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While this university is top-tier in many fields and providing of almost any opportunity you can dream of, it is extraordinarily competitive as a result of capicity constrained majors. If you want to study STEM, the odds are your major has a 50% (or, more likely, less) acceptance rate, with an average GPA of admitted applicants of 3.5+. While this is certainly doable, it severely limits one's options, creates a pervasive atmosphere of stress, and vitally limits the students ability to fail, or in my experience, grow as a person.
I really like the beautiful sites on campus such as the cherry blossoms, the interiors and exteriors of the buildings, and the awareness of the environment. I also like how you can meet new people who are entirely different from you and how you can make connections from it. The only thing I don't like are the crowded and huge classes, which take away from my learning since usually people get distracted and gets me distracted from it.
Seems we are putting more and more resources into athletics. I feel more should go towards adding professors and administrative staff.
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Overall positive learning environment and campus life. Respectful and encouraging staff and student body.
Beautiful campus with incredible libraries and resources. Talk to professors and TAs for opportuinites to do research. Strong academics, though many classes required across majors have very large course sizes.
The University of Washington is a large school with an even larger goal to improve student education, living, and sustainability on campus. Being such a large school, learning and success depend heavily on independent work and resilience. Although a difficult adjustment, I find the traits inspired by this setting are critical in the steps to becoming a working adult.
It's kind of terrifying to be a freshmen at UW. The classes are very big and also really hard to get into. The advisors seem to focus more on upper level students because they are in more need, again due to difficulty getting into classes, even required ones.
The classes and majors are very competitive. This creates a very competitive atmosphere where people feel like they're going against each other.
Growing up around the University of Washington - Seattle Campus specifically, I loved it naturally. I would like to see better custodial treatment from management.
The opportunities on this campus are seemingly endless, from intramural and club sports to join, political activist groups to get involved in, and community service groups to participate in.
It is one of a kind. It is extremely beautiful. It is the best place ever. A lot of students working so hard.
Beautiful campus with lots of interesting classes offered. Teachers are understanding and top of their respective fields. There are many, many clubs to join and everyone is inclusive. The atmosphere is very conductive for learning since expectations here are high. Everyone wants to do well which in turn motivates you to try your best as well. The dorms on campus are the best I've seen and living on campus is the easiest way to meet other people!
UW is a great state school but it’s no Ivy and students need to stop acting like it is. The competitiveness accomplishes nothing but stress. Class sizes are busting at the seams and the professors have no idea who you are.
The University of Washington is one of the best research institutions in the world, and it's obvious why. My educational experience there was stellar. Instructors at this institution are renowned, as well as attentive, passionate and enthusiastic. The resources at this university are endless, and there are hundreds of clubs and other groups to get involved with, making a huge school seem smaller.
It's hard to get your bearings on your own in any major institution, as well as finding resources that work for you. But once you find a good group of people and professors in a program that work for you-- that's where things start to get more engaging!
I was disappointed when some of the on-campus vegan options went away, but there's still plenty of packaged options. I'm also pleased that they have a Disability Center, an LGBT center, and an international student center.
Beautiful campus, challenging and fulfilling academics, decent academic support structure, good libraries, close to downtown.
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Though this is a big name college and the expectation is high making your dreams a reality is definitely possible here.
Students need to be more outspoken about class size and availability. UW is supposed to serve our needs in exchange for tuition. It's a big business now. Only move here if you hate the sun.
Everyone I've met has been super friendly. Plus I love the campus and the PNW is my favorite! A++ would recommend going there.
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