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About University of Western Ontario...
1151 Richmond St.
London, ON, Canada

University of Western Ontario Reviews

247 reviews
Very diverse! You'll never be bored. The student life is vibrant and if there isn't a club for your interests you can make one. Great academics. Sports aren't as important as your grades
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My first experience at Western University was living in residence. I loved it! I was lucky enough to have a wonderful roommate and become very close friends with the majority of my floor. I am originally from BC and I can truly say that Western has become a second home for me.
If there is campus crime, it is rarely spoken about - or at least I personally, have not been exposed to hearing about issues in this area. Walking home from night classes can be an issue for many students, but Western ensures that there are individuals who you can call to walk you home to make your walk more comfortable and safe. As well, throughout the campus, there many emergency buttons one can press when they feel they are unsafe.