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I'm going into my second quarter at UW, and I can honestly say that it was all that I hoped for. The professors are well knowledged and the students are all engaged in the learning as well. The courses I have taken for my major have all been extremely helpful in making the connection into the real world.
I was worried about UW being too large for me but I have found the size of UW is one of its greatest advantages. Because of the large student population, UW has many resources to help its students with the workload and academic decisions.
I love the diversity that comes with living in a larger city. It is a beautiful and very environmentally friendly campus. I would love to see better financial aid for out of state students; it's an expensive school to attend and the cost of living doesn't help.
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Having participated in a couple clinical trials at the UWSOM at the UWMC, I can attest for the professionalism and expediency of the employees there. From the clinicians to the study coordinators and reception, everyone is diligent and respectful. As a public entity, the institution finds a great balance between serving the public and improving our health while consistently delivering high quality academic advancements from many of the clinical trials that happen at the UW.
Academics is good not enough diversity. I believe that there should be more representation from underserved and marginalized community/populations.
Great school. It is very big which means there are a lot of opportunities to be involved in something you love but it also means there is a competitive atmosphere.
The UW is one of the best up and coming universities in the nation. Being able to go to the university of the nation's fastest growing city is something really special, and job opportunities are plentiful and UW graduates are quick to be taken up, especially in computer science, medicine, and engineering fields. The academics and the quality of education is by far one of the best values in the country, but things like housing, food on campus, and cost are a little subpar. I've been to three universities, and the UW excels in all things academic, but falls a little short in quality of student life, i.e. stress, competition, satisfaction.
The academics are great and there are plenty of extra-curricular opportunities. However, certain departments such as Housing and Food Services are slow to respond to student needs.
UW Seattle is a huge school on a huge campus. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved but you must make the first move. The campus is gorgeous but hopefully you can speed walk because getting from class to class in 10 minutes can be a struggle if they are on opposite sides of campus. The UW is close to nearby cities and downtown which is great for doing internships and working while going to school. The University District can be sketchy at night, but most of the people living around here are college aged students. If you're more of an introvert I would suggest joining Greek life, going to dorm events or a club on campus otherwise it will be harder to make friends on your own. Greek life is pretty inclusive on campus. Textbooks are expensive because most used are custom UW versions, but utilize textbook exchange pages on Facebook and you will save a lot of money.
I've really enjoyed my experience at the University of Washington so far. The Evans School is one of the best graduate schools at the University with excellent professors and a supportive administration.
Going to school here has been wonderful, and a life changing experience for me. The only thing that I have a problem with is how expensive it is compared to other schools. The academics are truly above par, however it is not the most affordable choice.
UW is an amazing institution! Professors care about your learning while classes are challenging. I feel like I am getting one of the best engineering educations possible. In addition to the education, the facilities such as dorms and other students spaces add for an easy transition into college and to make friends.
I love attending the University of Washington! I like to just walk the campus because its so beautiful, especially in the springtime when the cherry blossoms are out.
I love everything about the University of Washington. It is very diverse and safe. It is very easy to find your community at UW. You feel at home and everyone takes care of each other. One thing I would like to see change is the class size for freshmen, which is about 700 and I think it is very hard to learn in such enormous setting.
The food is nice. Although the cafeteria options are sometimes a bit too expensive. The dorms are very nice, and the environment is very nice in the Residence Halls. Getting into your major is hard, but it is manageable.
It has been a wonderful new home! The diversity and students are amazing! Class sizes from experiences are not too big and everyone including professors are welcoming and willing to help you learn!
Very large institution where you can have a "traditional" college experience all the while receiving an amazing education. Offers almost any degree you can think of with amazing professors and teaching assistants to help you along.
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University of Washington offers some amazing benefits. With its proximity to large corporations it is not hard to find a great internship.
My experience was pretty good. A lot of challenging courses but good resources. Not a lot of one-to -one with teachers but there are office hours. Not a lot of good food or diversity on campus.
The professors are experienced, knowledgeable and helpful especially in such a competitive environment.
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