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I am so happy with my choice to go to the University of Virginia. UVA is different from other universities as there is a sense of unity and trust which is fostered by the student self governance. It is filled with a rich history and has taught me a great deal not only through my courses, but simply from being at the school. This university has provided me with many opportunities and encouraged me pursue them.
This college if pretty good. It is one of the best colleges in the state and it is the best college in the state for the subject I am majoring in, which is astronomy. It is pretty pricey of course, which is expected. The meal plan is crap, you pay more per meal for the plan than for buying the meals one at a time.
Joining the University salsa club at the University of Virginia has been the best thing that I have done since coming to college and would recommend it to everyone.
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UVA is an amazing school. Student voice is HUGE at UVA which is what makes student life so great. There are so many opportunities to get involved at UVA and to express yourself and your beliefs. UVA could certainly do better on the inclusivity front, as could the rest of the world. But it's getting there, and many students here speak up when the feel something is unjust. The culture here is one that aims to build the ideal college community, based on trust and respect. For example, the Honor Code here is taken very seriously, which prohibits lying, cheating, and stealing; it is expected that you can leave your backpack anywhere on grounds for hours, and come back to it right where you left it. Dining hall food could definitely be way better, but it's honestly not that bad.
The University of Virginia is situated in beautiful Charlottesville, VA. It has a prestigious reputation and a diverse student body pursuing a number of exciting and interesting courses of study. However, any student can easily get lost in the shuffle of a large institution. The support resources are good, but require the student to step up and use them voluntarily. In addition, behind the UVA brand, there is some lack of connection with the surrounding community. UVA is not quite as good as they perceive themselves to be.
I am in the engineering program at the University of Virginia. I love the fact that I can get a very technical education, but still be a well-rounded student because of my ability to take liberal arts classes in the college. I have had professors help me when I am trying to figure out which classes to take and career paths that might be the best for me. The academics and personal connections that you can experience at this school is unparalleled.
My experience, as a transfer student, has been intense, humbling, and excellent. Transferring from a community college to U.Va has been life changing. It is academically rigorous, but the professors are more than happy to help. Everyone here is a natural born leader and are highly active on Grounds. Though I come from a community college background, I feel that U.Va has done a fantastic job with their transfer students. I was assigned a mentor who happened to be a transfer student a year before. They definitely aided my journey through U.Va, and spoke to me about their own experience. My experience academically has been challenging, but my professors were patient and easy to work with. Additionally, professors of this institution are extremely passionate about their courses and are willing to help their students grasp the material. Overall, I am more than content with my experience and enjoy the diligent atomsphere here.
I enjoyed how friendly my classmates were and welcoming of me to the environment. Obviously the food and dorms aren't the greatest, but this only builds character and can easily be overlooked.
A great school for most any type of student. As a Charlottesville native, I can assure you our town has more than enough to satisfy anyone here on grounds!
I had a great experience visiting the University of Virginia. The students were very nice and helpful. They gave great advice about my future endeavors. In addition the campus is extremely beautiful.
This is a fantastic school with a terrible history. I was able to find my home here but it took a lot of searching.
I like the University of Virginia because it has a great fan base. Has great people there and great coaches. It's in a good area just for students can focus.
I am a first-year at UVA and have loved my experience on Grounds thus far. I have made so many friends, joined great organizations like Rotaract and Student Council, and have learned so much as a student. A few of my favorite things about UVA include my wonderful suitemates, the excellent professors, our fantastic basketball team, and the beautiful campus. Schoolwork is challenging, but I am doing well so far and am so excited to spend the next three and a half years at UVA.
I've been going to UVa for the past 3 years and it's been a good experience. There are a lot of engaging and intelligent professors, not to mention the engaging and intelligent students. Of course, with any environment you're bound to come across humans that don't seem to really understand what's going on in the society they live in, but hey, isn't that all of us? And even if a person doesn't sound that intelligent, well, at least you can rest assured that they got an ok SAT score...
Something I really love about UVA is everyone's willingness to look out for and support others. The atmosphere is great and there's always something to do; just look at all the clubs and extracurriculars offered! There's something for everyone and the campus itself is beautiful.
Academics are great! Definitely worth the price you pay for the school- which is relatively inexpensive. Socially can be a bit "uppity", however don't let this deter you. Everyone finds their place!
A great school that has a large public university's resources but the community of a smaller one. Great opportunities in any subject of study. Heavy push toward pre-business or pre-medical fields, but others are strong as well. Large entry level courses try to weed out, so they can be harder than necessary. After those, class size drops and has a more friendly atmosphere.
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So far it has been amazing, with a really great mix of academics and social life. While there is definitely room for improvement in some areas, it is an overall great college experience and I feel like I have learned a lot.
I like the University of Virginia because it gives kids like me a good chance to succeed upon graduating. It is easy to get help from professors and they want you to excel here.
It is a great university lots of opportunity to learn and interact with other students. It is a prestigious university with lots of disciplines. It is located in a small town but it has a huge campus.
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