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Very competitive university. Not in the way that challenges you to be your best, but in the way that gives you gray hair before you turn 20. Registration is a nightmare, it's nearly impossible to get the schedule you want. The classes I've had have all been great but obviously we need more faculty or fewer students. I feel like it's all about the bottom line: money.
I think we had a real chance at being a top university but the overcrowding and the new found "Dawg" culture have thrown us into reverse. Can we please not turn into another frat campus that is obsessed with winning football games?
Great school! The campus is beautiful. My only worries involved the amount of people on the campus. It's a little overwhelming but once you find your people things soon fall into place.
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The student body is huge but once you find your niche, you'll realize that they are the people that you were meant to be in the first place. UW offers many classes but you'll have to wake up early if you want to make sure that you get in a class that you want. Some classes fill out super fast so they might become unavailable by the time you register. This part made me frustrated at times. The grading system is though but that's to be expected. STEM classes are graded on a curve and the curve is set at around 2.6 for intro classes.
The University is very inclusive of all people and that is something I really appreciate and love about it.
Honestly, you're better off paying private or OOS tuition at a smaller college. It will come out the same price wise because you'll be able to finish in four years. UW has more students than seats. It's too common to not be able to register for required classes, which adds to your time here.
The University of Washington is overpopulated with students, but they do their best to accomodate for a giant student body. The advising in my personal experience is excellent, and I have been supported during my navigation through my coursework. The parties are alright but it is sometimes hard to make friends.
UW is a huge school, with something around 40,000 undergrads. Class sizes are really big, so if you don't like that it's kind of a big deal. It's like being in a small city. They have EVERYTHING there, from a hair salon, to their own police department. The quality of education is fantastic, and everyone is so proud of being a Husky so there is a sense of togetherness you get from that. UW is known worldwide and with good reason. It's a great school and I love it here.
I had an internship for a semester at UW. The Sound transit was not reliable and I ended up driving most days. Unfortunately I'm an alum of a rival university and had stickers on my car. UW students were entertained by dumping coffees, and once even some tacos, all over my car. Security was no help.
The Early Childhood and Family Studies major was amazing! Never have I had such knowledgeable and supportive professors.
I've definitely seen a shift in priorities in the last two years. I see more and more focus on building our athletic programs. I do understand the entertainment value of having games to attend, but when it reaches the level of being at the expense of academics that is not what UW should be about.
The University of Washington is a great school. Getting into your major can be challenging especially if it is competitive. The campus may seem big, but after a while it gets smaller and smaller when you get more familiar with it.
Potential applicants need to understand that you can be admitted to UW but your major might be full. Not that you don't qualify but that the program cannot accommodate the majority of applicants. This is a full blown crisis for some students.
The University of Washington is a research university in Seattle. The campus is probably one of the most beautiful of its kind, especially in the spring with the cherry blossoms blooming in the quad. You can easily access any part of Seattle with public transportation. Though UW is in Seattle, the look of the campus lets you enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.
The academic portion of UW is fantastic as it provides many opportunities. Seattle is a tech and research hub, so there are a lot of jobs available for students. The community is very creative and innovative in their approaches to everything, and being a part of that can be rewarding.
Once you integrate yourself into the atmosphere you will feel right at home. If academics concern you, there are many resources that can help you, but you must take initiative. UW is a welcoming and accepting community with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and I have enjoyed my experience thus far.
I liked the campus, and the staff was excellent definitely recommend for its Medicine Programs. The setting is nice if you like a nice panoramic view. There is a lot of diversity on campus which is always a great thing because you really feel like you're at home!
The University of Washington is an amazing university. The school is so large and yet you never fail t feel apart of a smaller community. The staff and faculty are always working hard to assist you in any way and genuinely care about your education. It is a great institute where students' education have the ability to thrive.
Campus is pretty in a couple areas (the ones you see in marketing materials) UW does a great job selling the elite image and the numbers are good on the surface. When you arrive you see what's beneath and the only thing more stressful that course load is constantly second guessing the major decision of enrolling. I had gilt recommend any potential student to lots of their own research about lots of the different factors.
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I absolutely enjoyed the academic quality and the high expectations raised for the students. However, I wished there was more emphasis on the Humanities and not just the trending majors as CS and Nursing.
Majors are overwhelmed with applicants and advisors can't do anything to help. Save up for 5 years just for bachelor because that's what it will take.
Competitive and stressful to no end. Some students thrive in this environment and others don't. Figure this out before you enroll.
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