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Most of the on campus housing is out dated. On the academics side, the professors are amazing and there is a vast variety of classes offered. The food here is fairly good, gets kind of boring towards the end of the semester.
UWEC's campus is absolutely beautiful, if you can look past the construction that is almost constantly happening here. They don't seem to have an end date to any of the construction either, or at least anytime soon. Also don't bother asking faculty questions, because you will most likely receive a rude reply, over email or phone!
I really love the campus and lay out of the buildings. The classes are hard, but interesting. A lot of opportunities for clubs, study abroad, etc. There needs to be more parking available and more housing.
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My professors were great people, but the department wasn’t diverse enough in academic foci for me. Honors Progam is ok but not great. Campus and area are incredibly boring. Fitness center classes were awesome! Dorm bathrooms are disgusting and dorm rooms are the smallest I’ve ever seen. No dorms being offered at all to anyone but Freshmen next year. Obnoxious!
The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is considered Wisconsin's Most Beautiful Campus and definitely lives up to its name. The university provides numerous housing opportunities and has ample scholarship opportunities. The school also provides opportunities for internships, business and marketing expos, and study abroad programs. The school is very focused on promoting diversity and acceptance of all students and does its best to make all students feel like they belong. The university employs many experienced professors who work hard for their students and helps them excel in their fields. Overall, I loved my experience at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
The University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire puts its students first and they really take care of their international students. They hold forums where they can get our feedback and hear our voices. Also, the university holds excellent immersion programs. Their most popular one being the Civil Rights Pilgrimage. More than 200 students, teachers, and community members go on this life-changing trip every year. I've been on one these trips recently and it was amazing. On the flip side, I think the univeristy definitely needs better food in the cafeteria. More nutritious food will certainly be welcomed. I think they also shouldn't have so many different types of meal plans, it's very confusing.
The campus is beautiful and I have always felt at home here. I have met some of my best friends and my program is wonderful and full of amazing faculty.
This college is very good. Everyone is friendly including the staff. The facilities are always clean and fresh. My favorite part about my experience with UWEC is how I feel as if I can be myself and do what I want with out someone judging me. I can be creative without anyone stopping me.
I appreciate that the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire has been renovated and is continuing to be renovated at this moment. It creates a very modern feel to the campus and has made my experience on its campus better. I would like to see updated dorm rooms which UWEC is currently in the process of doing to Towers west and eventually east.
UWEC boasts a stunningly beautiful and clean campus and a wide variety of off campus activities. Probably the best part of UWEC is the Blugold Marching Band, which never ceases to amaze visitors with its music selection and choreography.
I am very glad to have chosen this university. Eau Claire is a beautiful campus with even more beautiful people. Every professor I have had is super kind and respectful to the students. Everybody here just wants to help and see you succeed with your dreams.
I think this university offers a wide range of activities and good class options, especially for general courses and courses related to psychology, education, and the sciences. I believe that the university cares more about getting new students than helping the ones they already have in their system which is a huge problem.
As a freshman at UWEC, I have found myself enjoying what the school has to offer. In my opinion, it is one of the best UW colleges in the state. The campus is beautiful, the professors care, and the advising is spectacular. Housing is an ongoing issue, but other than that UWEC is wonderful.
My overall favorite thing about this school is the campus itself. it is so beautiful and so well put together. There are so many things that catch ones attention and draw people to this campus. I have made my very best friends here so far and I am very thankful for the experience to be here.
Overall, very welcoming have lots of culture and activites for people of all races interests and the town is really starting to grow!!! It is going to be the next downtown place to be with all the new renovations happening.
I have professors who care about what they are doing and willing to take time out of their day to help you. People are very nice and friendly. There are a lot of activities to do on campus.
I love my experience at UWEC so far! When I was struggling with my major Freshman year, I was able to take advantage of resources that the University provides to explore different career ideas. This helped me choose a better path for myself and I couldn't be happier! I've also had the opportunity to take some interesting courses that have taught me more about the LGBT community, which will help me to be a more inclusive and understanding employee in the future. I was also able to take advantage of the study abroad program that UWEC offers and had an incredible experience! The only complaint that I have is that the dorms were tiny, outdated and very expensive for what you get, but I only lived in them Freshman year and now live off-campus.
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The University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire is a beautiful campus with lots of opportunities. They are known for the nursing program and school of business. It was unfortunate to see all trees be cut down, to be replanted by smaller ones. Being the most beautiful campus in the midwest, it is also unfortunate the amount of construction that has been on campus recently.
The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is a great school. The campus is absolutely beautiful and in the heart of the city. Everything that you could want as a student is a short walk away. The professors are wonderful and the class sizes are small so it creates a more one-on-one feel with your professors. The only problem that is here is the lack of diversity on campus.
The University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire is an amazing college that provides opportunities for all students. I am currently in my 3rd year as a Junior at UWEC, and I can honestly say choosing to attend this university has by far been the best choice I have made so far in life. I have not only grown personally, but also academically.

Since being at UWEC I have been able to accomplish being on the Dean's List, gaining leadership roles on the executive board of two organizations (Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity and Operation Smile Club), and becoming a confident and successful student. UWEC has given me the chance to stand out as an individual. I have been able to create amazing relationships with classmates and professors, and have now been employed as an experienced writing tutor at the Center for Writing Excellence.

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is the perfect place for individuals to find their passion, succeed academically, and gain opportunities of a lifetimes.
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