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I love it here. The dorms are great. You have everything at your fingertips- the cafe, Palms, Restor- they have everything you need. The campus is just the right size for walking to class. There is always something to do around campus and off. The professors are great and really care about their students.
UWM is a great college. I am very pleased with about every aspect of the school. There is a lot of diversity, as well as a lot of acceptance promoted throughout the university. I feel that I have learned a lot from the classes I have taken and I would recommend others to attend this university as well.
Enrollment and help desk offer phenomenal service. Enrollment process is fairly easy. Information is easy to access and thorough.
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UWM is a wonderful school! Being in the city allows you to be introduced to many new types of people and activities. Plus, it allows you to create connunitions with the workforce and community of the city. There are so many clubs on campus that everyone will be able to find a place they belong, as well as a great amount of diversity and support/resources for those students. The school also offers tons of majors so a student can fully explore their interests, and support to help them thrive (such as free tutoring, free health clinic, free gym, peer mentors, the different resource centers, etc). A wonderful school for anyone looking to have both a great social and academic life in college!
My experience at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee so far has been very good. Most of the teachers have been extremely helpful as far as helping me understand the knowledge that is being passed on.
My experience at UW-Milwaukee has been a great experience. My love for this campus and the community grew when I decided to put in the effort to get involved. I got involved by joining multiple organizations, I joined the multicultural Greek life, I volunteered, I joined an intramural sport, I found a job on campus, and I took the time to explore the city of Milwaukee. Many professors at this university are passionate about what they teach. Professors appreciate when students to reach out for help, and they will be willing to put in the effort to help their student. As for Academic Advising, I wish my advisor was more willing to help with a positive attitude. They did not take that extra step or time to meet my needs to get to know me or to help me graduate on time.
I love the college of nursing and recommend it to any nurse that is looking for bright future. the give you the tools to make differences in patients lives.
Overall, Milwaukee is a great campus to be apart of. It’s located towards Lake Michigan. There is a lot of diversity on campus and off campus. They have top research programs on campus. It’s a great place to be apart of.
I love the city of Milwaukee and UWM is a great place to go to school. It is a very nice campus and a friendly place to live and educate yourself.
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee is an inclusive school with a diverse campus and is a place where you will not only feel welcomed but feel at home. the campus functions almost as a mini city and there are many resources here to help anybody who is struggling. this campus is very nice and I would recommend it to anybody in question
I have enjoyed my time at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The campus is fairly small, so it is easy to find your way around. There is always something to do which makes opportunity for all kinds of students to come together and find common ground. There are plenty of organizations to join on campus that serve as wonderful experience. I appreciate how kind and diverse the students and staff are. I have enjoyed learning about other cultures just by being apart of this school. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is shaping me into the person I have always wanted to become and I am grateful to be apart of this school.
I loved the department I was in. My classes were a lot of fun and rewarding. I have had some great teachers that not only care about our work in their class, but they are interested in our personal work! It feels good to have someone see you for your amazing talents.
Being a transfer, there are a lot of things that are different from my prior university. To begin with, the campus is situated in the city, and so safety can be a concern sometimes. Smoking is allowed on campus, which is not great. The academics are just like every other school; it's nothing exceptional.
I went to this school for a tour and I felt so at home on this campus. I knew from the moment the tour started that I wanted UWM to be my future home. They people were friendly and the neighborhood was very safe. Lots of different opportunities for anyone and everyone. I would really recommend checking out this campus
At first, I was not a fan of Milwaukee. I felt like I did not fit in with anyone however that soon changed once I put effort in. In the dorms, I kept a smile on my face and always said hi, I joined clubs, went to sporting events and the list continues. The best decision I have made by far, was going Greek. This really changed both my mind and attitude on the way I viewed Milwaukee. This is now my home away from home. I love my friends, I love my classes, and I love the community. Go panthers go :)
Overall I had a good experience. In retrospect, I wish the advisors would have been more involved especially to help me make better financial decision or at least understand how my life would be impacted by the burden of student loan debt because I was young and stupid and the first in my family to go to college. Being constantly told “this is good debt” and “it’s kusy what you have to do” about borrowing so much was very bad advice.
But the overall college experience was good, just not worth how much debt I’m in now.
I loved the campus and the professors. The campus is really is pretty centered around one area so walking to your classes is never bad. You don't have to walk across a city for example just to get a class. The professors are very helpful and there to see you succeed. They have a lot of opportunities to find internships within the city and great programs for studying abroad.
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I personally love uwm, I love being in the city of Milwaukee, but being a little bit separated from the city its self. Our academics are pretty good as well, since we are a tier one research institution. I think housing could a be a little but better just as far as the staff goes but the residence halls themselves are pretty nice considering all of the rooms are suite style
Great school! have to deal a lot with administration but once you're in the staff is very cooperative and helpful!
Enrolling at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was one of the best decisions of my life. Being familiar with the city of Milwaukee and the campus gave me an advantage as I knew where most things were located. I was told to take advantage of all the services the university has to offer. This tip alone was the most helpful advice anyone has given me during my college experience. Because I was familiar with the campus, and the size, as I searched for these services, they were not hard to find.

Being that I studied education and innovative ways to improve it, I completed a lot of research. Our school has notoriety for being one of the top research based schools in the country. As I completed many projects, I was able to have assistance from some very helpful experts in the research and writing department.
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