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People complain about none sense but no school is perfect. The environment here is a perfect middle ground between a large state school and a small liberal arts college. Burlington and it’s surround areas provide plenty of activities, restaurants, and events to keep students involved and occupied. I have had more fun here than any other college I’ve visisted through my siblings or friends. It really is the best of both worlds.
Burlington is a perfect college town. The campus is beautiful and a lot of the people are great. However, it's suuuuper white but it is Vermont.
I've gotten a pretty mixed bag in terms of classes and professors -- some are great and others are useless which leaves you on your own for learning the material.
Do yourself a favor and don't come to UVM. It is so clear on-campus that the students are not cared about. The office of residential life is a joke, and everyone on campus will tell you so. The dining halls are bad, all but one serve pizza, pasta, burgers, and fries every single day, and there have been multiple reports of maggots in the dining locations across campus. Unless you are living on Central or Athletic campus, classes are very far away from dorms, and even though there are busses, there are not nearly as many as there should be and 6 weeks into the school year they have already run over two students. I am not sure what UVM puts first, but it definitely is not the students. If you have to go here, join Greek life and you will at least have some community that supports you.
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Very good school with lists of opportunities but very easy to get lost in all the people. Some professors are great while others lack a lot.
I love how inclusive University of Vermont is. The environment is very supportive and not cut-throat competitive like other big universities can be. The departments are close knit and it’s easy to feel like there’s an adult advising you and guiding your future. The campus is beautiful and there’s lots to do all year round in Burlington.
UVM is a university with Ivy League-level professors, curricula, and resources. But perhaps more importantly, it has a down-to-earth quality that's just about impossible to find on elite college campuses.
Really nice campus most building have been renovated recently but still have ancient charm. Okay sports scene, teams are pretty good and depending on sport/ game there is good turnout. Enough varying extracurricular to find your niche. Teachers are good and Academics depend on the department but most are good. CALS in particular is exceptional. Teachers there really will put the student's education first and want to teach you rather than get you a good grade.
I personally love it here, the professors are great and the people are better. The administration, like at all colleges, tends to need some work on their attention to social justice. The dorms are fairly livable, and the food definitely could be worse.
I love UVM. UVM has given me numerous opportunities such as working on campus, meeting people through university organized events, and overall allowing students to make their college experience their own. The campus is beautiful and close to downtown. UVM is a great school and I wouldn't change a thing.
I enjoyed the dorms and how clean they were and how friendly people were with everyone. It was nice to be able to feel comfortable on campus and not worry about anything other than focusing on academics. The professors were good and I was able to have the privilege to be with a few that have actually stood out to myself and many of my friends.
The University of Vermont has been a very fun school. I participate in a varsity sport which made adapting to the school much easier than if I did not participate. The school offers me a lot of financial aid which is very nice. The school is large which is a new experience for those who are used to a small town/school like myself. Some professors are hard to like during lectures, but outside of classes they are very nice and very willing to work with any student who takes the time to see them. The scenery is very appealing as well. Overall, I enjoy UVM which is why I will return for another three years.
It looks like a nice campus with lots of great opportunities, but when I have been there it seems to look a little run down and old. It could get fixed up a little bit.
I truly love the atmosphere and all of the people. I am more than happy with my choice of this university. The campus is beautiful. It is a larger campus but accommodations were made. There are three different bus routes, one even takes students to downtown. The class sizes are a good number despite the fact there are around 12,000 undergraduates. Professors are always willing to help students. The quality of the dorms vary depending on the building and the food is better at some locations on campus, but there are multiple places to eat on campus. The library is in a very central location and there is always available seating. The campus is very safe. UVM has almost every club imaginable. If they don't have one you are interested in you can create it! Overall, The University of Vermont is a wonderful school. During breaks I can not wait to get back to campus. I can not imagine myself at another school. I am very pleased with my decision to attend this university.
I have made amazing memories at this school. The staff is very eager to teach and further the education of each student. I find that the recourses available are excellent and the school has each and every students best interest at heart. Although I have only attended one year here I feel like I have made memories of a life time. There is an excellent campus and a wide variety of courses available
I will be a returning sophomore in the fall and I can’t wait!! I have made great friends and learned so much in my freshman year! However, the beginning transition was rough, but I persevered and it turned into a great time!
If you want to go to a university to become a more capable professional/academic, DO NOT GO HERE. This school continues to surrender to far-left students who hijack the discourse and experiences for all UVM students. They have pushed to cut funding to all student groups where diversity and equity are not the "central pillars" of a group's purpose. At UVM, there is no free exchange of ideas. I'm all for protecting students' ability to feel they can freely share their ideas, but popular speech is not the speech that needs protecting -- it's "unpopular" speech that UVM refuses to protect. At UVM, students regurgitate the same narrative over and over. They aren't learning, they aren't pushing the frontiers of knowledge, they aren't becoming more well-rounded adults. They are becoming tyrants & I cannot support a school that encourages it to happen.
I love uvm and the experiences that it has given me, but it lacks in diversity and truly caring for their students. After my first year it has been clear to me that professors don't really take your mental health into consideration and administration does not help minority students in feeling welcome to the school.
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The University of Vermont is a fantastic school. The atmosphere is very friendly, open, and inclusive. There are a plethora of clubs to choose from and classes as well. The teachers love their subjects and are devoted to bettering the learning of the student. Advisers are very helpful in the process of signing up for classes, and if you don't like your adviser then you can easily switch to one more suited for you. While the school is D1 for sports, sports are not the focus of the college experience as in other universities. However, the school is currently funding the building of a new gym for its D1 athletic program to boost this aspect, but this has forced reduced budgeting for classes.
The university of Vermont was not the right fit for me, but I am a introverted nerd. If you are of the outgoing outdoorsy variety UVM might be the perfect place for you.

Things to know
- people smoke on campus a lot, weed, vape, and cigarettes
- it is very difficult to find an elevator
- there are frequent parties and events
- course work is fairly easy (keep in mind I am a nerd)
- winter's are very cold
- Dorm's are very crowded, forced triples are common.
- forestry is a big deal here
- a water bottle is a must, they don't sell bottled water on campus and water fountains are rare
- try to get in to a theme dorm if you can, they require a commitment but they are much nicer than the normal dorms.
- central dining is the best place to eat. Harris and Mills is the worst.
- lots of skiing and hiking opportunities.

I found the school to be ableist on the whole, if you need accommodations or an elevator don't count on it.
UVM is located in an amazing area. While not in class students are able to go downtown either by walking or a short bus ride to the many great restaurants, theaters, or to see lake Champlain. The campus has many different food options. The facilities are updated. The new Wellness building is a great addition to the campus.
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