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The one thing that I love about this school is that everyone here is so accepting of who you are, and they love you for it (it almost feels like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood). This school has some great professor, and an academic program that can't be beat unless you went to an Ivy League school or something, cause they're pretty good too. The food here may not be the best, but is any school going to have great food? I think not. The University of Valley Forge can really changchange your life, just like its has with mine. It doesn't matter was rcolored skin you have or what background you come from, we all people,here to be great and succeed.
I like that UVF is a small school with big opportunities. The community and atmosphere is perfect, and the professors and staff are all wonderful.
The school is a Christian college so its not a lot of interacting with other students as much, you have open dorm on certain days. The food sucks and it always make my stomach hurt. The dorms are nice, each person have their own bathroom in the room.
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It’s more like high school than a university. The school has great marketing and media though! Philly is really fun and not far.
Valley forge is a great faith based campus. All the people here are very nice and open. The teachers are always available for help in and out the campus. Even on vacations. Plus they always put god first, and many students will always come to a fellow believer in need.
The University of Valley Forge is a great school. It has a small student body, so it is a good fit for students who like smaller environments. This also leads to a smaller class size, so time with professors is maximized. The students, staff, and faculty are all amazing people and extremely friendly.
I think Valley Forge is a good fit for me. I love the many minsitry options and the people hav ebenn kind
I loved the sense of community and the pursuit of God. Everyone seemed so much like a family, and I felt very supported. Everyone I met there was so willing to help me find where I was going or answer any questions I had. I also felt very accepted. Like I would fit in if I were to attend.
The people I have met have been very welcoming and are just wonderful people all together. I can't wait to get to know everyone better as the years go on. I am so excited to meet everyone.
The school has a lot of student maturity issues that have resulted in restraining and at times hurtful policies for students seeking a more mature college atmosphere.
Loved my experience at UVF. The University is really changing for the better. Better food, better staff, more renovations. It feels like the leadership is listening to the students and making an effort to improve. The Lord is still working in and through this University in a big way!
Overall my experience is excellent. The only thing I would say is the financial aid office employees need to have a better understanding of their job. They need to have better communication.
The teachers are great and really care. Small classrooms are a plus! I would like to see an upgrade in the dorms and apartments.
The university of valley forge is a really chill Christian college. It boasts such a welcoming environment and teachers who want to see you succeed. You take from this college as much you put into it. Its just a fun campus with a true mission towards God.
Valley Forge is an excellent place to learn. The atmosphere is very uplifting and the chapels are diverse and interesting, to say the least. Classes are manageable and there are a wide variety of majors, as well as sports to be a part of.
I love it here at Valley Forge University! As a young student, I've always longed for a place to learn, grow, and call a home. The University Valley Forge provided that and more!The leadership of the school is amazing because they're willing to work with you no matter the issue. The Professors teach with such FRIE and PASSION that it's unbelievable! Digital Media is a very big at UVF.
I like the university of valley forge because I love the people there. Everyone is so nice and are willing to help athletes out with their work. I play basketball there and once you're on the team everyone knows who you are. I love my coach and my team. I love the environment.
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I really like Valley Forge because it is a small college and Bible based. I really like how you can connect with the students and the professors. You can get to know your professors one-on-one. The staff all care about the students and are always there for the students and willing to help. I love that there is chapel. That's the highlight of my day.
Didn't start yet but I really like the campus and the atmosphere. I love how small the school is and how everyone knows you. I also love how you have to go to chapel as a requirement. Most schools I looked at didn't require it and I love the idea that you have to go.
The university of valley forge is a good school I really enjoy just about everything there. I would change anything about the school. What out there makes the school what it is.
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