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Many of my professors are very nice and seem to care about you doing well. The food is a lot better than High School food. There is a little hill that separates the vampus into upper and lower campus which is a pain in the butt. Especially if you are a freshman or transfer student with a car, the parking lots pretty far away.
Affordable school with pretty good professors. Collaboration with other campuses is a big part of their system. A good amount of top notch research occurs at some of the Wisconsin campuses. The Wisconsin name is a big name and recognized well across the nation. Online course system wasn't the greatest.
I chose this college last minute and I am glad I did! My classes are amazing and engaging and my teachers are super funny (which makes the class more fun). I also love the food here. On upper campus we have an all you can eat dining hall which is really great! The students here are outgoing and friendly as well. I was so nervous about moving here and making friends because I am pretty shy, but everyone was so welcoming! I have made so many new friends and I am glad I went with the decision of going to Eau Claire.
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UW Eau Claire has proven to be committed to excellence and genuinely interested in the welfare and success of their current and potential students. I have only ever been treated with the utmost respect, dignity, and interest when interacting with staff and students from the school.
I thought that the curriculum was very good. I did not like the overall 'people' experience however. There is very bad bullying and the faculty/staff does very little to prevent it.
The campus is beautiful and everyone is always so inviting. When you need help there is always someone there to help you no matter what the situation is. All the professors are there to help you succeed and are willing to take time out of their busy day to help you.
There are lots of clubs and organizations to allow people of all interests to get involved on campus. The campus itself is beautiful. The professors are very friendly and helpful. It is the perfect size campus.
I've had a great experience with meeting new people, exploring the community, and managing the work load is doable.
The thing that attracted me to UW-Eau Claire was the friendly people and the campus. It's absolutely gorgeous when it's not under construction. There is a bookstore where you can rent many of your textbooks, but sometimes you may have to pay depending on the classes you take. We also have a great amount of organizations to get involved with. The people here are great and there's much to explore in the city of Eau Claire. One thing that is important to know is the parking is terrible on campus and also there is a shortage of housing. Only freshmen and transfer students can stay in the dorms because many people go to this school! Other than that, I'm satisfied with my college choice so far!
I'd like to say that my first year experience with this UW has been nothing but a success. As my time here, I've notice change and it was only for our benefits. The campus is the prefect size, the Dean and staffs are incredibly helpful in every way possible. UW-Eau Claire is the college to go.
Eau Claire is awesome in both the staff, and schooling. the campus is amazing and only getting better each year. the staff is really caring, the wifi and dorms are amazing. overall just take a tour and you will fall in love and love being there everyday.
UW Eau Claire has been the best possible fit for me. Beautiful campus, great professors, and wonderful students.
The first time I had been to UWEC was for a choir field trip. I didn't get to see much of the school but I was very impressed with with their art/music program, and because art and music are some of my majors, I was happy with what I saw. The professors were very nice, helpful and had so much energy which was contagious throughout the trip. Overall, I really like UWEC and can't wait to see the rest of the school. I am considering attending after high school, and you should too!
UW Eau Claire is a very liberal arts school that focuses highly on diversity and acceptance of all people whether it is gender, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs and so on. The university strongly encourages all students to speak their minds and make the best that they can out of everything that they are given. There are a few individuals in administration that have been problematic in the last few years, but are fortunately on their way out. I'm excited to see what the new image of admin looks like!
There are a plethora of resources and activities that are available to UWEC students both on and off campus. Eau Claire is a city that likes to make a fit for everyone!
I really like the campus and just the general feeling you get when there. The campus is big enough to feel not stuffy, but small enough that you're not walking 20 minutes to classes.
There are many activities to get involved with on campus- I think anyone could find a place to fit in. Most of the professors truly care about their students and are passionate about what they teach. Sometimes the construction is annoying, but you just have to be flexible with it. They're just trying to keep the most beautiful campus the most beautiful campus!:)
I like that the class sizes. They aren't big lecture halls so it easier to grow relationships with your professors which is very beneficial when it comes to succeeding in classes.
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Most of the on campus housing is out dated. On the academics side, the professors are amazing and there is a vast variety of classes offered. The food here is fairly good, gets kind of boring towards the end of the semester.
UWEC's campus is absolutely beautiful, if you can look past the construction that is almost constantly happening here. They don't seem to have an end date to any of the construction either, or at least anytime soon. Also don't bother asking faculty questions, because you will most likely receive a rude reply, over email or phone!
I really love the campus and lay out of the buildings. The classes are hard, but interesting. A lot of opportunities for clubs, study abroad, etc. There needs to be more parking available and more housing.
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