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I started college at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse in 2016, and every day I grow to enjoy this place more and more. The school has a plethora of opportunities to dive into and explore whatever interests you might have. There are many exceptional professors that teach with such passion and are invested in furthering each student's education. The campus is beautiful and easy to walk from end to end in 10 minutes. I would recommend this wonderful college to anyone!
There are so many majors and clubs to choose from. Living in the residence halls is a great experience because of the close relationships it helps you create with those in your community. The quality of education is well worth the tuition because professors go out of their way to help you succeed and learn to the best of your abilities.
All of the professors have been extremely helpful and open to assisting me with my studies, even for my goals outside of their course! There are many opportunities for student involvement, activities, and services. There is nothing I would change.
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The University of Wisconsin - La Crosse is a very welcoming community. It is surrounded by beautiful bluffs and the Mississippi river is just blocks away. The faculty and staff are all great and have their best interest in student success. Highly recommend this campus and the community surrounding it.
Not only is the city beautiful (the bluffs in the fall are a sight to see!) but the education you receive is SOLID. You will meet so many great people and there are so many ways to get involved on campus and around the city!
So far. In my third semester here at UW-Lax I've already invested so much time into my school in clubs and student orga. My professors have all been proactive in my success. My advisors have gone above and beyond what's necessary for my education. The people are friendly. The staff are professional and the campus itself is gorgeous and is taken care of well. There are problems when it comes to diversity and inclusion, but there are groups of students and administration who are making large and stern moves to progress this imbalance.
UW - La Crosse is a great college, with excellent classroom sizes. Roughly around 30ish students per classroom excluding large lecture halls. The classes are tough, but not impossible. They are challenging and I know I am getting a great education.
If you like nature and a relatively small-ish campus with a very athletic population, it's probably the place for you. If you're a humanities major? Maybe check out other places that focus more on liberal arts and the humanities.
UW-La Crosse hosts a beautiful campus in one of the most spectacular cities in Wisconsin. The academics are well above rival universities as the faculty travel from far and wide to teach in this engaging atmosphere. Although the food options lack diversity and most of the dorms have no A/C, the university offers many different activities to keep students active and involved, which is amazing.
I absolutely loved my first year at UWL and I cannot wait to begin my second year. The campus has a lot to offer, as well as the surrounding city. The bluffs are beautiful, downtown La Crosse is so fun and unique, and campus is super clean and kept up to date. Dorm life was very fun, and the short walk to classes in the mornings was nice because campus is not too spread out.
I love the scenery and the amount of outdoor activities available in the area. There's always something to do. The university is also currently making many much needed renovations and even adding a new science center. In years to come, almost the whole campus will be redone. Most of the professors are very, very kind and helpful. It's a small enough school that they care, but big enough that they have resources for your disposal. The food, however, is terrible. Not worth the cost at all. It's far cheaper and healthier to buy all your groceries yourself.
I loved the area that the university was in. there is never a dull moment in La Crosse, WI. there are tons of things to do whether you enjoy hiking and nature or you prefer to go out. The professors are generally fantastic, however some of them are very snooty and are not willing to work with students. But for the most part the professors are very willing to work with you and want you to succeed.
The campus is absolutely gorgeous!! And the professors are engaging and fun!! I always am excited to go to class and the professors are helpful and it’s always a nice environment:)
I was hesitant to start at UWL. I run track so that’s how I ended up here through recruiting. I now love the campus, my professors have been amazing and they’re going through a lot of building upgrades so it’s a great, affordable way to get a UW degree
UW-La Crosse is an amazing school! I am so proud to be an Eagle, and I can not wait to graduate and become a part of the alum community! The campus is beautiful, and the professors are very knowledgeable and always helpful. I definitely believe that I am getting a quality education from this school. The city of La Crosse also has a spectacular party scene! With 3 colleges in the area, there is no shortage of college aged individuals to bond, and build relationships with! The only down side to attending this school is that the winters can be a little unbearable at times. Other than that, I would highly recommend this school to anyone who may be interested!
I like every professor that I have had so far, they are all there to help you succeed. The campus is just the right size, not too big and not too small. There is a wide variety of classes offered. The surrounding area is good, the downtown has a lot of shops and there is stuff to do in Onalaska as well.
La Crosse is a beautiful area. The University of Wisconsin- La Crosse provides so many opportunities to explore and learn more about the region. The size of the school is great and provides a very personal student-professor connection.
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UWL has been the best choice for me in my college education. It's campus size and enrollment isn't too small and isn't too big. Plus, the city of La Crosse itself has a lot of adventure opportunities!
I love how the campus feels like one big family. There is always someone to talk to and everyone is so kind. The campus really makes you feel like home and you always feel safe.
I love the Sociology department and the staff involved in running the program they make learning the information interesting and fun.
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