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This is great school. They have a lots of clubs and activities. The buildings are pretty. You might want to check canu boaridng.
I am so satisfied with my decision to attend the University of Washington. With so many programs that are globally ranked, department faculties that go out of their way to provide you with career development opportunities, a strong sense of community, and endless study abroad programs, this university is one of the best choices you can make for your during- and after-college experience. Major flaws include capacity constrained majors, rain every. single. day. and a wealth of introductory weed out classes; consider these carefully.
Where to start? It's a very beautiful school with tons of resources ready to help you succeed. All you need to do is ask. Living on campus is as hassle free as it gets, although HFS (housing and food services) isnt known for being generous or very quick. As far as academics go, it can be tough. Even if you study 20+ hours a week. Its a very competitive school with intro class sizes above 300. Less than 10% will make above a 3.9 in many classes. More major specific classes generally get down to 50 - 150 people. Meeting with a professor is generally really easy, and students are all happy to help you and befriend you - just ask! There is a whole lot to do around campus and in downtown Seattle, but don't let that distract you too much. To succeed here, you need to buckle down and make school your first priority.
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You are welcomed with open arms in a place where other scholars come to grow within themselves and with others. You are never alone and you can always rely on others to be there for you when you are at your lowest. Everyone works their hardest and you will be working your way to the top with others.
The Campus was absolutely beautiful. The environment is so diverse and welcoming. The class sizes are moderate and not overwhelming. Overall I enjoyed visiting the Campus, and look forward to applying.
The academic and personal diversity of the the University of Washington provides communities for every genre of student at every phase of their education. Standards of excellence within academics makes the University of Washington a highly competitive environment, providing highly-driven students with room to thrive, connect, and explore new interests.

Pros: Stimulating, challenging, your schedule will always be full
Cons: Difficult to find affordable student housing, large student body, high academic competition
It has been a very welcoming community since acceptance! There are more opportunities available than you can imagine. However, nothing is going to fall into your lap; you have to reach out to be supported by the plethora of resources. Unfortunately, some of the dorms are going under renovation, so it can be difficult to gain access to on campus housing after Freshman and Sophomore year.
Academics in terms of content of courses, especially at the introductory level are not particularly challenging. However, grading is another story. Because UW is a large public school, many classes can easily have 500+ students. As such, professors tend not to curve the class very forgivingly. In one class that I took, you needed 100% on all assignments and tests to receive a 4.0. Additionally, UW's incremental scale is less forgiving than other schools' as a 3.5 is a 3.5, and not rounded to 4.0.
As UW is a large school with a sizable commuting population, it can be difficult to meet new people in class. However, clubs are a great place to meet people who share your interests.
It's really difficult to find on campus housing if you aren't in the top priority groups because UW keeps accepting increasingly larger freshmen classes, and has not finished constructing the new dorms.
The high acceptance rate leads to a rich and robust academic experience. They let you choose your to your heart's content, but there are enough guidelines that it doesn't feel chaotic.
So far my experience has been great! The environment suits me so well and I feel like I belong, and being here allows me to push myself to my full potential.
UW is an amazing school. There are free giveaways occasionally and the campus looks amazing. The many libraries provide ideal places to study and the teachers, faculty, and TAs are really supportive, at least in my experience so far. The weather is usually always overcast and its good because most people are not in the mood to get distracted, but it could be a bit gloomy. The student benefits are also very nice- free bus passes and access to the IMA (the gym). I believe UW is considered a public Ivy League university and I can confidently say that the classes are really rigorous! 40% of the students here are Asian ( a lot are international students) so there is also a lot of competition. I definitely recommend going to the UW if you are serious about education!
My experience was the best time of my life. I loved it there because i met all my very close friends who have stayed by my side through thick and thin. The academics is fantastic with professors who actually take the time to help you succeed.
I am just about to start at UW and I can't wait. It seems like an amazing university to be at. They offer so many different opportunities and programs. I can't wait to graduate!
I love the diversity and how theres so much to do. No matter who you are, you can fit in. I've always seen myself go to this school and somehow I managed to get it. So thankful for it and how I can continue to grow as a person.
I have personally seen the way that this university works. Most of their classes are of the upmost quality. The teachers encourage the students to become independent rather than have the students depend on the teacher. The quality of the lectures are also of good quality, especially when it comes to their computer sciences and Marine biologies
I really enjoyed my first two years at UW Seattle. I've been to the campus many times before when I was younger because my sister went there as well. The campus is beautiful (although very big) and there are a lot of good places to eat (always a plus for me). Although the first two years were challenging academically and emotionally, I think I adjusted quite well. The U is close to home, so I don't feel as if I'm in an unknown city. The large classrooms and fast pace of UW have helped me prepare for the real world. The competition is fierce, so it feels even more rewarding to maintain a good GPA. I also work on campus, so I feel like I'm a part of the community.
It's an amazing school but very competitive! Gorgeous campus, very intelligent professors, although there is definitely the "Seattle Freeze" going on there!
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What I liked about university of Washington was the campus atmosphere. I loved the cherry blossoms in the spring. One thing I would change is the grading scale at UW
Great school. Great people. Great academics. Great way to meet thousands of people. Greek life is amazing. Rush zetes
Beautiful campus in a great city. Can be overwhelming at first and can be hard to meet people. However, lots of ways to get involved. School genuinely seems concerned about student's well being and mental health. Many great resources available.
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