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Victoria, BC, Canada

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UVic is in general a very positive place with lovely people, and the campus is absolutely beautiful. However, tuition is a little on the expensive side. Most of the profs that I’ve had have been very fair and understanding, and usually assign a manageable courseload. I lived on campus first year, and cafeteria food is not great, so I would suggest going to Mystic Market when you can, because your residence meal plan applies there as well (something I unfortunately didn’t figure out until 2nd semester).
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Very good community feel. The campus is beautiful. The cafeteria food could definitely be improved as well as the residents. Also some of the facilities are lacking.
I personally had a great first year experience and met a lot of people in my building. I definitely recommend living on campus your first year of university/college. I also joined the sailing team, which is where I met a lot of my friends. I have a few friends from this that are in my same program and therefore classes, so that was really helpful in class. Living on campus my first year and joining the club I did positively contributed to the social and academic aspects of my life, which has caused me to have a great experience at the University of Victoria. It also has a great campus and is relatively close to the water (a 5min walk down to the beach), which was a deciding factor in choosing the school. Victoria is also a great city to be near and there is always great things to do in the downtown area.