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The University of Utah is a wonderful school. I love every single one of my classes which are challenging yet very rewarding. I have learned a lot from my professors, especially because they are very involved with the students and care about our success. I also really appreciate how much free tutoring and help is offered by the school for every class, and they work with your schedule. The campus is by far the most beautiful campus in Utah. The sports here are phenomenal. The football games are my favorite thing about fall semester, and we have really good teams all around, so all sporting events are fun to attend! Salt Lake City is also a beautiful and fun area to live in. There is always so much to do. The housing here is also really nice compared to other schools. The university makes sure to keep the dorms clean and remodels often so they are always nice. I really enjoy living on campus and all the friends I've made because of it. I love the University of Utah!! Go Utes!
I have absolutely loved my time at the U. It's a beautiful campus with a lot of great people. The professors are very smart, understanding people. They care about you and your success. Some processes could be improved such as going through websites to get things done (i.e. housing, dining, financial aid, etc.) The websites are confusing and difficult to use sometimes. Other than that, working with administration in person goes very well. It is easy and simple to make appointments and get things accomplished.
My experience at the University of Utah has been a fairly positive one. There is quite a bit of racial diversity on campus and I believe that the environment is very friendly to those of varying racial and religious backgrounds.
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The University of Utah is a very diverse school with a lot of opportunities. There is loads of extra-curriculars and organizations that you can participate in. The professors are fantastic and willing to help all students.
It's a wonderful experience going to the U. The campus is so incredibly diverse and the professors are a dream. The only downside with the campus is there is constantly construction.
It's a very good school to attend. A lot of research is done on campus, and there's many jobs to choose from while you are in school. The teachers are effective and professional. People are friendly here, so it's easy to make friends.
The University of Utah is a great institution! The professors are very welcoming and concerned about your education. However, the U of U is known as a scientific research school, so if that's what you're looking for, then this will be a great avenue for you to explore.
my experience with Utah State University-Eastern is that it is an amazing school and the instructors are fairly nice and easy to work with, being on a small campus helps to have a one on one contact with your teacher so that you get the best out of college.
I love the atmosphere at the U, everyone is kind and helpful. At orientation we were asked to make sure we were nice to others because we like to maintain a safe environment where people can ask anyone for help. I would love it so much more, if we didn't constantly have construction sites open.
I have been at the University of Utah for 3 years and it has been a rewarding valuable experience. The campus has changed a lot since I started freshman year. There is more opportunities, resources, and activities to participate in. Plus, the campus is gorgeous during all four seasons of the year.
Very friendly atmosphere and there are always things to do on campus! Great customer service as well
Academically the college does well, however while living on campus sports seem to be more of a priority than residents.
I believe that the University of Utah is a great university in terms of quality of education and potential cost to a student. Overall cost is low to a potential student even without scholarships or other financial assistance. The education is also of fairly good quality given the low cost, this makes the University an ideal location for any potential student that is wants to advance their learning, thinking or professional experience.
The University of Utah is a diverse, enriching community that I have been honored to learn at. The teachers, courses, and other faculty all seem invested in the success of the students. Despite the school's large enrollment number, class sizes are generally small and facilities are all well maintained. The campus and surrounding area are stunning, affordable, and interesting.
The academics at the U of U are world class. Provides and education that is challenging, relevant, and current. Beautiful campus that is very easily accessible to downtown Salt Lake City and anything you might need or like to do. Salt Lake also has a terrific public transportation system that is incredibly accessible for university students and well-connected to campus.
The University of Utah is a great campus if you love to do things outdoors. It is strategically located with easy city or mountain access.
I love the university of Utah. I hope I get into the theatre program. They have helped with financial aid and scholarships.
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Academically it's a great school with lots of diversity. It's been good to have people from various backgrounds in my classes. The professors are enthusiastic about what they teach which helps me learn better. The campus is beautiful, and well maintained. It's right in the heart of Salt Lake and so there's lots of stuff to do like skiing, concerts, hiking, boating, or shopping. The on campus housing is very expensive, and not worth that much money. It would be good if they lowered it. The parking can also be a pain at times, but it is at any college. There's lots of student events to stay involved and meet new people. They have a lot of guest lecturer events that are informational and fun to go to.
It's a great school to go to, especially if you want to go into research. What I like about it is that there's a lot of clubs that you can join, whether it's reproductive justice, writing, sciences, arts, etc. However, what I don't like is how it sometimes feels like the president isn't listening to our concerns. Instead, it seems like he's just appearing to listen just to look good. But hopefully, that will change in the future.
I love the University of Utah. Many people commute so it's not the most social campus, but the education is high quality and Salt Lake is fantastic.
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