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I love University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee because of how diverse it is culturally and with its activities available for students. Along with that, they are a research university which gives all students opportunities to discover what they enjoy while working with professors.
UWM has a very friendly and diverse environment. I always feel comfortable walking around campus or asking for help from others around me. I love that it is only a couple of minutes away from the lakefront, and it has so many other wonderful things on campus to offer students like a recreational center, a gym, a clinic, and more!
This school is absolutely wonderful! There is a lot to offer to students and so much to do. Students are given so many resources and opprotunities to help them be successful. Professors are amazing and always willing to help students in any way possible. The school in general is very helpful and supportive of students. Plus the school is in a wonderful location. Milwaukee has so much to offer all over, and there are so much to do, so many place to go and explore. There is a great sense of community here and it is a welcoming enviornment.
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I am in my Junior year of college at UW Milwaukee, while being here i have enjoyed all that campus has to offer. They have such a wide range of classes to take that match any interest you may have. Some of my favorites have been acting, yoga, and a Mafia in new media class. Even when you are in a difficult class, the professors offer all the support you may need. This campus is full of life you'll enjoy.
The teachers know what they're teaching. We are in charge of how we learn and the teachers are always there if we need help.
The campus itself is beautiful I love that it is so close to the lake and all the city has to offer. The professors are spectacular they are extremely helpful and are very informative. Along with that, they seem to be very excited to teach and share their knowledge.
So far my experience at UW Milwaukee has been great, there are many different kinds of people here so it is easy to find good groups of friends. Defiantly chose the right school to go to!
The diversity here is incredible. If you want a real-world experience with people of all ages and ethnicity's; here is the place to go. The instructors here are very knowledgeable and have ample resources and connections for you to benefit from. Living in this city and attending this college has opened my eyes to the REAL world, not just academics. It is a blended culture where you see the lives and hear the stories of so many different types of people. The staff is polite, helpful, and knowledgeable in general. The career fair has gotten me multiple interviews. There are always events for students to attend if that is your thing. Over 300 student organizations. Tuition is relatively cheap. Everybody fits in. This is the place to go.
UW Milwaukee has a fantastic jazz program. After participating in the honor band in November of 2017, I met many students and instructors. Of these, my favorite is Professor Hanrahan. He greatly expanded my knowledge of the saxophone in about an hour, improving my skills by quite a bit. As we explored UW Milwaukee, we ran into students who were pleasant and welcoming as we found our way to the jazz concert. The jazz program is fantastic with some of the best saxophone players I've ever met.
It's a commuter college and hard to connect with peers each semester. The perks of attending UWM is the bus system.
I loved the diversity of the campus and how it was located in a beautiful area close to the lake and being able to explore the city was my favorite. Getting around campus was a breeze for me, the campus is very well structured.
The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee has given me so many opportunities and ways to get more involved. By providing resources and ways to further myself they have given me much more than an education.
Milwaukee is a great up and coming city to be in. While it's not in the heart of the downtown, it's easily accessible. What drew me here is the University's outstanding architecture program. I know several architect firms back in Illinois who only hire UWM architecture graduates because of their knowledge and training.
I transferred here and do not regret it at all. The campus is in the city but still feels like a close community. There is always things to do and great people to meet.
When I started in September 2017, I thought it would be confusing and lonely, but after a while, people were quite friendly! Party scenes were amazing, lots of fun, got to meet new people, campus life, I would say it's pretty decent, the food, wow, it was amazing! Diversity was perfect for my liking!
As a POC, UWM is not THAT diverse. Don’t let the location fool you. But overal, the university offers many wonderful opportunities to its students (clubs, job/internship fairs, scholarship, growth opportunities) and many other services! Class sizes can be huge, but that’s expected of a University. Library is open 24 most weekdays, so that’s definitely nice
Milwaukee is such a cool city. We are right by the gorgeous Lake Michigan, there are always shows going on downtown, and something is always happening. My program, music, is amazing here-- we have incredible teachers. I love the freedom of having a bus pass that can get me all over the city, and I love the culture of our Midwestern cities, where people are friendly the majority of the time, and you aren't looked at weirdly if you go around smiling at people. Because the campus is all contained, it feels like campus is a mini city inside our beautiful city of Milwaukee, which I like. I enjoy seeing the people from my classes walking around on campus, and I like how you mostly see college students and professors on campus, not business people or such.
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I love University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. I have found so many close friends here that are in the same major as me. This is so nice because we can study together everyday. I also love the surrounding area because everything is in walking distance and even if it’s not, we have an uber like system that will drive you anywhere within a 3 mile radius after 6 pm! I love it here and do not plan to transfer for my time being here.
Some of the professors are hit or miss with being good of and helpful. The campus is full at times and there doesn’t seem to be too much tradition. It is a top research school which is nice. And Milwaukee is a cool city to explore.
UWM is a very good school when it comes to financial aide. It’s a very affordable 4 year college. The staff and admin team really make sure students are set and ready to go. The classes are decent sized. The dorms are fantastic and very resourceful. I would say it is the among #1 schools for food options. There is even a convenient store that stays open until 1 am that has everything. That store is the best part about the residence hall Sandburg. University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is overall an extremely good campus. It really gives that college experience.
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