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The thing I love about UWL is how it feels close-knit but I still do not know everyone on campus. This feeling helps me identify and love this university. If I could change one thing it would be the dorms on campus. We need more room for energetic students.
Overall, my experience on campus was very good. Its very easy to make friends and its just a fantastic environment. Professors are very helpful and are very passionate in helping you succeed, though you can't just expect to slide by without doing any work. Making sure to follow the instructor and keeping up with homework and assignments is the key to success.
It is a good school in the Midwest. I would recommend it. All of the students and faculty are smart, but they don't have too big of egos to help out.
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Great school! Lots to do outside from hiking to kayaking. My courses were engaging and the professors really care!
I love that La Crosse has so much to offer all majors. there are ways to get involved throughout the community in whatever area of study you choose. The school does it's best to make sure everyone finds their little home and passion within the school. Plus the bluffs are just amazing.
Really nice college, but in the middle of nowhere. It's a long drive to get most places and as a freshman not having a car can be a challenge.
UW-La Crosse is an excellent college to go to. There are many opportunities offered here, and the education system is pretty excellent as well. The safety of the campus is superb, because La Crosse has a closed campus, meaning every thing is pretty much in one place. The professors are pretty nice, and they are always willing to help out students. Most of the parties happen off-campus, so there isn't much of a party scene on campus. Overall, La Crosse is a pretty great place to go to school.
La Crosse is an inclusive, high-energy community. Arriving in the fall, I was nervous to see how everything would pan out. I was completely new, with absolutely nobody from my high school. This campus and community helped favorably though. To start off, the dorms made plenty of interactive events. Beyond that, they thankfully had involvement fest in the first month. This lead to much club involvement, good introduction to recreational activities, and greek life. Besides this, academics are held at a good, high standard. Professors are always willing to help, and when it is noticed a student falls below, there are programs out there to help. UW-La Crosse is a campus that should be expanded, and attended more for its' endless opportunities and helpful staff.
I love everything about La Crosse! The university is highly accredited, the professors are amazing, and the friends I made are life-long. Not to mention the beautiful bluffs, river, and plethora of activities to do here!
I love the beautiful scenery and the promoting of well-being all over campus. It motivates me to be healthy and happy. Being at UWL, motivates me to be my best and push myself. On campus, I feel at home and I can't imagine ever leaving here.
The University of Wisconsin - La Crosse is a closed campus, that doesn't have roads directly through the heart of campus. Instead, everything is within a 15 minute walking distance. The campus is settled between downtown La Crosse and the bluffs, which makes for a perfect blend of shopping, dining, drinks and nature. The student body of UW-L is very active. There will be a lot of changes to campus over the next 5-10 years due to planned construction projects. Recently, the university just opened a brand new student union, which includes campus dining options, a movie theater, conference rooms, study space, and more. The university is completely remodeling and updating the science building to modernize laboratory experiences. Additionally, the university is building an addition to the Rec Center, a fitness center on campus, and there have been proposals for a new student residence hall as well.
I enjoyed my college years at UW-L. I was in the marching band, wind symphony, jazz ensembles prior to switching from music to chemistry as a major. I liked the engagement of professors in teaching the classes and had excellent instruction.

I would attend UW-L again for another bachelors if I still lived in the area.
I love how easy it is to get involved with different clubs and organizations on campus. I also appreciate how nice and willing-to-help the professors are here. I am definitely pushed here academically, so I like how I am not only learning new things, but being challenged to do even better than I have before here through the rigorous coursework. The campus is also under construction in some areas, so it's nice to see how they are constantly making our campus a better place!
I could not be more thrilled with the decision to go to UWL. Everything about my experience has been great. The location, community, and campus are beautiful and the people that I have met have made lasting impressions on my life.
The academic scene is proficient but the environment is less than so. There isn't much diversity on campus at all.
La Crosse is a really intimate university that values its students and their education! The campus is just the right size, and all of the faculty members are very helpful. I have learned a lot while at UWL.
UW La Crosse has a very calm environment, the classes are challenging but the professors are great and really want you to do well and succeed in life. They are really easy to talk to and really make an effort to get to know there students. La Crosse location is also beautiful, located next to the bluffs makes for perfect views of the city.
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Not only is the loction beautiful, but the campus is inclusive and professors care about your success. I transferred here as a junior and La Crosse has made my experience as a transfer student smooth and pain free.
The professors at the University of La Crosse are fantastic and they genuinely care about you and your success. The campus is beautiful and it is super inclusive and easy to get around. The city of La Crosse has a lot of opportunities and fun activities always happening. There is so much construction going on the campus, but it will be worth it in a few short years. The sports and athletics on campus are not that huge so if you want a good athletic scene this is not the best school for it.
I am a high school student taking classes through youth options. Certain professors are more difficult than others, and it is necessary to really pay attention in those. They cancel class on rare occasions, but checking your email really helps keep you notified. It should be checked at least every day so you don’t accidentally go to class when it is cancelled, speaking from experience. The campus is nice, and LaCrosse is an awesome area. I kind of wish that there were tunnels to go between buildings because in winter it is cold.
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