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Hands down the best school in the country--unbeatable academics, amazing athletics, unrivaled party-scene, and perfect college town. Why go anywhere else?
The community is very tight-knit. It lets you know about upcoming opportunities, when people are getting together, and so forth. The professors are all very enthusiastic about the their job, and I enjoy learning from them!
When I visited the campus of the University of Virginia I was overwhelmed by it's beauty and great building. Walking thru some of the building where Thomas Jefferson walked was so inspiring. The atmosphere and the student body was very diverse. The curriculum offered many different degree and certifications. I'm interested in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management. The standard are of the highest I have seen so far. I'm am excited about my future.
Review University of Virginia
UVA is a school I never imagined myself attending (I imagined I would be at Swarthmore or a similar liberal arts college). There are over 4,000 undergrads in each class, and accounting for graduate students, there are over 20,000 students. Don't let that turn you away–the large number just means that there are that many potential friends. Even if you don't like most people, you'll meet people here who will inspire and care for you in a way that will make you call the University home.
Grounds is beautiful and the history of the campus is reflected in both the architecture as well as the university's principles. The honor system that is utilized here speaks to the integrity of the students, faculty, and the general community. One critique I'd have as a minority is the....well, lack of minority students. Generally, that's what one might expect when they enroll in the university, but it becomes more apparent the more time one spends on Grounds. However, the university- its student body, particularly - is working to address that, and the minority organizations are always coming together to share dialogue and to bring an even greater sense of community at the school. The faculty is respectful, respectable, and I've generally enjoyed interacting with individuals at U.Va. and in Charlottesville.
The University of Virginia is an all around great school. The buildings are aesthetically brilliant, and nothing is ever too far. Charlottesville is such a beautiful area. From its plentiful trees and rolling hills, everything is so tranquil. A view of the fog-covered mountains is always just a couple minutes away.

The area may be great, but an area itself does not make a good University. My academic experience thus far has been filled with amazing teachers, and lessons. The curriculum is on point, and a majority of the professors are brilliant (the ones who aren't are easy to avoid).

In addition to the curriculum, I find the culture of the school to be incredibly unique and diverse. Of the myriad of clubs and organizations on Grounds, it is easy to find somewhere you belong. Sure, there are several groups that are exclusive, and several people that I would not be sad not to see again, but they are few and far between. Once you find your niche, this place really is home.
This university is a hub for activity and knowledge. Making school not only fun, but interesting and often time innovative, University of Virginia is the school for the strong academic mind who likes to have fun.
I moved to Virginia in 2007, I have always known I wanted my future to involve a career in medicine, just like my mom. UVA has been my dream school since I first found out it existed and I've never heard a negative remark about UVA.
UVA is honestly the best school. I've had nothing but the best time so far during my 1st year. We have such a great school spirit which really draws everyone in to support each other. There are over 500 clubs, so you can find anything that fits your interests. If you have any interest in singing, acapella is huge here and is a great way to make friends and meet a network of other talented people. It is the perfect cross between top ranked academics and the social aspects of a state school. UVA is the place to study hard, have fun, and try things you never thought you would.
I have had a great educational experience so far with teachers that are all willing to help and are passionate about the subjects they are teaching. The students all work hard.
Couldn't be more happy about my decision to attend the University of Virginia. The campus environment is spectacular. UVa offers fantastic resources and financial aid without the crushing pressure of attending an Ivy.
UVA is a highly competitive university which offers the best facilities and resources to its students. Also, UVA has one of the highest test scores in the state with relatively high passing rates. They have quality resources and equipment which helps the students interact with their environment more efficiently. The teachers are highly resourceful and are ready to help a student overcome any challenge.
UVA is absolutely great. Great academics and great location. But the best part of UVA is the community that you can find here.
UVA is definitely my perfect match. I thought I wanted a small liberal arts school, but I'm glad to have the resources of a large research university at my fingertips. Everyone I've met has pushed me to reconsider the world, and I can't be happier.
UVA is a great school with many opportunities to succeed. Classes aren't always easy, but they're not supposed to be and there are many resources available for help. There is a wide range of organizations, cultures, and classes on display, although the sheer amount of NOVA students is annoying. "Grounds" (campus) are well maintained, but areas like McCormick Road get extremely crowded at times. First-year dorms are all well-furnished, but bring a fan for old dorms and prepare for a hike from Gooch/Dillard. New dorms are nice and close to the main areas of UVA. Food is so-so, ranging from good to bland/repetitive. Plus dollars and meal exchange are welcome alternatives to dining halls, although Newcomb is always good(but is crowded and runs out of stir-fry often) Parties are fun, but getting into one without paying or an insider is hit-or-miss. The football team's struggles are well-known, but other teams are excellent.
If you're looking for a quality college experience in a suburban setting, UVA is the place to be. Although it lacks in quality of on-grounds food and amount of upper-class housing, it more than makes up for it with great academics, a spirited and competitive study body, and passionate athletics.
Never regretted choosing UVA over Ivy League options. A great balance of serious academics and real, fun people.
Review University of Virginia
I love the University of Virginia! Grounds are beautiful, and so many interesting classes are offered. I am going to double major in music and bio/neuroscience, and there are so many options available to me. The student body is very large and so anyone can find a group of people they love and fit in with. The classes and professors are great, and I will agree that there are many reasons why UVA is highly esteemed.
I was really unsure when I first arrived at UVA because I thought it was going to be really preppy rich kids, and while there is a crowd of those type of kids, I was very surprised to find a large group of like-minded individuals who share the same interests and values as myself. Charlottesville is a great city with lots to do. The classes at UVA are usually very good with great, knowledgeable professors.
The professors were knowledgeable and available. The course work was challenging. Although I experienced challenging times in college, I was glad that I completed my education and earned by degree from this institution.
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