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I enjoyed the Student life the U has to offer, but I felt as their professors need to engage with their students more.
The U is a great school to go to. There's a large variety of classes and very good teachers. The only thing that would make it better is if security was taken up a notch.
I love being a student at the University of Utah. Lots of buildings are being renovated. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. You will never be bored going to school here because there's always something to do.
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I have loved my time at the University of Utah thus far. Everything from Pac 12 sports, Greek life, club/intramural sports, and so much more, the U has been an amazing experience. Although it is a commuter school, there are a ton of ways to get involved and meet people. The experiences you get from the U are a direct reflection of the amount of effort you put into getting involved. There are clubs and activities that reflect everyone's interests. You can sign up for outdoor adventure classes that can take you up into the mountains or to one of Utah's many national parks. You can join religious groups, preforming arts, and fencing clubs. There are so many things to explore on this campus. A couple downfalls include parking and construction on campus.
They have been very good to work with. Don't come if you want small classes! But the teachers are good and they have many options available.
My overall experience at the University of Utah has been great so far. I am currently a freshman at the U of U and enjoy everything it has to offer. The university has a wide range of classes that you can take to achieve your career goals. The teachers are great and the school offers many forms of tutoring and help for those students who have a harder time learning. The diversity at the U is amazing, I have never met so many people that come from all around the nation, and world. It's very eye opening to meet all these people from different places and learn about their customs and backgrounds. The school gives the students numerous way to get involved on campus and community. The overall campus is big and beautiful, most importantly it is a very safe campus. The University of Utah is a great all around school, and I would highly recommend on considering it for your future school.
Awesome school with a small town feel. Salt Lake city provides for an exciting nightlife and the nearby mountain are not only breathtaking but a good recreational area
The University of Utah is a fantastic school in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. The resources and faculty are excellent, and there are tons of ways to get involved in student life, as well as on campus. The Greek life community is strong and offers an amazing way to meet tons of new people and participate in philanthropy and networking opportunities. The parking, however, is pretty poor. They need to update their pass pricing, as well as add more U-parking spaces for commuters.
My experience at the U has been amazing. I have enjoyed my time there, and i would not change anything about it. I think this school was a perfect match for me. its a school surrounded with nature, there is store a couple streets away, houses to live close by, and much more. Hopefully, i will be accepted to a graduate program at the U, so i can keep attending there.
The professors and facility are the most humble and caring. There are many clubs, events and organizations on campus so it's easy to get involved. The campus is very neat and pretty large. Students, for the most part, are happy to help and spend hours at the library that is open late. There isn't much diversity.
I love the University of Utah! There is such great resources, and you'll always have something to do.
This is a very good university. As one of the flagship schools in Utah, this university provides a wide variety of programs that they strive to make the best.
The university is an incredible place to immerse yourself in the multitudes of opportunities that the campus offers. There is something for everyone. There are plenty of research programs, internships, and many opportunities to figure out yourself and what peaks your interests.
I have enjoyed my time at the University of Utah. The U is filled with unique, intelligent and inspiring faculty and students. Every moment spent here is worthwhile and every student is supported no matter where their educational goal is taking them! The University of Utah is one giant family! There are numerous activities each month and too many student groups to count! The University of Utah is the best place to obtain your degree!
The University of Utah is an excellent choice for college education. There is a lot of diversity and opportunities available for everyone. It is a beautiful campus with great learning resources and excellent professors.
The University of Utah is a very excellently school. Some of my favorite things about the U is the location of it. It sits right up on the Mountain and overlooks Salt Lake City. There are always things for the students to do and I feel that most professors there are excellent!
The faculty is so warm and welcoming, always ready to help their students and thoroughly understanding. I love the opportunity this school offers through community service, internships, and connections to many programs internationally. Although an out-of-state student, I have not once felt neglected of student services or financial aid that makes my attendance possible.
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The University of Utah has provided me with an excellent education. Every class is focused regardless of size. Especially the David Eccles Business School, you pay higher tuition to attend, but they take good care of you. One thing I would watch out for is the parking situation is poor and textbooks get very pricey.
Good study abroad programs and hosts amazing Model United Nation's conferences. The campus is close to downtown Salt Lake City and the mountains.
The University of Utah is in a great city with diverse people. Being in the Pac-12 Conference is fantastic. Beautiful and big campus. Not the best housing options. Commuting school has its pros and cons.
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