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Something I really love about UVA is everyone's willingness to look out for and support others. The atmosphere is great and there's always something to do; just look at all the clubs and extracurriculars offered! There's something for everyone and the campus itself is beautiful.
Academics are great! Definitely worth the price you pay for the school- which is relatively inexpensive. Socially can be a bit "uppity", however don't let this deter you. Everyone finds their place!
A great school that has a large public university's resources but the community of a smaller one. Great opportunities in any subject of study. Heavy push toward pre-business or pre-medical fields, but others are strong as well. Large entry level courses try to weed out, so they can be harder than necessary. After those, class size drops and has a more friendly atmosphere.
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So far it has been amazing, with a really great mix of academics and social life. While there is definitely room for improvement in some areas, it is an overall great college experience and I feel like I have learned a lot.
I like the University of Virginia because it gives kids like me a good chance to succeed upon graduating. It is easy to get help from professors and they want you to excel here.
It is a great university lots of opportunity to learn and interact with other students. It is a prestigious university with lots of disciplines. It is located in a small town but it has a huge campus.
My experience with the University of Virginia was overall tip top. The environment seemed very calming. Not a wide rage of diversity, it would be nice to see more people from different backgrounds .The university seemed very academically challenging and seems like they well prepare you for the real world. As someone coming from the city, I would say it's a very relaxing place where anyone could easily adapt.
After just one semester at the University of Virginia, I already love and have found my place at the University of Virginia. I love what I am learning and everyone I meet here. Truly a wonderful university. I cannot imagine being anywhere else.
My time at UVA has been an amazing experience in terms of academics, but with regard to the campus ("Grounds") life, I have in many situations felt isolated. As a gay person of color, albeit from a well-to-do background, the lack of diversity and genuine awareness of the world beyond the scope of Northern Virginia among the students creates a nature of ignorance. This ignorance becomes a culture which affects the students as a whole. If not for the group of people I have found during my time here, I would rate my overall experience as terrible, but I can't shame my alma mater that way.
Absolutely love the grounds and how calming it makes you feel when walking around. I love the fact that the community around UVA is very supportive of all that happens on campus. Its good to know you have a broad level of support while away from home. The academics are difficult but I feel it has prepared me for more challenging tasks ahead. Never thought I could fall in love with a school but I now know how it feels to love my college.
I love how academically challenging it is. Professors care about students and truly want to see students succeed. That does not mean they are giving out A's, but they are challenging us to learn and grow academically.
Great environment. Large campus with small school feel. It’s easy to meet people. Extra curricular activities are many and diverse.
I absolutely loved every second spent on the campus. Every person I met felt like one big happy family of cavaliers. The traditions are still on going, and the city life is always booming. It is in the perfect little college town filled with people who are all brilliant and bright.
UVA is true to its label of a public Ivy League with intense workload but largely depends on your class. The people are very nice and helpful, from enrolling in classes, to advising, to hosting petting zoos. It might be hard to find a niche there but there is always some organizations and people with whom that you will feel at home.
UVa is a great for academics in all fields and areas. Charlottesville is also a beautiful city where there's always something to do. UVa also has lots of opportunities for student involvement in all areas.
While applying to colleges, I wanted the original college experience. I'm an interdisciplinary person, so I wanted a college that will provide me with a wide range of majors and classes. University of Virginia is the epitome of work hard, play hard. I can have fun while knowing that I am receiving a full, challenging education.
I was in Upward Bound, a summer program where I stay at UVA for six weeks, during the time I discovered a love for the University. The area is amazing, all the shops and restaurants are so close to campus and all the class buildings a within a mile of each other. The one thing I would like to change about University of Virginia would be the food.
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I loved going to UVA. It's high quality education can't be beat, especially for the price and campus location.
I am in love with the Darden School of Business, the professors and coursework allow all students to grow and become better, more thoughtful and ethical leaders.
Academics provide a good foundation. Not a very inclusive campus as the people here are very much so only interested in themselves and see themselves above everyone else. Granted there are some good company, the options ar limited. Pretty campus but very spread out.
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