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Stay as far away from this place as possible if you want to study sport psychology. DO NOT apply here if you want to earn a degree in sport psychology. The instructors have no experience in athletics or are not qualified to teach sport psychology. You will waste your money on an education here if it is in sport psychology. If you want to be a chiropractor, maybe. If you want to work in the field of sport psychology, you will waste your time, effort, and money. I made the worst mistake of my academic life attending this place and wasted $20K and was not allowed to graduate due to administrative policies. You've been warned.
So far I am in my 2nd quarter of graduate school for the Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine online degree program here and absolutely love it! The professors are knowledgeable, and the school has GREAT communication between all departments (advisors, financial aid, professors, etc). Highly recommend this school!
Great university, great learning environment, and the school prepares you for your profession very well.
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Have had no issue with any crime related behaviour on campus
From my understanding it is a very well renown school and thought of highly
Varsity sports are not a thing at this school because it is a small college that is very specialized. However intramural sports are very widely utilized
The teachers and staff at the School are all amazing. They know you on a personal basis and treat you with the upmost respect. They are always professional yet personable. If I was deciding where to go all over again I would 100% choose this school.
The application process was very easy. I appreciated that this school wanted to screen it's candidates. Some other schools seemed to take transcripts as the requirement for entry. If you have a good GPA and want to spend the money, then your accepted. UWS didn't do that. It helps to have had good grades, but UWS cares about turning out quality clinicians and Chiropractors, not high budget figures/income.
I chose western states because the massage therapy program was designed by doctors and instructors on campus. Their curriculum gives us the most hands experience and we start practicing on patients in the second quarter. This program will give me the best education and training leading into the board exams.
The school is very specialized and I am impressed with the quality of the professionals I have seen and talked to who have graduated from there. I think it is one of the best programs in the nation.
A- due to the campus being in a residential area, which makes travel time a little longer. There are a lot of local venues in the entire Portland area and some great pubs. If you are willing to take the time to travel a bit more towards the city center, voodoo doughnuts is a must to try.
Registration is straight forward and easy and the curriculum is advanced and fast paced. There is a substantial workload, but you are given the resources necessary to handle it.
Some of the buildings are older and less spacious. The cadaver lab is excellent and so is the newer classroom building. There is a great coffee shop on campus with delicious local brews. The gym and exercise facilities are a decent size for the number of students on campus and access to the equipment is good.
Being a professional college, there is not on-campus housing. So, it is up to the individual to find their own housing. The neighborhood is very nice if you can find a place in the area.
They have been improving facilities and the faculty and staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. I really like the evidence-based approach that the faculty uses in teaching. The campus is personable and in a very nice region as well.
Excellent and Affordable! Different breakfast and lunch every day of the week and for next to nothing! Ps the breakfast burritos are bomb!!!
Great Education-Mediocre Camaraderie – The instructors at my school are fantastic I could not ask for more! The education experience is by far the best in the country for a chiropractic degree. However, school spirit, passion and philosophy is lacking. The administration has way too many rules and won't let us just have fun and let loose! They need to loosen up a bit an then the students will following suit!
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The computers at University of Western States are great. They have unlimited printing at no cost, wireless and you can use them as long as you need. It would be nice if they had a few more so that more students could use them at one time but if you have a laptop or something you can bring it and just connect to the wireless access because its great.
On Campus. At University of Western States the facilities are great! They have a book store, cafe, gym, weight room, library and have many on campus activities like zumba, volleyball, basketball, trainings for marathon ex: hood to coast. They make sure that each and every student has everything they need to stay in shape, healthy and stress free.
No Drugs or Drinking. The school that I attend, University of Western States has no drug and drinking problem because we don't have students living on campus! If a student is caught with either while caught on campus then they will be take out of the program that they are in.