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I personally had a great first year experience and met a lot of people in my building. I definitely recommend living on campus your first year of university/college. I also joined the sailing team, which is where I met a lot of my friends. I have a few friends from this that are in my same program and therefore classes, so that was really helpful in class. Living on campus my first year and joining the club I did positively contributed to the social and academic aspects of my life, which has caused me to have a great experience at the University of Victoria. It also has a great campus and is relatively close to the water (a 5min walk down to the beach), which was a deciding factor in choosing the school. Victoria is also a great city to be near and there is always great things to do in the downtown area.
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Living on campus is something every first year should do. It allows you to meet a variety of different people, some you may get along with and some not. UVic has plenty of on campus housing, especially single rooms. The only draw back is that single rooms are twice as much as double rooms. If you ever want to get any real studying done I suggest going to the library, the dorms are for the most part loud but if that doesn't bother you than you won't have any troubles. The best way to meet people is to introduce yourself to everyone in your building the first day or two that you arrive, if you don't put yourself out there it is easy to find yourself secluded from everyone else. The campus food is very very mediocre and not incredibly good for you as well, if the freshman fifteen is something that worries you I would recommend looking at the informed dining page of the UVic website, it gives you the calorie count of everything provided by the school. The food downtown on the other hand is great and you should set aside time to try it out.
Easy to apply. Easy to communicate with staff. Lots of scholarship/funding opportunities for local/international students.