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University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Reviews

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I loved the area that the university was in. there is never a dull moment in La Crosse, WI. there are tons of things to do whether you enjoy hiking and nature or you prefer to go out. The professors are generally fantastic, however some of them are very snooty and are not willing to work with students. But for the most part the professors are very willing to work with you and want you to succeed.
The campus is absolutely gorgeous!! And the professors are engaging and fun!! I always am excited to go to class and the professors are helpful and it’s always a nice environment:)
I was hesitant to start at UWL. I run track so that’s how I ended up here through recruiting. I now love the campus, my professors have been amazing and they’re going through a lot of building upgrades so it’s a great, affordable way to get a UW degree
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UW-La Crosse is an amazing school! I am so proud to be an Eagle, and I can not wait to graduate and become a part of the alum community! The campus is beautiful, and the professors are very knowledgeable and always helpful. I definitely believe that I am getting a quality education from this school. The city of La Crosse also has a spectacular party scene! With 3 colleges in the area, there is no shortage of college aged individuals to bond, and build relationships with! The only down side to attending this school is that the winters can be a little unbearable at times. Other than that, I would highly recommend this school to anyone who may be interested!
I like every professor that I have had so far, they are all there to help you succeed. The campus is just the right size, not too big and not too small. There is a wide variety of classes offered. The surrounding area is good, the downtown has a lot of shops and there is stuff to do in Onalaska as well.
La Crosse is a beautiful area. The University of Wisconsin- La Crosse provides so many opportunities to explore and learn more about the region. The size of the school is great and provides a very personal student-professor connection.
UWL has been the best choice for me in my college education. It's campus size and enrollment isn't too small and isn't too big. Plus, the city of La Crosse itself has a lot of adventure opportunities!
I love how the campus feels like one big family. There is always someone to talk to and everyone is so kind. The campus really makes you feel like home and you always feel safe.
I love the Sociology department and the staff involved in running the program they make learning the information interesting and fun.
The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is a great school within a beautiful city. People on campus are always very friendly which makes it more comfortable there. The professors are nice and truly care about giving you the education you need to be successful later in life.
I love the La Crosse area and the bluffs surrounding it. It is a beautiful campus and they just built a new lab building. One thing that could change is the dorm cleaning hours. Our bathrooms were not cleaned during the weekends and they were shut down at inconvenient time of 8-9 in the morning.
University of Wisconsin La Crosse has a beautiful campus that is easy to navigate across. They also have a variety of undergraduate programs as well as graduate. They have top notch professors and advisers to help you along your way to a successful future. The class sizes are very reasonable and hands on.
Very liberal, no support for anyone with conservative or religious values. Had professor make a very negative remark against religion.
I liked everything about UW-La Crosse from the city, to the campus, to the people. The first things you see when you drive into the city are the amazing bluffs. These are both beautiful and provide great recreation opportunities. The downtown area is very nice, complete with a riverwalk and gardens. The campus is not too small, but not too big. The building on campus are mainly red brick with many tree around them which makes for a nice environment. Lastly, the people at the university are extremely friendly and helpful. They make sure all of your academic and social needs are care about everyone tremendously.
My experience though the University of Wisconsin La Crosse has been amazing, the La Crosse area and campus is very inviting. One improvement I would recommend is better student advising for undecided majors.
I was incredibly excited to attend UWL, but when I got there, I was disappointed. I am a double major in English and Biology who is heavily involved in music. I am so grateful for the way this school allows me to explore all of these areas, but it still doesn't feel like home. The culture of this school is one of eat or be eaten. Students are not particularly welcoming and the administration doesn't see interested in anything but my timely payments. I don't feel seen or cared for at this school, even though the academics are adequate. I hope to see this school become more invested in students as individuals. If they do, maybe the students will to.
It is a beautiful area and the campus is a really nice size, not too big and not too small. The academics are extremely good, and although classes can be difficult at times, it is ultimately worth it because you know you are getting a great education. The university has many resources to help you and it is also a good price compared to other universities.
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I really enjoyed the campus that UWL had to offer me. I wish that more of the students were involved in school spirit and I wish that there were more activities provided for the students because being in the middle of nowhere can be very boring. The campus is absolutely beautiful and the Student Union is amazing and the new recreational Center is going to be great.
The thing I love about UWL is how it feels close-knit but I still do not know everyone on campus. This feeling helps me identify and love this university. If I could change one thing it would be the dorms on campus. We need more room for energetic students.
Overall, my experience on campus was very good. Its very easy to make friends and its just a fantastic environment. Professors are very helpful and are very passionate in helping you succeed, though you can't just expect to slide by without doing any work. Making sure to follow the instructor and keeping up with homework and assignments is the key to success.
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