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The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is a great educational institution that I would recommend to many people especially those types of people who are looking for a fun, diverse and safe place to receive an education. I've only been at UWM for one semester and I already feel as if there isn't another college that I would want to get receive a degree from. UWM just gives me a feeling of family, community and joy that I've never felt before. UWM has great classroom environments, and they have great tutoring opportunities that helps as well as prepares me for my classes. I love UWM.
I took a tour there last year when I was looking for colleges to apply to. The tour was very well informed and really solidified by choice to apply there. I really liked the way the dorms were set up and all the opportunities for things to do to meet new people.
I love how inviting the campus is and how there are several different opportunities for internships and careers after college in the big city where it is located!
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I visited the campus last year during my junior year of high school. I was a great experience and they made me feel awesome and at home while I was there. Prior to visiting the campus, I had received information in the mail about it and it made me want to learn more about it. I had already been given information by people who previously attended the university and I liked what I heard. The people at the college seems really passionate about the welfare of their community as well as their environment. They are one of the few schools that have included almost everything I want in a college someday. Every time I am near the institution I witness the improvements they implement to change their school for the better.
I went to UW-Milwaukee for a meeting and also a tour which was a pretty good experience for me. I saw how students are so independent that makes me nervous if I ever going to be like that because I'm a very dependent person. But at the same times this help me understand and prepare for my future that I need to relied on myself more. I really like the campus because right away I can sense all the friendly people due to their expression and the environment was just great. Also I really like it when I saw a lot of other ethnic too because I love colleges that are diversity since it makes me feel like I can fit in well. I wouldn't change anything about this because I really like this school and hope to get into it soon!
Professor look for you to succeed and want you to do well. Most professor will make time for you outside of their office hours if necessary. Campus is safe and diverse and easy to walk around. Students are open-minded and culturally accepting.
I really like how many services the university offers and how open and by how kind and open the people who run those services are (faculty and students). As a freshman, I would love to see the orientation made a little smoother, especially when it comes to choosing classes - the advisor helping me choose my classes was not the advisor for my major and I was put into some of the wrong classes. Additionally, I would love more information on student organizations outside of resident life. I have lots of information on how to get involved in my planning dorm activities, but nothing related to my major or hobbies.
The academics are very solid, which is the main plus.

The university itself is a mixed bag. It is in the process of transforming itself from a commuter campus into a flagship UW four-year like Madison, LaCrosse, or Eau Claire.

Campus life is more often than not lacking. Fraternity life, if you're interested in that kind of thing, has been up and down since the late '00s. Many of the undergraduate dormitories are nowhere near each other (one, in particular is halfway across town in a completely different neighborhood). Student groups certainly exist, but many are small and suffer from lack of interest. Sports exist, but aren’t talked about, as UWM hasn’t had a football team since the 1970s.

If you want to attend college in an underrated, up-and-coming Midwestern city, this is the place for you. If you want the “college experience” in a college town with the frat houses and the football team, this isn’t a good fit.
It has been such a great experience here. I have made so many new friends. The classes are great, and I learn lots from them. The teachers are great in both teaching and being available for students that need help. Their resources for students success are great. They offer tutoring in many subjects. The advisors have been great in helping me plan my classes and being ready.
UWM is a very welcoming school. It has made me grow as a musician and as an individual. The staff really care about your growth and they push you to be the best that you can be.
Although I just started my college experience, it is clear to tell that UWM will be my home for the next four years. This college has a presence you cannot ignore in the city of Milwaukee. The campus itself is beautifully arranged, with gorgeous flowers, incredible statues and eye gawking buildings. The school and it's staff and students all focus on diversity and creating a space that is inclusive and safe for all it's students. I have never felt more welcome in a completely new environment.
My experience with UWM has been short so far. I am a new 1st year student entering in on my 4th week of classes. UWM seems to be a very well equipped school; medical, job opportunities, educational aid, recreational fun, leadership positions, etc. UWM seems to be an older building, other than incorporating God into the curriculum, I would like to see updated interior aesthetics.
You'll get out of it what you put into it.
I've yet to met an adviser that wasn't passionate about what they do, or go above and beyond with you. It's a great school but lacks any sort of campus life. The school needs to make food affordable for students and make the students want to spend time on campus. The school needs to stop worrying about athletics because well over 65% of students DO NOT care, and that number goes up the longer you attend the university. The school needs to make food affordable for students and do something to make students want to spend time on campus.
My experience at UWM has been all good. The campus is a great place to study. All the people around are very welcoming.
UWM is a really affordable school to attend. There’s a lot of school events to attend. It’s really easy to meet people. There offer many different classes and times, so it’ll help students with busier schedules.
UWM has a great campus. I love that it is so close to the lake. The classes I have been taking are interesting and challenging. There are many extracurricular activities that can be done on and off of campus. There is free gym membership to students that includes pool access.
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The programs offered here are very diverse and there are many to choose from. My experience with the advising staff has been excellent, although I can really only say I've had experience with the Letters and Science's advising team. The campus itself seems big but you can walk from one end to the other in less than 7 minutes. There's almost always something going on in the common areas, which is nice. However, during the semesters, there seems to be a lot of "safety alert" emails/texts about an armed robbery or attempted assault nearby campus, which is extremely concerning. Overall, it's just about what you would expect it to be.
UW-Milwaukee is such a diverse and beautiful university. It offers so much opportunity and resources to all students. It is one of the most diverse universities in the UWM system. I'm a transfer student from North Carolina and I absolutely love it. The professors are helpful and very knowledgeable in their fields, and are always willing to help any students who asks. Downtown Milwaukee is filled with restaurants, clothing shops, bars, clubs, just endless activity. If you're ever bored here you're doing it wrong!
Constantly charging me for sneaky things or in any way they can. I paid for Spanish 3 times! One time I had an extension on a final paper that was delaying my ability to be formally enrolled for a couple weeks when the next semester began. This was a NIGHTMARE! I was police escorted out of the library (for "not being a student" after 11pm), the campus police issued me a $300 citation for being in Mitchell Hall while I was trying to finish Saud paper on my laptop, because I wasn't enrolled yet. When I went to the dean, she did help me get the ticket dropped and then emailed my professors behind my back instructing them to have me arrested if I continued to attend before I was enrolled. My professor told me about it and said to me he would never stop me from attending class! I finished the paper holding me up, formally enrolled, and got straight As that semester.
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