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I enjoyed the atmosphere and all the activities students can participate in during their life on campus. The overall atmosphere is the feeling of acceptance and community. The campus can really become one's home away from home. I am excited to pursue my future at the very campus.
UWGB is a smallish university and the campus is twenty to thirty minutes away from the city of Green Bay and fifteen minutes from any stores or restaurants besides those on campus. The professors are generally nice and will accommodate to the best of their ability based on class and university policies. Lately, there have been a lot of faculty departures and department cuts, which makes some of the programs lack a bit of depth, but otherwise the education is good.
They do not have very good or enough parking. Always had to park in a lot far away from my dorm. It is very much a backpack college and not much goes on during the weekends. There are plenty of jobs around the campus.
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My experience at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay: Manitowoc Campus is great! I love all the professors and I love the class sizes. With smaller class sizes means that the classes are more intimate and more closed because people are able to ask questions without fear. The professors always make time for us to come into their office to talk discuss certain things about the class. My time on campus is memorable and I will never forget about it.
UWGB offers a great learning environment, a beautiful campus and great instructors. Academic advisors do a great job aiding students on selecting classes and choosing their desired majors and minors. The campus is vast and has lots of ground to explore. Classrooms are well kept and updated. There are many ares to study or relax between classes. Though there are few places to get food on campus, the food itself is very good.
My success coach helps me with deadlines and goals. She is interested in my future and wants me to succeed which then in return makes me want to succeed even more. I take online classes, and they are easy to navigate and understand how to get the assignments done.
Very nice college with amazing people and professors. The campus is beautiful and it is kept up very nice.
Technically I go to UW Manitowoc however as they are now a branch of greenbay I guess my rating is going to them. Overall the employees are nice and they are very good about making sure you have what you need to get things done within the school.
I love how the class sizes are smaller once you declare your major because then you get to know your professors better. Along with the fact that they get to know you as well.
I have attended UWGB through a TRIO UB math-science program, more specifically called the Regional Center for Math and Science (RCMS), I attended the program during the summer and was in the program for 2 years, living on campus for 2/6 weeks each during the 2 years. From my experience of the campus I love UWGB and consider going here as my top 3 college to apply to.
Definitely a well structured school. When you need help with some certain situation related to your academics, they WILL try and help as much as possible.
The campus is beautiful and nice. The gyms are solid nice, but I would love to see the more diverse campus. better meals. That's about it for now.
University of Wisconsin Green Bay is a fantastic school. Dorms are wonderful and the campus is simply beautiful year round. Teachers make time to help you succeed. However, the food needs to be revamped!
I attended UW-Green Bay, and let me tell you - it's not for everyone. The University definitely has a clear political affiliation, and if you don't agree with it you're singled out. The academics are great (besides irrelevant professors pushing their own political agenda on you), and the athletics are great. That's about all I can say about UWGB and my time spent there.
The professors at UWGB are great. Because the student to faculty ratio is low, professors get to know you by name, making it is easy to build a rapport with them. I also felt like my professors genuinely wanted me to achieve. For instance, there were a handful of professors who willingly allowed me to conduct research I was interested in, which helped me to develop a strong CV for applying to graduate programs.
There's a lot of clubs/activities to be a part of. The class sizes are pretty small, so the professors actually get to know you, which makes it a much more enjoyable experience.
My experience with UWGB has been amazing so far. My professors have shown compassion for their students and have always given me the time I need to understand the material.
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Throughout my time at Green Bay, I had a tutor in every subject because I needed the extra support and modifications to help me get through the class. For my senior year, I decided to forgo my tutors, and try to do the work all on my own for the first time, this turned out to be extremely beneficial in helping me improve as a student and I ended up with the highest GPA in my college career. I never thought in a million years I would get a 4.0 without any help from tutors.
While the buildings are a little out-dated, there are updates being made all the time and there's air conditioning, which is essential in the warmer months. It's also in a beautiful area surrounded by nature. Academically, like all schools, some professors are better than others. I'm an English student and the English department in general is unlike anything I've seen before- it's amazing. The English professors and faculty are so passionate and work extremely hard for their students, and they give you a lot of one-on-one time and attention, which you wouldn't get at a bigger school. I would recommend this college to anyone, but especially anyone going into the humanities. It's like a big family and there are countless opportunities.
This is a great college with beautiful scenery. While the academics are great, I would like to see the advisors actually working and helping students rather than leaving it up to them to figure out. Also wish the party scene was better but most people go home on the weekends.
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