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I was a biology major and CC/track runner at Parkside 2002-2007 and LOVED it. I had a great educational, athletic, social and post college experience that brought me to where I am today. Much of life is you get what you put into it.
I really like going to the school all 4 years. It was well worth the time and it made the perfect opportunity to make new friends .I really like the fact that it was very affordable for everyone. One thing that I would like to see change is to have more opportunities for students to be involved with research.
The good: 100% online MBA program that can be done within 12 months with only costing $18,000, how can you go wrong.

The Bad: they need offer more online classes, about 1/2 of the classes I couldn't sign up for yet because they did not offer them online yet.
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Parkside is a college wig great staff and students who love to get involved to make the university a great place to be.
UW Parkside is a wonderful place. A beautiful forest surrounds the campus, and the architecture and artwork gives it a modern, homey feel. Class sizes are small, so Professors have the time and attention to deal with students individually. The police and RAs care about the safety of students, and converse freely when approached.
As far as critiquing Parkside, the food menu rarely changes, and as far as small state schools, go, it's pricey.
Well this will be my first year coming up. I've really liked all the staff so far! All super friendly and nice.
One thing I enjoy about the University of Wisconsin - Parkside is the hometown feel of campus. Its remote yet very exposed to many different attractions. Immediately, faculty is ready to great you and help you with any concerns or issues you may have. It truly feels like they want you to be there and succeed opposed to other big universities that cant even remember your first name.
I thought that the size of the University is suitable for me because being a small University benefits students who like to create relationships with their professors. Everyone knows everyone. Also, the campus is very beautiful and everything is connected. It's perfect for every season.
The University of Wisconsin Parkside is a great school. It is wonderful for students looking for a smaller campus. It is very easy to make friends by joining clubs and participating in school events. However I did find that about half of my instructors were not very good. They all seemed to be really great people, but were lacking the skills to educate our minds in effective ways. Two of my instructors could not even speak fluent english making it hard for the students to ask questions in class and properly communicate with the professor.
I have had a great experience at Parkside. The people there are like a family to me and the teachers are always there to help you out with whatever you may need. There are a lot of opportunities at this school with clubs, sports, extra curricular activities and so forth.
The only thing that I would change is adding more majors and programs available there. But the school board is very approachable to where if we really want a change we could talk to them.
I transferred from UW Eau Claire to Parkside this past year. Parkside has been great to me as I fit well into my new major. My courses are challenging and thought provoking, and my professors are all personable.
Counselors are always available to help and are good about making in person appointments and explaining things very well. I am an independent student who took a 3 year break before going back to school, and they helped make my transition as easy as possible.
The UW-Parkside is a good school! It's nice that there is an option to go to college in Wisconsin for cheaper. You get a good education and you don't break the bank!
I would only attend this school for academics. The professors are great here but if you want to have fun or party, Parkside is not the place to go. Great for scenery and seasonal weather if you like change. Small walking distance to class for it is a small campus. Everybody knows each other so expect high school immaturity with half the people you meet.
University of Wisconsin Parkside has professors that will make the course fascinating to students and provide guidance on completing the course with a grade you desire. The only disadvantage at UW Parkside is the food. They don't change up the meals for lunch and dinner.
I like that UW-Parkside is very diverse their is an abundance of culture. Also the staff there are caring as professional. One thing I would change about UW-Parkside however is the amount of Tuition needed to attend the University. Lowering the tuition would alleviate some of the stress on independent coege students.
The only thing that I found that was a problem with this school is the returns with the bookstore. They will deny your books, even if you haven't used them and will give you a hassle about it if you try to explain. Your best bet with that is talk to the professor of the class to see if you can get the CourseID for online and use the book for personal read. Other than that UW-Parkside is an amazing school to attend both academically and financially.
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I experience at UW-Parkside is good so far. They have a lot of resource when student need help. Good environment, peaceful and clean. The only bad thing is that they have the worse font desk service; I recommend not to make an appointment through the phone or you will not get it, see then face to face.
It is a very diverse school with a very well set up campus. There are many clubs that you are able to join and a fantastic library with tutors for help.
Small campus that is mostly a commuter school. Decent tuition and the majority of the professors are very friendly and knowledgeable. I love that it is near the woods, making it perfect for outdoor activity. There are many clubs to join along with sports. I enjoyed the classes that I took there and I recommend it for people who do not like large schools in busy cities.
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