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The university has a great sports and academic program. Very well rounded teachers and schedules. In state for my self, so very accessible. Great anatomy programs for students. School is very diverse and welcome to all.
I love UVA's rich history and it's commitment to the betterment of their student body. The school is dedicated to making sure each student receives the best education possible with the goal of making the world a better place upon graduation.
University of Virginia, is a very fascinating place for any college student. It is one of the best sites to explore, since the university exhibits great architecture and beauty. The studies are amazing!
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The University, while trying, still needs to improve on the diversity of the staff, especially the professors.
University of Virginia is a great school, with excellent academics and an amazing campus. One thing I would like to see change is an increase in diversity, and less of a focus on separating groups of people, and more of an emphasis on empowering all people in a diversified environment.
The University of Virginia is the perfect combination of academic and social opportunities. UVa offers a wide range of great courses with good teachers and you're constantly pushed to do your best. The competitive atmosphere between students fosters hard work and diligence but does not go so far as to create a divide between students. At UVa there is a club, activity or organization for everyone and students take pride in participation. When they say that UVa is "work hard, play hard" they aren't kidding. It is definitely a lot of fun, but succeeding at the University of Virginia takes a lot of hard work, time management and motivation.
I love how friendly the atmosphere is. The professors really want you to succeed and will work with you to get there.
my first year was awesome! the only thing to complain about is the food quality! considering that is the only complaint, i go to the best school ever!
UVa is an excellent school in regards to academics. The professors I've had are generally quite friendly and willing to help you during office hours. However, I will say that it can be a bit difficult for out-of-state students (especially those who are more introverted) to break into the social scene.
The Univeristy of Virginia offers great facilities and student life. The academics are rigorous, but employment statistics seem to suggest the rigour is well worth it.
UVA has an open culture on campus and the teachers and college students are very helpful. Personally, the tennis team is very competitive.
The University of Virginia is a beautiful campus filled with a lot of opportunities for growth socially and academically.
I think UVA has alot to offer and it gives me a change to pursue my dream. It truly takes alot to get in but once you get in, it's a perfect experience.
I love the campus and the people. I think that it is certainly challenging academically, but I find that many students are willing to help you in classes. The campus itself is absolutely beautiful (especially during the fall and spring time) which encourages a lot of students to study outside on the Lawn. The school is known for being preppy; however, you can still certainly find you friend group outside of that (as I did in a Christian fellowship). Most of the professors that I have been taught by were really good, but I have heard my fair share of poor professor stories (I've just been lucky enough to not encounter that in the English department). The one other downfall I would like to comment on is that I do sometimes find myself hyper-aware of the fact that I tend to be one a few black students in the classroom. However Black Student Alliance tries to have a strong presence on the campus.
The people are what makes UVa so great. I am never alone and everyone is very friendly. I recommend UVa to all my younger friends who are applying to universities.
I am so happy with my choice to go to the University of Virginia. UVA is different from other universities as there is a sense of unity and trust which is fostered by the student self governance. It is filled with a rich history and has taught me a great deal not only through my courses, but simply from being at the school. This university has provided me with many opportunities and encouraged me pursue them.
This college if pretty good. It is one of the best colleges in the state and it is the best college in the state for the subject I am majoring in, which is astronomy. It is pretty pricey of course, which is expected. The meal plan is crap, you pay more per meal for the plan than for buying the meals one at a time.
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Joining the University salsa club at the University of Virginia has been the best thing that I have done since coming to college and would recommend it to everyone.
UVA is an amazing school. Student voice is HUGE at UVA which is what makes student life so great. There are so many opportunities to get involved at UVA and to express yourself and your beliefs. UVA could certainly do better on the inclusivity front, as could the rest of the world. But it's getting there, and many students here speak up when the feel something is unjust. The culture here is one that aims to build the ideal college community, based on trust and respect. For example, the Honor Code here is taken very seriously, which prohibits lying, cheating, and stealing; it is expected that you can leave your backpack anywhere on grounds for hours, and come back to it right where you left it. Dining hall food could definitely be way better, but it's honestly not that bad.
The University of Virginia is situated in beautiful Charlottesville, VA. It has a prestigious reputation and a diverse student body pursuing a number of exciting and interesting courses of study. However, any student can easily get lost in the shuffle of a large institution. The support resources are good, but require the student to step up and use them voluntarily. In addition, behind the UVA brand, there is some lack of connection with the surrounding community. UVA is not quite as good as they perceive themselves to be.
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