, and it's so much cheaper than other UW schools. There's literally no reason to NOT go here.
Overall a great small D3 school. All classes are classroom based which is nice and personal. Everybody on campus and around town is very friendly. I love it here! Only downside is it is somewhat of a suitcase college on the weekends.
I think the University of Wisconsin-Plattvile has provided with me an amazing opportunity to further my studies and continue striving for a higher education.
Platteville is a very accepting and great school to be at! They have amazing teachers that really care for their students and help them succeed.
University of Wisconsin - Platteville is a small hometown school, to me this is one of the more important factors. Classes are small enough where professors know you by name. The traditional dorms that they start freshman out on are average. They are considered on campus; however, to access certain campus buildings it is a long, and inconvenient walk, especially walking past the random cemetery in the middle of campus. The professors are generally very nice, several of them are foreign and that makes them hard to understand, at first. The facilities are top-notch and its almost impossible to find a club that peaks your interests.
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What I usually dislike about walking to school is the number of cars and dangerous streets that a person has to go through which I do not have to worry about at Platteville. The campus is orientated so that the only way to get to classes is by walking thus becomes safer for students. I love how nature is preserved and the trails that students can go on. There is also this free bus system for students which will become incredibly useful so there is no need to worry about bringing a car.
What I like about the University of Wisconsin Platteville is the diversity and the different learning experiences that you get from the school. Only thing I would recommend that would change is the parking. It is challenging for commuters to figure out where they can and cannot park.
This is my 1st year as a college student living on campus away from home. I feel comfortable being here. I like that the campus and class size are small. I wish the processes of roommate choosing survey was a little better so you end up with someone you have more compatibility with. It would be nice to have a chick-fil-a on campus.
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