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I am a 70% disabled veteran who attempted to utilize the GI Bill for Spring 2018. The Residency Office filed my residency application for the WRONG semester and I am now being charged over $7k. This is unacceptable and the Residency Office should be held accountable. I have attempted to contact the school in efforts of finding a resolution, however, I have only been met with rude and unhelpful employees. I have went ahead and emailed our Utah Government Officials, as well as Veteran advocates in Washington, D.C. This school has been a giant headache.

If you are deciding on which college to attend in Utah, I definitely do NOT recommend the University of Utah. Do not waste your time.
I would really like to see more interesting classes at the University of Utah, especially a Kurdish class.
So far the University of Utah is an excellent school that provides many opportunities to excel. I'm a military veteran and feel very welcomed in and around the campus. They have many services for current and prior service members such as dedicated study area, computers and all around family-like atmosphere specifically for veterans. Only thing I would change is during orientation is identifying those that are married and provide additional information such as housing, child care and possible work opportunities on campus. I learned about a lot of great information that could have benefited my family after it was too late; however, I understand that student coordinators can't curtail orientation to every prospective student's needs. Rather they should revise their briefs that provide some of the above information in the off chance it may hep someone in the future.
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The University of Utah is a stellar institution. The teachers are approachable, the classes are understandable, the drive for higher education is powerful. Admittedly, not everything is made of daisies and rainbows. There are aspects of the U of U that are not aligned with it's self appropriated vision. Namely, the anti-culture proportioned by many professors and students against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It seems to me that a school so focused on diversifying and accepting all religions, skin colors, sexual identities etc. does not do a very good job of accepting those students who belong to said ecclesiastic organization. Regardless, my two years of experience at the U of U have been phenomenal and I would gladly recommend attendance here to any of my peers around the country or even the world.
the capuse is amazing! all of the teachers care soo much about their students. It's truly amazing to be apart of a school thats so passionate about learing and creating oppertunites for their students.
I as an international student in the U, I enjoy most of my time in campus. Most people are really friendly, the environment is very nice. Most of professors and local students are really nice to international students, but some international students from different countries are not always friendly to other international students. The foods in the campus are not bad, but no variety enough. Dorms is okay, the circumstance of dorm is very nice, the only con of it is the dorm is pricy.
Terrible institution. Professors are not punished for poor behavior (sexual harassment). OEO is a joke, the dean of students and the sociology department is full of judgmental professors that protect predators by doing and saying NOTHING.
The campus really is beautiful and I've enjoyed most of my professors and classes, but that's mostly it. I'm out of state so I lived in the dorms my freshman year. No one really seemed to care about anything but getting drunk and rebelling against their LDS upbringing and don't really take their education seriously. I've only met like two other out of state students. Not to mention a TON of students are returning LDS missionaries and are 20+ years old. It's a commuter school, so everyone just goes home after classes back to their old high school friends so no one is really social. Also there is almost no school spirit. I thought the PAC-12 football team would make up for that, but we're so bad that it doesn't even matter. I honestly don't like telling people I go here and am kind of embarrassed when I do. I'm planning on transferring next semester.
The University of Utah is a great place! I like the types of classes offered here and the atmosphere, it contributes to those who want to do research as well as those who want to do consulting work.
I have heard constantly “we are here to support you” and so far it is 100% true. Monitors, faculty, library staff, advisors, and dorm RAs keep their promises and go the extra mile. I feel like a success already.
The thing that I like about this University is that is has a beautiful and it is next to the mountains. The thing that I like more is that it has the program that am intertied in and that is nursing. I think that this University is a really good one and it has really good academics. It could be away from home but it really does not matter as long has you like the university. The best part is when its time for winter and it starts to snow that is the best thing.
It’s a big school with a huge, beautiful campus. There’s lots of diversity, and many activities, clubs and associations that you can join while you’re there. Because it is a big school, class sizes are also very large, but professors are always willing to work with you
I love the University of Utah! This is my first semester there and I appreciate how inclusive it is and involved the professors are. They all have been extremely helpful and giving. I would like to see the school start a women's Rugby team.
The University of Utah is a very open and diverse community. Students and administration alike are helpful and kind. The professors are very knowledgeable and willing to help their students succeed.
The University of Utah is one of the top best schools in the United States. People have succeeded in that school and have worked hard.
Most of the professors are good, but some are extreme leftists and they teach that way. I have nothing against people being leftists, but the fact that they bring their personal politics into the classroom is not ok.
There are so many amazing things about the U of U EXCEPT one....the staff. I dread everytime I have to call, or go into the university for something. The staff never knows what's going on or who to direct me too. I don't even think they know where their own nose is. It's sad because the school is so great!
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I love it. The University of Utah is a wonderful commuter school and it is easy to get to many places along the wasatch front for free. There isn't a lot of on-campus housing available which creates some difficulty but it hasn't been hard for me to commute daily from Provo. The teachers have been wonderful and the school does its best to help the students and keep a good atmosphere. Some students create issues but not an unusually large proportion. Also the nearby Institute of Religion is wonderful.
its good a bit expensive. but great resources and good teachers as well as tons of tutors for things like math and writing.
Campus is gorgeous. It's large, but not unwieldy. I haven't lived in student housing, so I can't comment on that. The public transport to the university is pretty good, though. Cost isn't too bad. There are a wide variety of programs offered and is one of the nations top medical schools.
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