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I like that the graduate student body is diverse. I like that the university supports my values of social justice.
I really enjoyed the campus as a whole but I didn't like how you have to apply into your major even after getting accepted into the school.
The University of Washington is what words describes as "large". Fluxing from the academics to the student's life, UW is an once-in-a-lifetime experience for rising scholars across the world!
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Beautiful campus in a very good location in Seattle. The professors are great and truly care if you learn but the academics can be cut throat.
I went to UW because I was a Seattle born girl who has never thought once about leaving the city. Also because all throughout high school I've done programs at UW and completely fell in love. I called it home before I even had the chance to apply. The campus is beautiful. The classes are challenging, I mean come on its college. There are TONS of things you can do at UW besides take classes. I have opportunities here where coming from my background I would never imagine myself doing. Hands down one of the best decisions of my life was to come to this University!
The University of Washington campus is likely one of the nicest schools I have been on. In terms of academics, it is a terrific choice for a school. Many of the programs are highly competitive and are at the top of their field. The amount of research and work being done by the faculty as well as the students is truly incredible.
I love my communities here and that I am able to grow by exposing myself in uncomfortable situations.
I love the University of Washington. The professors are great and they make a genuine effort to make each student's experience here really cool. They have a lot of resources here that allow any student who cares to succeed. If there is one thing I could change about the school is that I wish they would have a better basketball team.
This university is very competitive, but is really fun and helpful. The University offers many opportunities and programs you can be involved with. There is a big gym that gives you access 24/7. The university helps students strengthen there ability to be competitive in many fields, and jobs.
I was in the Drama department, which is a very particular experience. UW is a huge school and a lot of people will warn you that you have to find a community. I was lucky enough to fall into a department that was small and full of people passionate about the same things as me. It also meant I had smaller class sizes from the beginning. In other fields, you might have to go through a few more classes in the massive lecture halls before you get to the level where you're spending more quality time with a professor/mentor.
Being an out-of-state student that commuted every day, I had a difficult time finding "my place." I took the opportunity to take a FIG (first-year interest group) and had a small community of friends that had the same classes as I did. I found my place by going to Dawg Daze, a weekly event before fall quarter starts to introduce students to the various clubs on campus. As far as academics, all the professors and TA's I've had so far were very willing to help their students. There are many classes to choose from and some fill up quickly, luckily there's an app for instant notifications when a class opens up. The campus as a whole is large with various places to explore, and dining on campus can be pricey but only a walking distance to local shops and restaurants on the "Ave" that have other options.
University of Washington is an academically challenging and a highly competitive school. The students are focused, hardworking, and proud to be Huskies. UW has a beautiful campus that stretches towards the water, and is centrally located in Seattle. Great restaurants and activities surround the campus. The professors are intelligent, care about their students, and are not only accessible but are also entertaining. Classes range from a wide variety of subjects; whether you're an ardent drama major or a computer scientist, UW has many connections to the business community in Seattle. You will always find opportunities within the university to intern or take on research roles. Overall, UW is a fantastic school.
Beautiful campus in a great city but a very typical large school. The school is large and very competitive it should be made clear that STEM majors are highly competitive even one you get into the school. That being said there is always lots of cool events going on around campus and organizations to get involved in. Not a lot of guidance and it will be up to you to organize your schedule and take initiative. with a large school there are great professors and not great professors. It is a school that you get out what you put in.
The University of Washington is a very diverse and inclusive school. This University is my second home; I am currently receiving a superior education and meeting many new, welcoming students and professors.
So far UW is a good place, I am a white male so my view is very subjective so take what I say with a grain of salt. UW is near a lot of fun places like Key Arena, UW has great teachers, they also have very interesting classes so you won't always be bored. It's a least cheaper than a private school.
UW is in a great region, and the campus itself is situated at a very important and historic area within the region. A lot of the questions in the survey will depend on the department, and I'm sure some are better than others.
I don't attend this school but I want the scholarship. I head this school is great for studying medicine and medical related stuff.
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I am a current 1L at the UW School of Law and an alumna of UW undergrad. I feel that some of the professors were selected for employment because of their prominence in the field, research contributions, and general career accomplishments. It is wonderful to be in the presence of such accomplished professionals, but some of them are not effective as educators.
UW is a very large school, but once you find your area of interest, there are many schools within UW that make the community smaller. The large classes make it hard to get to know your professor.
My experience in University of Washington has been really pleasant. People are really nice to each other, especially to the international students. The profs have open hours that you can visit. The University of Washington is situated 10 minutes away from Seattle. Strongly recommend it!
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