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University of Western Ontario Reviews

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Very diverse! You'll never be bored. The student life is vibrant and if there isn't a club for your interests you can make one. Great academics. Sports aren't as important as your grades
I have always felt very safe on campus. Neither myself or my friends, as far as I know have experienced any dangerous encounters, however I'm sure they are present to some degree.
I lived in Delaware Hall first year and it was very spacious and extremely close to all of the buildings in which I had classes. I had a great social experience, everyone I've met at Western is really nice. The food plan was expensive.
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I have a few friends involved in Greek Life and they really enjoy it. As far as I know it's a great way to meet friends and become involved within your community.
Well I always knew that Western was known for their football team, which is very good. I have been a participant in intramural sports throughout my university experienced and always had a blast.
My first experience at Western University was living in residence. I loved it! I was lucky enough to have a wonderful roommate and become very close friends with the majority of my floor. I am originally from BC and I can truly say that Western has become a second home for me.
If there is campus crime, it is rarely spoken about - or at least I personally, have not been exposed to hearing about issues in this area. Walking home from night classes can be an issue for many students, but Western ensures that there are individuals who you can call to walk you home to make your walk more comfortable and safe. As well, throughout the campus, there many emergency buttons one can press when they feel they are unsafe.
Western is an elite university and definitely seen as a school that future employers find confidence in.
Because class sizes are large, it is difficult to get to know your professors - however, when you get to 4th year, class sizes decrease and therefore you get to know your professors better.

Sometimes it is difficult to get into the classes you want - they fill up quickly and you don't always get priority.

There are a wide range of classes offered that should fit the needs of every student within their field of study.
Lived near campus, housing cafeteria could be increased to offer more healthy options, social atmosphere was welcoming and there was always a group/event to go to or be a part of, and the housing process was easy and generally everyone gets their first choice in housing.
Most sorority and frats are based on financial income.
Sports are important here, but are never put before academics
Great experience and professors who care about their students.
Sexual assault cases are improperly and unprofessionally handled
Housing is extremely unprofessional and do their best to clamp down on the "party school" reputation
People from Toronto tend to be more attractive but snobby. Overall, the student population is reasonably good-looking but not too much
Due to restrictive administration, 1st year students living in residence will have a hard time actually partying. Western's party school reputation only validates itself once students leave rez where the university admin can't shove their rules on everyone
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Western has been trying to cut down on its party school reputation so minor infractions result in extreme and arbitrary punishments. Orientation Week activities were not meant to be enjoyable and were made to keep students out of their dorms where they wouldn't be drinking.
Work is quite demanding, and students that can't juggle social and academic life will be punished in their marks
Work is quite demanding, and students that can't juggle social and academic life will be punished in their marks.
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