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I likes how creative/non computer like the people are. All of them are very unique in their own way. I talked to one of the professors and he stated that the people at UW doing Linear Algebra were just as good as the ones at Princeton. Except, UW people had more diverse goals than the people at Princeton had.
If you were not directly admitted to your major as an engineering student, do nt come here, you will not get in.
Unless you are directly admitted to a STEM major, you will not get in. They over admit to steal money from people coming in with hopes of getting into their major and completing a degree, when in reality the majority will not. This university is corrupt and a scam, stay away.
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So far, school at the UW has been great. It really is a big school so that means it will definitely be different from your high school so take that as you will (socially, your life might change). Lots of great opportunities if you look for them.
The University of Washington has allowed me to be immersed in an environment that has motivated me to become more competitive academically and meet countless individuals from such diverse backgrounds and experiences. The push to succeed in such an engineering-driven university has added an immense amount of pressure during my undergrad years that has detracted socially. However, the UW offers endless amounts of RSO's (registered student organizations), social events, and Greek Life that fit the social ends of practically any student.
Best experience at University of Washington; great pre-medical experiences, wonderful professors, overall best decision I ever made
Big school with a lot of resources available and make your life much easier and especially the sports game that are available to go watch and enjoying the D1 experience
UW's a great school for STEM, which everyone already knows, though I'm not sure about the humanities. There's lots of great professors who've done some really cool stuff over their life, and students on campus tend to be pretty active and aware.
Class sizes are very large, which works for me. There are a variety of paths to take and a flexibility to declare your major before your junior year. There are lots of places to eat around the campus and many study halls to take advantage of.
Extremely diverse, top notch programs, and overall the campus is full of life! This university changed my life and I would recommend it to EVERYONE
University of Washington strives for diversity, welcomes changes and provides challenges along the way for students to grow and nurture themselves into adulthood. Although UW Seattle tends to be a more competitive school than most, it has great professors and a beautiful campus that has cherry blossoms blooming in April.
The UW has been everything I've hoped for. The classes are immersive and challenging, the professors are truly passionate about the subject matter, and the campus and resources are amazing.
It has a very nice view. It's perfect for studying as well as refreshing. When you're so stressed out, just go sit in an open area. The quad is perfect for refreshing
UW has been overall a wonderful experience. As an in-state student, i am receivin a world class education at a relatively low tuition cost. The UW also has many resources available to students like laptop rentals and u-pass and other student perks. The community is very diverse and I do not regret attending this school.
Gorgeous campus, great faculty, and great programs. Location near Seattle is a huge plus as well. Food could be better. Plenty of activities!
University of Washington is a great school. The academics and the opportunities it provides for its students, such as undergraduate research, study abroad, the diverse opportunities to expand and do what you like is amazing. The atmosphere is welcoming, however, the food could use some improvements, due to the price of local housing food bit high for small proportions.
University of Washington is an amazing institution! I love the campus environment and classes, and it's great that they offer it at state tuition fee. There are lots of bright minded individuals and UW makes it easy to find resources and opportunities outside of school.
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The academic experience at the University of Washington is unparalleled in the state of Washington, and UW is known internationally as a school of high standards that offers a great education from professors that are working professionals in their fields. As a large university, it offers an astounding amount of resources to undergraduates academically, professionally, and recreationally.
The University Village and District are both full of great restaurants and stores, and the campus is gorgeous year-round (despite the Seattle fog).
In order to have a successful social experience at UW, it's really a good idea to get involved in clubs, sports, jobs, and other activities that help you meet people.
The university of Washington is a great and diverse school that welcomes everyone. the class sizes may be a little large sometimes but over all the teachers try to help you one on one when you need it for what ever problems you might have in their classes.
UW is a beautiful campus with many majors to choose from. However, the school itself is so large it's easy to get lost in it. I also did not enjoy that most of the STEM classes were so large and impersonal. You definitely feel that the professors are there for their research and don't put much effort in their presentations to ensure that the students are understanding the material. Once I was in my major (Public Health), it didn't feel this way. The class sizes were smaller and the professors were passionate about what they were teaching and wanted to make sure you were grasping the material.
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