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The main reason I attended UWM and stayed there for four years was because I was able to live at home and commute to school without burying myself in loans. The free UPASS for the bus was also a perk, as well as a handful of dedicated, caring professors. The majority of the professors were average at best, lacked accountability and subject-matter knowledge. I don't think that's a fault of their own, but the result of budget cuts, and how upper management handles the university. Half of the students seem to drop out or transfer by year 3. I definitely would have if it wasn't for the fact that I wanted to live at home and didn't want to pay the cost of Alverno, Marquette, or other neighboring universities and wanted to graduate in 4 years.
Has lots of clubs and extracurriculars. It's a school were you can start if you have any troubles with academics. If you are not ready for college, UWM will prepare you with assistance that will help you succeed. This school has a lot of majors to offer.
UWM offers a lot in terms of activities and on campus events. The school tries to make everything accessible and easy to understand which has allowed for one of the most diversified campuses in Wisconsin.
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Overall UWM is a good school. Nothing too fancy about it but it is a good school to attend to if you want to live in a small city. There are people here of all different races and cultures; students and teachers. The dorms are nice and the food is better than other places.
I toured here, and felt right at home right away. Something clicked when I came on the campus. I am so excited to further my education at UW Milwaukee. Go Panthers!
A smaller school with a big feel to it. Nice campus, and many activities for students to participate in.
Enjoy the environment, atmosphere as well as the people. I have had a great experience working with the academic staff as well as the students. The entire time at UW- Milwaukee I have had the opportunity to express myself in all the ways I've wanted to and have always felt support from my peers.
UWM is filled with staff and faculty that are always happy to help which makes it a very comfortable campus environment. The school is filled with many clubs and highly encourages you to get involved. Events are always happening all around campus such as the Union which allows us to come together as a community for multiple events.
what I like about University of Milwaukee Wisconsin is that I like their Dorm/ house, I like their campus living, I like everything about that college
. It is the largest university in the Milwaukee metropolitan area and a member of the University of Wisconsin System. It open and the peopel there are nice
I really love how accommodating this school is with all sorts of disorders both physical and mental. Most of the professors are also the same in that they do not force you to receive permission from higher status organizations in order to get extensions of be excused from classes due to unfortunate circumstances. The atmosphere here is amazing, as most people are not in the least judgmental. The pricing is within a good middle range and present many opportunities for earning scholarships and awards.
I just started in September, and I already am getting used to this college. Lots of diversity and very helpful teachers. I am glad to be here. I'll wait till a little bit later to give a full review but right now, off to a good start.
Uw- Milwaukee was actually my second choice of school, however, I didn't think coming here would be this amazing. There are so many opportunities given here spiritually, mentally, physically, academically, and career wise. The biggest thing Ii would like to see changed is possibly a better way of getting opportunities info to students. Some times there are too many opportunities given and most of them end up getting ignored in my email.
I love UWM for the diversity and acceptance of all people. However, the less fortunate people that reside in the union or other places can put you in an uncomfortable place. Some places need massive upgrades to make it more presentable. There are so many different majors/minors available that it makes going here so easy. You'll find your niche right in time to get into your core classes and your advisor should help you get there quickly. If you have the right advisor - you have the right path. I've heard that some can be lazy, but Mary Moore is the best advisor I could have asked for in the business realm. She recommended a path of a double major with no extra classes. I couldn't be more happy!
I have learned a lot in all of my classes, but do not feel particularly prepared for my field. However, in the ever-changing job market, that is hard to do anyway. Overall good.
I go there for Upward Bound. I love the fountain and the administrators and the programs are very welcoming.
I really enjoy attending this university! The school is very diverse and there are a lot of clubs and activities that help you get involved. The staff at UWM is the best staff I have ever seen. They are really driven to help you succeed and answer any questions that you may have. You make life long connections with people you meet and it is truly the best times of your life.
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I really liked this University. There were so many activities and groups to join at this college. UWM campus is huge and I have no complaints about any staff members. Everything you need, tutors, study groups, etc. are all available. I gave it four stars because it seems like each year tuition increases and required classes are added for degrees.
As a non traditional student I appreciate UWM for its many online programs. Every course I have taken has been on topic and well organized. The professors are open and friendly and always available by email for assistance. They use D2L for their online programs so it is easy to stay on track.
I like the university because it is neither too big nor too small. It is a good-sized school with plenty of research opportunities. There are many resources on campus for students of different cultural backgrounds and in different a wide variety of academic fields.
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