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University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Reviews

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My experience at UWM has been all good. The campus is a great place to study. All the people around are very welcoming.
UWM is a really affordable school to attend. There’s a lot of school events to attend. It’s really easy to meet people. There offer many different classes and times, so it’ll help students with busier schedules.
UWM has a great campus. I love that it is so close to the lake. The classes I have been taking are interesting and challenging. There are many extracurricular activities that can be done on and off of campus. There is free gym membership to students that includes pool access.
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The programs offered here are very diverse and there are many to choose from. My experience with the advising staff has been excellent, although I can really only say I've had experience with the Letters and Science's advising team. The campus itself seems big but you can walk from one end to the other in less than 7 minutes. There's almost always something going on in the common areas, which is nice. However, during the semesters, there seems to be a lot of "safety alert" emails/texts about an armed robbery or attempted assault nearby campus, which is extremely concerning. Overall, it's just about what you would expect it to be.
UW-Milwaukee is such a diverse and beautiful university. It offers so much opportunity and resources to all students. It is one of the most diverse universities in the UWM system. I'm a transfer student from North Carolina and I absolutely love it. The professors are helpful and very knowledgeable in their fields, and are always willing to help any students who asks. Downtown Milwaukee is filled with restaurants, clothing shops, bars, clubs, just endless activity. If you're ever bored here you're doing it wrong!
Constantly charging me for sneaky things or in any way they can. I paid for Spanish 3 times! One time I had an extension on a final paper that was delaying my ability to be formally enrolled for a couple weeks when the next semester began. This was a NIGHTMARE! I was police escorted out of the library (for "not being a student" after 11pm), the campus police issued me a $300 citation for being in Mitchell Hall while I was trying to finish Saud paper on my laptop, because I wasn't enrolled yet. When I went to the dean, she did help me get the ticket dropped and then emailed my professors behind my back instructing them to have me arrested if I continued to attend before I was enrolled. My professor told me about it and said to me he would never stop me from attending class! I finished the paper holding me up, formally enrolled, and got straight As that semester.
I love the teachers, classes, counselors and my life on and off of campus. I haven’t had a negative experience in my last year there.
I've really enjoyed my time at UWM. The classes are challenging and engaging, staff are helpful, and I've met a lot of people.
This university has programs and staff that truly prpare you for life after college and starting what ever carrer you chose. Its proximity to the city allows for a relitively diversed peer group and many oppertunitoes to not only study many parts of an urdan area but to give back to it through community outreach.
A wonderful school with great professors, advisors, research mates/friends that granted me knowledge in different aspects, and helped me on building my future path/career.
Great atmosphere, I am learning so much in the education program. Expensive residence halls, but reasonable tuition price.
I absolutely love how open the unicersity is. They are accomidating to so many sifferent kinds of students. I believe that every single student who attends UWM has a place here.
I have attend the university of Wisconsin Milwaukee or my full degree years and I can say I have never been more comfortable and happy at a school. You can always find help where ever you go, students are always willing to help , professors are always there for you and genuinely want to see you succeed. Now like any school or university class times could become an issue it’s either really early in the morning or really late at night which could be alittle on the downside for students who don’t live on campus but over all the school is amazing academiclly
Overall UW-Milwaukee is a great school, and rigorous for incoming freshman. I am actually very proud to be a Panther! It may be challenging at times but overall it's a really good school.
Though the class sizes are typically large, the faculty members are deeply invested in the education of their students and actively engage for a stimulating learning environment.
I love it here. The dorms are great. You have everything at your fingertips- the cafe, Palms, Restor- they have everything you need. The campus is just the right size for walking to class. There is always something to do around campus and off. The professors are great and really care about their students.
UWM is a great college. I am very pleased with about every aspect of the school. There is a lot of diversity, as well as a lot of acceptance promoted throughout the university. I feel that I have learned a lot from the classes I have taken and I would recommend others to attend this university as well.
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Enrollment and help desk offer phenomenal service. Enrollment process is fairly easy. Information is easy to access and thorough.
UWM is a wonderful school! Being in the city allows you to be introduced to many new types of people and activities. Plus, it allows you to create connunitions with the workforce and community of the city. There are so many clubs on campus that everyone will be able to find a place they belong, as well as a great amount of diversity and support/resources for those students. The school also offers tons of majors so a student can fully explore their interests, and support to help them thrive (such as free tutoring, free health clinic, free gym, peer mentors, the different resource centers, etc). A wonderful school for anyone looking to have both a great social and academic life in college!
My experience at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee so far has been very good. Most of the teachers have been extremely helpful as far as helping me understand the knowledge that is being passed on.
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