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I would love to go to charlettville college i just wanted to port of university of Virginia college so i can live on shamrock rd to see and take a picture of the Norfolk southern train
I would love to go to college to learn how to put pictures of Norfolk southern train on t shirt i just heard that this is my last year in post high of 2021 i hope i can learn abut the Norfolk southern and the csx train that runs down there and i would love learn abut the train times and i would love to learn how to count money
I think taking online classes has been okay, but could definitely be better. I feel like some professors have really tried to make the content as interactive as possible and others really haven't. I feel like the courses being online and the tuition being the same really didn't add up since it doesn't feel like the same education as it would if it were in person.
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So far the experience has been pretty good, but there are definitely some things that UVA needs to improve on, such as diversity and supporting students.
I did not take any online courses. I'm class of 1981. We used typewriters.
I repeat, we used typewriters and pens - no computers from 1977 to 1981.
You will find almost every professor here to be rude, arrogant and supercilious. Visit a teacher during office hours and he/she will stare at your shoes, look you up and down, then shake their heads. Be prepared for a mild profanity as you leave the room. To the administration, all undergraduates are simply a revenue enhancing stream - you are quite literally "cannon fodder" for your teaching assistant graduate students. Like a matching pair of bookends, the vast majority of students here are also rude and arrogant, with a sense of elitist entitlement. I would avoid this place. I would run out of the room screaming at the top of my lungs. Please go somewhere else. You will regret darkening this doorway.
if you want a school with rich kids who got in from daddys donations then look no further. awful overall.
I love the Charlottesville area! I especially love the people at UVA. The professors are also usually pretty great.
I have taken classes online due to the COVID19 Pandemic. I have loved my experience with UVA online, and all of my professors are super helpful!
UVA has done a good job of incorporating on-Grounds and off-Grounds students during this time. I don't feel as if I'm missing out as much as I thought I would be.
UVA is a great school. I have really enjoyed being a part of the Undergraduate student body so far. They are very inviting and inclusive towards everyone.
The University of Virginia is an excellent institution that offers a great education. The professors are accessible and friendly even with larger class sizes. The campus is gorgeous with historic architecture. I would recommend it for any ambitious student looking to further their education.
Currently, I take my classes online due to COVID-19. I feel the professors have worked hard to create a good learning experience despite the nontraditional means of interaction. They have been very accommodating during a stressful time for students.
It's been mostly fine, though my major doesn't require a lot of clinicals/labwork or anything that really should be done in-person, so I've been able to do everything online.
The professors/academics have for the most part been great, though I've had a lot of frustrations with the way the school is run. For one, many majors at UVA are application-based, and have very competitive acceptance rates, though they're extremely misleading about this on their main website. Even majors like Creative Writing require an application, which is unusual for even similarly selective schools like William and Mary. I applied to one of these types of majors, but because I was a transfer student taking three courses and commuting due to chronic health issues, therefore having no time for extracurriculars/a beefed-up resume, I was not accepted, despite having the grades I needed. UVA is not by any means a commuter school, and it is very difficult to work with many of the university's systems if you are a non-traditional student. They also prioritize good-PR investments like athletics and eco-friendly LOTL when the bathrooms are falling apart in some older buildings.
It obviously isn't ideal to be learning online and would much prefer in-person classes, but I can see that my professors are trying their best to help us learn regardless. I am lucky in that my courses are less hands-on and more knowledge-based-- I don't know I'd rate the experience as positively if I had, say, a lab online.
I've got nothing but good things to say about the professors and people I've met here at UVA. My nursing professors are extremely accommodating and understanding, and they really take feedback to heart. I've had so many experiences at the hospital that I know I wouldn't be able to get elsewhere. The social life is great, too (aside from COVID), and I've met so many people who are genuine and share the same values and I do. Go Hoos!
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While some classes have been online due to the pandemic, our faculty and classmates have worked hard to make it feel like an in-person experience. We haven't encountered too many obstacles with using Zoom for lectures and the presentations we have had.
I have been a graduate student at the university for about 5 months now and while most of my classes have been online due to the pandemic, I have greatly appreciated the effort my professors and classmates put in to make it seem like a typical class. While I'm in a technical program, we are given opportunities for hands-on learning and are well supported. I feel valued by my specific program and the professors are second to none.
It just started, but it's been going well so far. The professors have done amazingly in these uncertain times. While there might be a few mistakes with the technology, the proffesors and TAs are doing everything they can to make sure the students are getting a good education.
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