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The opportunities to grow as a professional are endless at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Through networking events, lifeskill workshops and career fairs I enjoy meeting professionals and learning how to build my own brand. I would like to see these opportunities advertised better. I strongly believe if staff can advertise them through relevant ideas, we could get a better student turn out.
This is my first semester at UWM and I honestly love it! I've been around the campus for the past three years because all of my friends have always gone here, so once I finally transferred, I felt right at home. I was a bit nervous at first, but all my professors are very helpful when I need them and I've had no worries thanks to them. Although the neighbor surrounding campus might seem a little sketchy at times, I never feel unsafe because of the campus and Milwaukee police patrolling all the time.
UW Milwaukee is one of the most liberal colleges in the state of Wisconsin, that being said is true. UW Milwaukee does reflect this with its diverse support for the LGBT community, and many clubs involving minorities as well as for veterans. The campus, despite being located in one of the most segregated cities in the country the campus shines through this by upholding its ideas of diversity and giving everyone a fair and equal treatment. The staff, students, and professors all here do not discriminate against anyone and project the values that this campus holds dear.
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I like how you can be involved in many activities you like and also how can you easily get help from other people
I really like UWM. It's a very diverse school with a good population of students. Even though its a big school, I like that there are also smaller sized classes offered. Its location is perfect right next to the lake and downtown life.
If was a masters student at the Zilber School of Public Health and was very pleased with the education I received. I spent most of my time at the downtown location which had been recently renovated with advanced technology in a quiet building. I liked that my building housed only graduate students and health department employees, it set a standard for higher learning and excellence. I wish that the main campus could be more secure, there were always reports of petty theft and questionable behavior from non students in the area.
I received a fantastic education at UW-Milwaukee in the school of education. The classes emphasize combining undergraduates with graduate students and prize diversity.
Milwaukee is an amazing university and is very inclusive to all its students. Milwaukee was not my first choice in schools but now that I am attending school here it is the best place for me. Milwaukee has so many opportunities for every student and many different resources to help and keep the students on track to do great in life.
The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is a very diverse campus, it is filled with welcoming students. It is located in a great area that is filled with off campus activities. Many clubs and organizations to join, and many great opportunities being in a large city.
Professors and Counseling services are very helpful. The campus is inviting with its landscape and employees. The only downside is when groups/organizations shove their opinions in your face. But that can easily be avoided by walking away. I would recommend this college for anyone who can afford the tuition and wants a true college experience.
I love going to UWM, it was the first college I visited and I loved it from the very beginning. I'm in the Honors College which is super awesome because all of the classes are discussion based and you don't have to take tests (no midterms! Woohoo!!). All the classes are really interesting and engaging. I'm also in the architecture program and they start you off right in classes in your major (not all schools do). So that was a great opportunity to see if this is the field I actually want to go into, and if it wasn't, I didn't waste time by only taking GenEds. The city of Milwaukee is awesome too - I love going to the third ward and the historical district... Such great food and architecture. Also, Bradford Beach is an easy 20 minute walk from campus and is a really well kept beach. There's lots of green space near the beach too, good for hiking and picnics. There's so much offered by UWM and Milwaukee in general, you'd be crazy not to give it a try!
The University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee is located in a great neighborhood. It has a very diverse scenery surrounding the campus, the people around the campus seem very involved with the events. The campus is small yet large in the different buildings, different places, classes that are available. The campus has challenged my thinking in not only the class, but the things I see just walking around the campus and the different people I have encountered everyday.
I think that the university is a great place to start your path to a career. They offer a vast amount of majors and minors. It is also a place of acceptance, which in this day and age, is a great thing to experience as the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has a diverse campus. Overall this is a university that needs to be on an aspiring college student's radar.
My first year at UW-Milwaukee was rough. I had issues making friends, even though I was involved and attended a lot of events. My issue was a lot of students were still hanging out with their high school friends and didn't want a new stranger to start hanging out with them. I was so close to transferring, but what kept me there was the academic side of the school. I loved every professor I had, and in the end, I cared more about my schooling than making friends. I ended up getting into my school's honors program and I received a leadership job. Now I have more friends than I've ever had in my life and I'm even more excited to be spending time there.
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is a great school once you get in. I personally had a hard time getting everything set up once I was accepted. I had to make all the phone calls and was never contacted by an advisor. They almost made me feel like I was unwanted as a student, even though they accepted my application. It took months for me to figure out what I had to do to get set up for classes, and I wasn't even allowed to until 5 days before classes started because they had lost some of my records. The experience was very frustrating, but overall I am content with what the university has done since. I am able to get around campus easily, and people are much more willing to help when you see them in person.
expensive but thanks to the tuition freeze by Walker it has been kept mostly affordable. hard for a first generation student to not accrue lots of loans while attending a school that wants to keep sucking every dollar out of you. very diverse school in the heart of Milwaukee but is not very safe after dark
I like the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee because of how diverse the student body is. The professors are very professional and are great at their jobs at teaching us the way to succeed.
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University of Wisconsin Milwaukee has so much to offer students. The large campus gives students the ability to explore and meet new people every day. Milwaukee itself is beautiful and has so many new opportunities for employment and exploring. The dorms are kept clean and safe for all students by requiring everyone to swipe in and have amazing staff who clean the building. Everyone is accomadating to your needs. They even have a health center that is free to students to visit and get care. There may be a small fee for medicine or other amnetities. Overall the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is an amazing opportunity for anyone and has so many course options you'll be sure to find one that fits what you want.
I really like Milwaukee, but the academics is terrible. I can't even understand half of my professors. The college life/atmosphere is great though. Love the city.
I think this school is great! I love that my councilor and professors are very willing to help me. The atmosphere here is good, everyone is here to learn. The library is my favorite because it's so quiet.
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