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Although I have only been at UWF for one semester, I would say my experience was great! The professors I had were always willing to help, inside and outside of class and there are several on campus resources to make staying at school to study easier.
UWF is surrounded by woods and has plenty of trees and lawns in-between buildings, with a nature trail going over a pond, its a perfect place for biology and environmental majors. I've personally had fun attending the research symposiums and getting to know other students and their ambitions there. The University could use more security though, we need to have a couple more emergency contact phones out on the trails, since cell service is unreliable out there and sexual assault does happen on campus. Also, there are a variety of places to get food, not just at the Nautilus market and Galley, such as a hidden restaurant in building 86 that makes great sandwiches (Gusto's), a smoothie shop right before the stairs to the gym, a pizza place connected to President's Hall, events hosted by the mathematics and science departments, and a food truck at the wooden platform hangout area.
Student life is pretty average. Sport events are fun to attend though. Decent food selection. College town is alright but there are limited things to do during the weekend.
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The campus is beautiful, I have a couple of friends who are currently going to school at West Florida and they love it. I have heard nothing but good things about the school and the area surrounding it. I get pictures all of the time of the campus from them. I have always wanted to visit West Florida and see it in person, but I have not been able to get around to it yet. Hopefully one day soon I can take a tour!
I enjoyed my years at the University of West Florida. It taught me a lot both educationally and personally about what I'd like to achieve in my life. This school had great academic resources available for students but lacked much diversity among staff.
It is a beautiful campus filled with a large diversity of students. The only negative thing that I experienced was how difficult it was to get in contact with my advisors.
I love the campus. I have recommended the campus to many. I did my undergrad here. After graduating I applied for a staff position and I love it. The atmosphere and the people are amazing.
I have had relatively good professors. I had a bad experience with the school psychiatrist who told me "I was blowing things out of portion", when I was in an auto accident and worried about access to my medications. I had to return seven hours home for the summer due to physcial injuries. I would not reccomend that psychiatrist. I also have noticed that the professors students have more job opportunity and leadership positions. I have found those opportunities are hard to find on my own. I have found it hard to get involved at uwf and feel like they need to advertise things better. However, I do enjoy the nature and the friends I have made. I like the psychology department and the music department. The music department has done a wonderful job accomodating me. I continue pursuing a minor regardless of my physical injury. Most departments and professors are good, but if you are not in the "in", it seems opportunity as a transfer student is hard to come across.
It is easy to get around, a great place to study, the staff are first class all the way. It is so nice to be around such a great group of world class individuals.
I would recommend to anyone
Beautiful campus and very nice people. Made transferring from my old school really easy for me. As soon as I met my counselor I felt right at home. Plus I am from the area so it has been a good thing for me moving closer to home after I lived in South Carolina for 2 years.
UWF is my home away from home. The classes are not too large, and the professors are approachable and knowledgeable. I made many friends within my first week, and the campus life is pretty alive with something happening all the time. It’s got amazing nature trails that’s free to the public to walk, run, or bike around. It’s not all too expensive compared to other Florida colleges.
I really enjoy the environment. It's very positive and the professors make time for their students when they need help.
University of West Florida is one of the best schools in Florida. The teachers are informative and understanding. The student body inspires everyone to get involved and have Argo Pride. A lot of our programs are in the top 5 in the state. Our robotics team won 2nd under MIT. We have classes that range to class room size to stadium size classes. We've had a football team for 3 years. Last year the football team made it to championships.
I enjoy going to school at UWF. It is a peaceful campus and located in a great area. My teachers have been good and are willing to help.
Even though UWF is located in a small town and has a small enrollment number, the classes offered are hard and they make you work for your grades. There are not a lot of classes offered all year long unless you are in a large program.
I enjoyed my time at The University of West Florida. The professors were always available to help students. The university is located in a small town, which means there are not that many distractions.
UWF has made my first year of college very enjoyable and stress free. Student help is always available.
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Uwf is a great school! However it could definitely use some more parking spaces for student, especially considering the crazy high price of a parking permit. I've never paid more than $20 for one before so being charged an extra $100 on top of that is a little ridiculous
I absolutely love this college! The food, the professors, the clubs and activities, EVERYTHING! I would 100% recommend attending UWF for your degree.
All the staff here at UWF are always on top of everything. They get to you quickly and ensure that you have what you need or know what you need to know. My favorite thing about UWF is the professor to student ratio. This creates a better connection with the staff and colleagues. Everything about this University has been super pleasing, I have yet to find anything I would change about the school itself.
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