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Easy to apply. Easy to communicate with staff. Lots of scholarship/funding opportunities for local/international students.
I have not tried the athletic facilities as I live of campus and the commute is undesirable
Small class sizes make learning more personal, while excellent programs make fundying one that fits my dreams easy.
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I love attending UVic. The people are great and very open and welcoming. Victoria and the UVic Campus are beautiful, and it seems like there's always something going on.
UVic deserves the greatest acknowledgment due their respect for nature and the diversity of people. They do their most helping students settle in, which is highly desirable.
I personally had a great first year experience and met a lot of people in my building. I definitely recommend living on campus your first year of university/college. I also joined the sailing team, which is where I met a lot of my friends. I have a few friends from this that are in my same program and therefore classes, so that was really helpful in class. Living on campus my first year and joining the club I did positively contributed to the social and academic aspects of my life, which has caused me to have a great experience at the University of Victoria. It also has a great campus and is relatively close to the water (a 5min walk down to the beach), which was a deciding factor in choosing the school. Victoria is also a great city to be near and there is always great things to do in the downtown area.
There is one frat and two sororities, the frat and one of the sororities are mainly for parties but the other sorority does charities, fund raisers, and community service.
The athletics at UVic is not a very popular thing, there are fans and a good amount of people who attend them but it isn't as big as it could be. There are some intramural sports but not a very big variety, and they are not very popular either.
Living off campus gives you a lot more freedom, you don't have to adhere to the residence services rules and you can cook your own food. Landlords are pretty lenient knowing that they are renting to college students but it still varies. There is almost always places to be rented and the pricing is mildly cheap.
Victoria provides many diverse and delicious places to eat from. It home to many local restaurants and coffee shops. The pricing is mildly affordable but it could be better, especially for students.
The strictness on campus is fairly lenient, drinking and drug use is a common thing among university students and the school knows that, drinking on campus is allowed but drug use has to be taken elsewhere. Their presence on campus is definitely noticeable and they ensure safety above all things.
The school automatically considers you for their scholarships, although if you don't receive any form the school you are on your own finding scholarships else where.
UVic is definitely a party school. Every Friday and Saturday there is something going on, on and off campus. It is not a dry campus so that allows for students to party on campus, especially if they are not 19 yet and can't go out to clubs or bars. Cluster housing on campus is a hot spot for parties but as the year progresses people realize how lame those actually are so your best bet is to find off campus parties.
Living on campus is something every first year should do. It allows you to meet a variety of different people, some you may get along with and some not. UVic has plenty of on campus housing, especially single rooms. The only draw back is that single rooms are twice as much as double rooms. If you ever want to get any real studying done I suggest going to the library, the dorms are for the most part loud but if that doesn't bother you than you won't have any troubles. The best way to meet people is to introduce yourself to everyone in your building the first day or two that you arrive, if you don't put yourself out there it is easy to find yourself secluded from everyone else. The campus food is very very mediocre and not incredibly good for you as well, if the freshman fifteen is something that worries you I would recommend looking at the informed dining page of the UVic website, it gives you the calorie count of everything provided by the school. The food downtown on the other hand is great and you should set aside time to try it out.
Workload is expected to be difficult like any other BCom program. Expect to be with your academic "team" for most of the term.
If you are thinking about accounting then you have to take a non-specialized commerce degree
Not Incredibly expensive and pretty standard meals. Decent quality.
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I've been in the social sciences department mostly, but from what I can tell both social sciences and sciences have a lot of field school opportunities. And generally speaking, I've heard great things about co-ops (where you have work terms mixed in with your studies).
From what I know, UVic's tops areas are Environmental Studies, Neuroscience, Law, Business, Marine Biology, and Earth and Ocean Studies.
Environmental Studies is unreal good. I've had lectures that were like poetry, seriously.
Unreal field school experiences as well. Great community spirit, you really feel like you are a part of something. And the profs are very approachable and friendly - great mentors. I would say I'm actually friends with quite a few of them now.
Anthropology is very good as well, but as it is a bigger department, there is a larger range in quality. I've had a bad prof or two for sure, but mostly pretty good. Again, very approachable and friendly profs who are available as mentors and as friends. Again lots of great field school experiences (e.g. archaeology in the gulf islands, archaeology in western Africa, cultural studies in Cuba, ect).
High quality and delicious food everywhere. Definitely try out the restaurants downtown, in particular the brunch places. You're paying between $10-20 a meal, but you are getting great quality food every time.
Great coffee around town.
I recommend always going somewhere new when eating here as there is lots to try.
The sushi is subpar compared to Vancouver though, but I'm sure you'll still love it if you're not from Vancouver ;)
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