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UWG is a great place if you want to start your college career in a loving space. Its a good starter school with the chance to grow within the school.
My first semester at West Georgia was horrible because of me, but this semester is way better. The school offers a lot of academic help and tutoring. The school can improve on law enforcement. They are more focused the African American group than the real danger and violence.
I absolutely fell in love with it when I visited, the campus is beautiful. The professors are very helpful, the campus is easy to navigate and resourceful. Highly recommend!
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Life at the University of West GA is definitely what you make it. Get out and get involved with the many activities in school and you sure to make many friends and you will not be bored. Most of the professors are pretty cool and the work may be challenging, especially for first year freshman but the professors care and will help if you ask.
Completely incompetent admissions department. Impossible to get a straight answer from any department. Not transparent about program tuition- I received a quote of $7,000 from one financial aid agent, "we can't tell you" from another, and $15,000 from my adviser. I was connected to someone higher up in the financial aid office and left a message but never received a call back.

I do really enjoy one of my classes- Dr. Morris is outstanding. However, the other one has no idea what she is doing and is making the experience unbearable.
I do online classes and the professors on there are the best they help you as best as they can. The work is hard of course but it's worth the time
Friendly and supportive school system. They do their best to help you find better ways to pay for tuition and provides good living situations for all students.
As much as I love the individual niche that I am apart of, UWG itself is a waste land. The only reason I am staying is because I have to complete two years of Undergrad in order to transfers to another institution. The administration is terrible and only care about money, they are trying to cleanse the college of Greek life, and all and all do not respect the students that pay unnecessary amounts of money to their pockets.
This campus was pretty average to me. Kind of small compare to other schools so not many options of teachers and classes to choose from. The city is one of the main things I did not like. There was not much school spirit or anything going on.
So far I've really enjoyed my teachers. The school offers a wide variety of degree and classes which is a plus. However I dislike how much walking is involved on campus, and as a freshman you're not allowed to drive your car until the weekend, so getting from class to class can be exhausting if they're across campus. I feel like the wifi is pretty decent for a college campus, but I feel the food could be more tasteful.
It was a great experience, the campus was beautiful and very big . The orientation leaders were very helpful in helping me find my way around . They were very friendly and informative about the campus and being involved in the community.
I have had a pretty decent experience at UWG. I can't complain too much. I do wish that they wouldn't have gotten rid of the Subway that they used to have though... The replacement is not nearly as good. That is probably my biggest criticism.
The University of West Georgia offers excellent opportunities to me as a dual enrollment student. The professors are wonderful and really care about helping students understand material. The Newnan campus is always very clean and I feel safe there. Excellent!
My overall experience at west ga was good in bad . The good was I met new people and the professors are great they will always try to help but it’s up to you as the student to reach out. Only bad thing I went through was dealing with the financial aid team that’s something you have to try and get solved before school even starts
The university of west Georgia has presented me with a lot of new opportunities to grow and find myself in ways that I never expected
It is a great school. They have so many academic ways of helping you succeed and pursue whatever you want to do.
My overall experiences at the University of West Georgia has been amazing so far .I have made great friends and I have had wonderful professors here. The campus is absolutely beautiful amd organization . Everyone is treated with kindness and respect.
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I have really enjoyed the University of West Georgia. It is a great school with a lot of benefits. There are plenty of opportunities for extra curricular activities. There offer resources to help you study and get understanding in your classes. The professors are always there to help. The only thing I would like to see change is more opportunities to work full time and go to school for students that have chosen later in life to go back to school. Funding opportunities would be helpful also.
My overall experiences with the University of West Georgia has been amazing! I have made great friends and I have had wonderful professors here. The campus is absolutely beautiful. Everyone is treated with kindness and respect. Our campus makes everyone feel welcomed.
I personally think the University of West Georgia is a great school! They have many useful resources that will help you be successful. My favorites were the writing center and the math center. They have people there to individually help you with anything you need.