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I love the smaller classes and personal attention I get from the professors. They are available when I need them, flexible and genuinely care about the students success.
All of the professors are great and willing to work with you. I'm so glad I made the choice to attend here before a 4 year university. It's a great transition opportunity between high school and universities.
There are a wide range of classes that have many different times and date of when they meet up.
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It differs from in the classroom learning because there is a lot stress on the way you learn. The work load may be more but the teachers are always willing to help and easy to get a hold of.
The student services made everything extremely easy for me to transfer to a new school. They helped me fill out the paperwork and even told me when to expect the new school to get my transcripts.
The professors are always considerate about any personal problems that you may be going though.
If a student wants an internship, the teachers will reach out and find one for you. Also, if you are having a hard time finding a job in your field, the the teachers will help find one for you by making a few phone calls.
The work load is very reasonable and the curriculum is very important. The teachers make sure you get into the classes that you need to graduate and if you want an internship, they make sure you get one the next semester.
My favorite thing about my school is that the teachers all have real world experiences in the field that I am studying. They understand that everyone is different. I would choose to go back to this school because of the wonderful atmosphere.
Its been hard to find a job that works with school. I have a lot of night classes.
I really have no cue. Its only a two year campus to start with.
I really have no clue about any of the other student's at this school do outside of class. Even then a lot of them are very quiet. I think career wise it really depends on what you're going to school for.
Professors are pretty cool. The ones I had did't get retained though.
Pretty good. Music program is very good for such a small school.
I'm not a fan of small schools and I had no choice but to go here due to family issues. Its a good school with good professors but I do not like how small it is.
For a small school most of the professors are amazing and always willing to help if you need it. There are so many resources available to help you succeed and be prepared for out future endeavors. The cost is amazing and you get far more then what you pay for. If I had to do it again I would in a heartbeat.
I absolutely live this school. The small class sizes are perfect and it is quit affordable.
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Attending school at WIVA allowed me the opportunity to complete my work during times that were most convenient for me. I was able to participate in my online classes and complete work from anywhere, so I could work while I was in school. I was also able to do volunteer work in a special education class at my mom's school.
The school is very small. I wish there were more people to interact with.
Weekly e-mails are sent out that include events that are happening on campus. We also receive e-mails when there are changes or are being invited to make a change.
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