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It's a pretty good school academic wise. However the administration has a lot of problems as does its financial aid department.
I love the canpus. Instead of building huge unnatural buildings, UWF opted to build their campus alongside trees, hills, and nature. The school is located in Pensacola, which is a bit of a boring city with no nightlife, but that only strengthens the academics.
The University of West Florida is amazing. Even though it is a smaller university in Florida it has a lot to off. The level of diversity is large, programs are proficient, and the campus is easy to navigate as well. Each year I have been going to UWF we have made history in some way whether with academics or with athletics.
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The professors have a close relationship with their students and I feel are more involved in trying to reach out and help because not every class is so big. I love how quiet it can be during the weeks, there's not a party going on every night to distract you. They're starting to build more things around the campus to eat and other resources.
I am currently a sophomore at UWF majoring in Marine Biology and would say my experience so far has been good. I do not live on campus but have friends that do and they love the dorms. I will say that science department is very large for the size of the school so class availability is limited. However, there are a lot of resources provided to students.
I love the natural campus and the facilities are nice. The advisors are not all that great. The prereqs make finishing your degree in 4 years. There are many scholarships available to cut down on your out of pocket/loan amount.
The Campus community is outstanding. The organizations try their best to reach out to everyone and have a niche available for all students. The food service is my only big concern - wait time is unrealistic and so are the new proportions.
They offer many options to help you succeed whether it be the free book rentals in the library, the on campus psychologists, or even just the caring staff. A lot of the staff try to accommodate with your learning methods, but some are stuck in their old ways which may make the class seem difficult.
I'm currently a Junior at West Florida, and my experience has been very good so far, there are small class sizes and involved instructors that are always open to assist their students.
I received a good education at a fairly low price compared to other universities. Because it is a small school, the professors are generally willing to help at any time and are quick to respond to emails. Most professors are there in order to see the students succeed, and the university puts a lot of emphasis on undergraduate and graduate research.
I like how diverse the campus is and how well they want to interact with people. Because they are doing a good job interacting with students on campus I do not think there is any they need to work on, at the moment however, I’m excited about future plans/ events that may come in the future school years.
I love the atmosphere of my university. The classes are small and it really is true that the buildings are the only things with numbers on campus. I am able to get to know my professors and easily make appointments with them to get assistance with my classes, and I truly feel at home at all times.
UWF is great, the professors are knowledgeable. The social scene isn't great, but it does exist. The area is alright, there isn't much to do around Pensacola except the beaches and clubs at night.
I really love all of the research opportunities they have for students! The professors are very welcoming, and there are plenty of extracurriculars!
Still going great school, but it's a location where racism is real. So if your professor or TA doesn't like the color of your skin you not getting a grade like you should and compared to other student of the majority color you won't. Sad but true.
My living opinion.
Over all this university has a lot to offer like different types of programs and online. I graduated with my BS in public health. The college is not to big or small.
Overall, a solid college. Nothing outstanding about it, but far from being the worst. There are certain professors that are outstanding, but that might depend on your major.
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The Overall experience that I've been given at UWF has been phenomenal at the very least. Everything from well-designed courses to caring and kind professors have allowed me to truly get the most out of my college experience. I personally believe that this could be the perfect college for anyone.
Not only is the naturesque campus stunning, but the campus life is full of enthusiam for learning. Student envolvment is a must on campus and all the student leaders are very proud of their positions--constantly encouraging others to follow suit! The intimate clss sizes make learning and testing anxieties dissiapate. I love this school and its Argo spirit!
Here at University of West Florida, it is all about leaving your legacy. If you're not involved in different things on campus, your time spent here will typically be very boring. My first semester at UWF was very boring, I went to class then back to my dorm everyday. Then I realized that I need to het involved and make some friends if I plan on being here for four years. I joined the Haitian Student Organization, where I built a bound with people who I now consider family. I am now the Vice President of this organization. I also ran for Senator for our Student Government Association and that position has already opened so many doors for me.
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