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The competitive atmosphere between students trying to get into their majors definitely doesn't add to my love for UW, but thankfully the campus has so many people, that you are bound to find a group somewhere that supports you through all of it. It's the only college I could ever think about attending, and even though it's a stressful time for me right now, I still believe that it will be worth it in the end.
I loved the campus very much. It was right next to the beautiful city of Seattle. I am a huge fan of rain and water and Seattle is surrounded by water and also has a large amount of rainfall. It is a very artsy city and people often walk around with their cameras and paintbrushes.
The University of Washington is a great school. I love the architectural style of the buildings, and when Mount Rainier comes out from behind the clouds, I'm always blown away by it. There is no typical student at the UW which makes everyone more comfortable being themselves. People are really nice and friendly here and want you to succeed. I love the local neighborhood, with the Ave and all of its shops and restaurants, and I love how easy it is to get to Seattle and access all of the fun urban neighborhoods. The party and sports scenes are both great. The hiking around Seattle is top notch, and there are a surprising amount of parks and trails around the school for runners and walkers to enjoy. The academics here are top notch: classes can be hard but they're as hard as you want them to be. There are tons of opportunities to get more involved and find your passion with the 100s of clubs, internships, research labs, and social groups you can join.
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The University of Washington is a great environment for exploring your different interests and meeting new people; with a decently active campus life and a fair few student programs and activities that make your time outside the classroom more enjoyable as well. What I would like to see improve is more resources for the less majorly competitive areas of study, like the arts and humanities.
This is one of the best schools academically in the nation. It will push you but the classes and professors are amazing. The Greek system is also incredible!
I would like to see more diversity among students. I enjoy the dorms and the diversity among class sizes as you are able to know how many people there are before you join. Huge campus but it can be made small depending on how you handle at perceive the university.
There isn't much more to say about the University of Washington that hasn't already been said before. I can assure you that everything you've heard is true. Classes are competitive, you can find someone from pretty much everywhere around the world around campus, and your right smack in the middle of Seattle so, it's hard to be bored.
University of Washington is in a great location, and offers great programs. Seattle always has something fun going on, if you have time for it. Tuition is pretty pricey, and you quickly learn that college isn't anything like high school. Weed-out classes can be cumbersome, and the way credits transfer can cause a bit of a headache, but it's overall a great school.
Big school that felt very exclusive. Academics were very important but professors were mostly concerned about their research and were very impersonal with students.
It's great a beautiful campus lots of opportunity. Lots of clubs and people who are wanting to meet you.
I love the University of Washington for the opportunities it offers and the people in it. The academics are top notch. The professors are the best in their field in the world and we get to work with them individually. The campus is gorgeous, and there are so many educational opportunities to make the most of your experience. Majors, however, are highly competitive, which can be discouraging.
Overall a dream school for many, it's a great place to get higher education and collects many bright minds.
The Univeristy of Washington is an exceptional university that puts a heavy emphasis on diversity and being progressive. However, it is a very large school and seeking help can be difficult. Consistently classes are run more by the TA's and trying to find time to meet with your professors can be quite difficult. Additionally, for a school that prides themselves on academics, I don't believe that this rings true. I was extremely disappointed with the calibre of students. I would find myself in classes with immature students who didn't respect others or the professors. I thought I was leaving high school, but instead I just came to giant one. This school took itself way too seriously and was one of the many reasons I transferred out.
I like that the graduate student body is diverse. I like that the university supports my values of social justice.
I really enjoyed the campus as a whole but I didn't like how you have to apply into your major even after getting accepted into the school.
The University of Washington is what words describes as "large". Fluxing from the academics to the student's life, UW is an once-in-a-lifetime experience for rising scholars across the world!
Beautiful campus in a very good location in Seattle. The professors are great and truly care if you learn but the academics can be cut throat.
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I went to UW because I was a Seattle born girl who has never thought once about leaving the city. Also because all throughout high school I've done programs at UW and completely fell in love. I called it home before I even had the chance to apply. The campus is beautiful. The classes are challenging, I mean come on its college. There are TONS of things you can do at UW besides take classes. I have opportunities here where coming from my background I would never imagine myself doing. Hands down one of the best decisions of my life was to come to this University!
The University of Washington campus is likely one of the nicest schools I have been on. In terms of academics, it is a terrific choice for a school. Many of the programs are highly competitive and are at the top of their field. The amount of research and work being done by the faculty as well as the students is truly incredible.
I love my communities here and that I am able to grow by exposing myself in uncomfortable situations.
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