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I am extremely grateful I chose to go attend the University of Washington Bothell campus. There are so many resources available to students that you won't feel lost as you would at bigger schools. One is class sizes only hold 30-60 students maximum in a classroom depending on the building. The tutoring center and the writing center are two great assets being offered for students like me. The library offers a great size as it holds quiet study areas, computer labs, study rooms, and even a wide selection of books! Additionally, there is a recreational center open to everyone to hang out, eat, and even finish homework on campus. The career and academic success center offer great advice for students to continue to work hard and strive for success. I think anyone would have a great experience at Bothell if they're looking for benefits like these.
It is a safe enviroment. Everyone is friendly and the classes can be challenging but interesting at the same time.
The college has plenty of academic resources, from tutoring in almost all subjects, flexible instructor office hours, and links to many more academic websites that help students succeed. The classes provide hands-on work that prepare students for their future careers. The professors are very knowledgeable about the subjects they teach. There are many financial aid and scholarship opportunities.
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RN-BSN Program, 4 quarters long, seattle site very convenient for those who work full time as a nurse.
Coming from a school system where a majority of students that I saw were Caucasian, I really enjoy seeing students of color from all kinds of backgrounds at UW Bothell. I have been more socially and politically aware of my education and environment.

However I, along with many other students, have not felt a sense of safety and security on campus. For example, during the election season, many of our Muslim students endured a LOT of physical and verbal harassment. Campus security and the administration are aware of MANY situations where our students were put in danger, but they don't actively take role to make these events stop. Overall, there were many situations that I have listened to and experienced for myself and my peers that have emphasized the lack of safety and security we feel at UW Bothell.
In my first year here at UWB, I was very nervous coming into college. But I got quickly adjusted to the campus and college life. The students here are very chill I would say. We have a very small campus so it's really easy to get to know people. The professors here are excellent they actually care about you and help you learn if you don't understand. Since it is also a small campus there are smaller class sizes making it easier to connect with your professor. Student life on here is alright, the students themselves are trying to improve that every year and get more people involved. Not much partying go on since there is no Greek life. Could use more food options as well, on campus, there's only 2 cafes and a subway and some food trucks. Overrall, the school is great at teaching you and have people that care about you.
I love the student to teacher ratio as well as the small campus. It is in a homely location near many small business mom-and-pop shops and I would consider it to be a safe area. The dorms are amazing (basically an apartment) but because of UWB's growth, prices have increased and the housing accommodations are becoming overcrowded. There is also not a lot of diverse classes to choose from compared to the main campus on Seattle.
I love the intimate atmosphere achieved by smaller class sizes from Freshman through Senior year. The campus is newer and classrooms are clean and up to date. Parking can get really crazy during peak hours though.
The community is very welcoming, sociable, and motivated! I recently transferred here from a community college in Bellingham and love it so much more. There are lots of extra-curricular activity options and clubs to join depending on what your interests are. The campus is easy to navigate and classes easy to find on the first day.
Sadly, The University of Washington Bothell is overpopulated and not developed enough for what it is trying to be. My classes are so full, I can never sign up for the classes I want, and the school continues to reach 100% capacity.
The size of this college does not make it similar to its larger sister campus. Small class sizes and drastically smaller campus size will make it feel like high school. If you aren't a fan of that then this campus might not be for you. But overall the professors are great and in the end, you still get the same diploma that the main campus gets. No mention of what campus you attended.
Great Schoo. They support students and help students to exceed. Great opportunities available to students.
I originally intended on just staying at UWB for a year then transferring but I absolutely fell in love with the class structure as well as my environment that I plan to go all 4 years here. The smaller class sizes actually do make a difference.
I love the small classes here compare to University of Washington Seattle campus. The education in my option are a lot easier and professors are willing to help in every way possible when it comes to your education. They really do try their best to answer emails as quickly as possible and will even having meetings with you to talk about any further information you might need.
Generally love the experience in Bothell. Only problems are the forced classes needed for graduation. The professors generally care about their students and are willing to help outside of the class.
Graduating from a small rural high school, I was looking for a smaller four year university. UW Bothell offers smaller class room sizes that I felt comfortable in, and classroom sizes that make it easy to participate in, just like back home. I've only rated it "very good" because this is my first year taking classes at any college so I have little to compare it to. The professors all have high expectations of achievement for each student, but they're always willing to give an extra hand and eager to build a connection with their students. There's lot of support academically.
I loved coming here for the commute and excellent teachers, but it definitely is not super social and a lot of the students are in their mid 20's vs just starting school.
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Great learning environment. With smaller amount of students per classroom, it allows more one-on-one learning experience with your professor. Questions, answers, and feedback is more accessible compared to major universities and this has helped further my education.
As a first year student at the University of Washington Bothell, I find that the campus life is very well suiting, accommodating, and relevant to students who would like a more academically intimate and personal education. These traits are prevalent with the resource rich campus and personable staff and faculty.
I'm glad I decided to pursue higher education here. I really didn't want to choose a huge campus, so I decided to go to UWB instead of the campus in Seattle, and I do not regret my decision. UWB has a very welcoming and inclusive atmosphere (one of the best, if not the most, perks of this campus), and I truly felt that the professors invested a lot in making sure students succeed and feel welcome. This campus has a lot of resources for students as well, such as the writing and communication center, career services center, and the quantitative skills center.

I'm was in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences program and I really enjoyed what I've learned over the course of my education at UWB. My experience has consisted of a lot of writing papers, group work and projects, presentations, and group/class discussions. The professors I've had have been really knowledgeable and passionate about what they're teaching.

Overall, I've had mostly good experiences here.
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