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The University of Washington was not my top choice school, but I chose to stay in state for financial reasons. I am so glad I made that decision; the opportunities presented by this university are endless, the Seattle community is incredible, and the education provided is top-notch.
My experience at the University of Washington this far has been welcoming and fast-paced. The student life is very active and people are eager to make connections. The lecture halls are often large and packed, but students participate quite a bit. The atmosphere is competitive, especially considering everything is graded on a curve. The curve is one of the harshest parts of the UW, as it means that you are constantly pitted against your peers, so it does not inspire an atmosphere of collaboration. All together, the professors come in a wide variety, with some more competent than others, but even if a professor is not the most helpful, teacher's assistants are always ready to aid you with your work. In addition, office hours are wonderful, as professors will take one on one time to work with you.
My experience has been positive. In this university there is a strong culture of competition, which is a positive aspect because it encourages you to work to your full potential. The school offers many opportunities to join or create clubs and organizations. The UW is part of the larger community of the Seattle area, and community members can contribute and participate in student life. An area for improvement would be to decrease classroom sizes and not rely so heavily on TA's. Most professors are involved in their own research, it would be nice to see more engagement with students.
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When student first came into University they hold variety of events to make connection between students and school. There are plenty of resources that can help students and there are many clubs, RSO, activities at school
If you are not a resident of Washington state, do not bother coming to University of Washington. The only good thing here is the price of tuition for in-state students. My review is based solely on someone who is pursuing a STEM major, I don't know anything about the other majors at UW. UW is so competitive that people are often unable to get into their desired major, meaning you have to re-choose your major, meaning more classes, and more money spent on school. University of Washington doesn't teach students well, it just attracts very smart people who make the school look good. As for non-academic related things, the Athletics is popular with a very good football team and nice stadium. If you want to party, you have to join the Greek System.
Very diverse campus, great instructors, top-rated programs. I enjoy learning, and I'm thankful for the plethora of student resources available.
UW is a very big and competitive school. I think they purposely make the curriculums harder than it need to compared to other similar ranked school. Not everyone can get into the popular majors because it’s spaced constraint. Which means you have to work twice as hard to get into a major here than if as other universities. There are hidden fee that they don’t tell you when you apply to live that form life until after you got in. But if you know the right people and widen your network. Then life could become a bit more bearable here. Good luck to you!
I like the campus itself, but the environment created by students and teachers when physically there feels draining and depressing because there is a sense of competitive culture there. Some of the academic departments has unreasonable grading expectations for all their professors as well on top of the large lecture rooms so it becomes hard to actually learn material.
Besides the breathtaking views at the University of Washington; my eyes have been opened to so many opportunities and learning experiences. I'm entering my Senior year and the final year of my program at the college of education. I feel that the program has given me the tools I need to be successful after graduation. The faculty and student support at UW has been the best part of my experience at UW.
The campus is amazingly beautiful, especially during the cherry blossom season. Also, there are a lots of different clubs that you can join and meet lots of new friends. Most importantly, the professors are very nice and care about you.
Hard to have a good social life here. Extremely competitive university. Students rarely ever get into their major on their first, or even second try, especially the tough majors such as computer science, business, etc. Don’t count on guaranteed dorm housing, try to find off campus housing or find another college. All of my professors so far in every single class have been graduate students, and they don’t care about you. Hard to get plugged into organizations and groups. I truly wish I would have decided to accept my offer to any of the other great schools I applied to my senior year. I’m considering transferring. This school and the atmosphere is so depressing and it’s difficult to get help. Also extremely difficult to stand out to employers for careers and internships after graduation. UW is a scam to say the least.
Has a good computer science program, if you can get into it. Majors are overcrowded and many students are unable to get into the major of their choice. However the school and the professors there are good.
After being at the University of Washington for two years, and heading into my third, I feel that the school has consistently provided the resources necessary for personal growth and my future career path. It has been a microcosm of larger societal and systemic pillars that surround my everyday life; and has widened my outlook on my life as queer person of color in academia and the U.S. The academic aspects are great, and I have made great social connections, but there are negative dynamics for both of those fields due to the ramifications of a lack of diversity and cultural integration. The school is affordable, generous with financial aid, and is definitely a good return on investment, but the university can sometimes feel isolating and regressive. Overall, I love my school, and I firmly believe it is one of the best public universities in the U.S.
There are many diverse communities at UW. Even if the campus is big, it is easy to feel involved. The professors are also topnotch and care about the students.
As a freshman, I am very happy to have chosen this college. It’s huge and diverse so there’s always opportunities if you just push yourself. You are surrounded by good people who want you to succeed. Sure it’s easy to get lost and classes are competitive, but it really helps in finding yourself and really knowing how strong you can be
Its a nice school with plenty of opportunity and activities outside of the classroom. I'm glad to go here.
So far it's been a great experience socially, but academically, counselors don't really reach out making it hard for me to make sure that I am on track with my classes. Also, while I am not in a competitive major, many of my friends who are pursuing CS or Public Health are having a difficult time getting into classes because they are either freshmen or sophomores.
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Very open to unique people. Lots of opportunities. Professors are brilliant, but it would be nice if they were more focused on the students than their research. Food is good, but expensive.
A community with a strong emphasis on the community and diversity as a whole. Immediately felt comfortable to have a cultural identity and to share my background with others without facing apprehension for doing so in most social cases.
As a Seattle native, UW was my number #1 choice and was thankful to be a UW graduate. The school is a Tier 1 research institute and they really put an emphasis on research. It was a requirement to participate in research to graduate and I was a psych major. As a POC, I really wish there was more diversity. Sometimes it felt isolating to be the only POC in a 300-person class, but it also really depends on your major.
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