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University of Washington Tacoma is a good fit for me because I am still pretty undecided in my major. I knew since I was undecided I didn’t want to spend more money on housing or an out of state school so I am currently living at home and working part time. I do miss having more of a “college experience” in a dorm or away from home but I love that UWT has a great business program in which I have interest in and am enrolled in. Because I have a job at home right after I commute to school I am on my way back home to go to work. By doing that I am not able to get involved in clubs or activities easily because they are usually after classes or at night and I am already home at that point. UWT is a great school and I like the smaller class sizes but I think because most people commute it is harder to get involved in activities so it is smart to keep that in mind.
I havent started yet but I hear this college has a very high academic standard and curriculum. The buildings are located in beautiful downtown Tacoma. I am excited to begin this upcoming quarter.
I have had many great experiences at UWT. There are tons of on campus help for financial aid and counseling. I wish some of the program advisors were more helpful when trying to plan classes.
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I love the small class sizes compared to the Seattle campus. It gives you a chance to speak with the professor's and develop relationships.
After completing my first year in the MSW program here I can say that I am really enjoying UWT. The campus is convenient and aesthetically pleasing. The professors are passionate and knowledgeable and I am learning a lot. Overall, a very positive learning environment.
I am going to transfer to university of tacoma in fall which made me really excited, because I have heard the diversity of UWT from others, and my friend graduated from UWT and got a job immediately.
It is located in the heart of Tacoma. Lots of the buildings are old city businesses that have been renovated into parts of the school. They do an amazing job incorporating the city life and culture into the student life. And the smaller campus allows for a more intimate feel and class sizes are incredibly small for a major university.
It is a beautiful campus in downtown Tacoma. On-campus housing is literally across the street from the university and located next to the Art History Museum and the Glass Museum. Campus is clean and well-kept.
I enjoyed my time at UWT, though I only spent one school year there to get a new experience. Definitely a high quality school that is not afraid to show you that they care about you and your education. They offer a very very wide range of resources for just about anything you could want to get into. A nice campus that isn't too big, but not too small. Very easy to navigate and I've met many friendly and kind people who also helped along the way, making friends was incredibly easy there and a great place to get a pretty well balanced and detailed education!
This is a nice campus, the class sizes are small but there isn't much involvement around campus since its a commuter campus.
I like how it is a small campus with lots of other student commuters. The student to professor ratio is a fair number where it's easy to connect with the professor. In addition, I would like for there to be additional parking areas for students, so finding parking won't be a struggle.
The University of Washington Tacoma allows the perfect university experience and education while being close to home and in more student based classrooms. With class sizes at a 20-1 student, professor ratio, help is extremely easy to access and open classrooms make openly asked questions more frequent.
This is a great school! Good location, downtown and close to the freeway, next to many coffee shops and food. Faculty cares about the students, classes are small and it gives proffesors the chance to really get to know the students. Very politically active!
Touch academics, majors capacity constrained, teachers are very smart, not a good school if you want the traditional college experience.
While UWT is not as large as its parent campus, it still offers a lot of opportunities. It is settled in downtown Tacoma, so there are plenty of shops and restaurants to explore. The Glass Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, and History Museum are all a short walk away. There is a YMCA on campus as well, with a student center located inside!
The location of Union Station also provides an excellent mean of public transportation instead of having to drive to campus every day. But because this is a commuter campus, if you want to do sports, you have to either do them at the YMCA on campus or go to the Seattle campus.
The dormitories are a little small, but they house all the students they can. Due to the lesser amount of student housing, there is not much partying that happens on campus. I personally love this, for others, maybe not so much.
The Biomedical Program at this University is new. In fact, I was in the first group when this major was made. The professors in this major are AMAZING!! I have learned so much from them and they are always there for me. While the classes are very difficult everything taught is worthwhile learning. That is in a sense where showing up to lecture always is worth it. That’s the professors though. Advising wise there is one adviser for the Biomed program currently and I would recommend not even wasting time to see her. Often using the program DARS and talking to professors and fellow students you can figure out class to take. She normally isn’t any help. Other than that the Y always has activity’s and the tutoring center is always available. I am overall super glad I choose to attend this school and would recommend it to anyone!
I like attending this school. All of my teachers so far have had either a PhD or a doctorate and they are all passionate about and experts in their fields. I love the location of the school.
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I enjoy attending university. I am a first generation student. From my perspective I did not believed my professors required too much from me. The campus is small, and the classroom size as well. For me this is perfect because I enjoy a small class size.
Who said we have to go to the main campus of a university to have the experience of a life time? I have never been so happy to be at UWT!!! I absolutely love it!! Its at its most diverse and the professors here are just terrific! Not to mention the Y connected to it. I would recommend everyone in the Washington area to come to this school you won't regret it one bit.
UWT allows students to get a quality education in small classroom sizes. The professors will get to know your name and you can meet with them one on one for office hours. Many professors also are flexible for students who can't make office hours. The student population is very diverse and many cultures and walks of life are represented in the student population. They also have all gender bathrooms (1 stall) and lactation rooms. The only complaint is the lack of parking. Most of the parking near campus is pay for parking or you need to pay for a permit.
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