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Well, it is quite diverse and has a huge student base. It also has a lot of students from all over, especially a large number of Asian students, most likely because of the connection to Seoul, Korea. But because it is so big there can sometimes be a feeling of loneliness, so be friendly and make a lot of friends cause there are a lot of people.
Each class is offered teaching assistants and learning assistants, along with office ours that has given me so many opportunities to get one on one tutoring help from the teaching sources and materials. So many resources to be taken advantage of, just seek them out!
The University of Utah is a great school with great resources, a beautiful campus, and very helpful staff.
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I think the Univerity of Utah is a great college! It is a very nice and large campus located on a hill and its filled with students from all over the world. Most of the professors are very good and supportive of their students. Classes may sometimes be hard and very confusing but the teachers and teacher assistants are always available to help. I have learned a lot through this university and I will definitely gain newer experiences with my time left at the U!
Very diverse environment. I have never really had a horrible professor. I love how accessible everything is from campus. The coffee is great as well.
My experience is that this will be an amazing college. I have so many friends and people telling me constantly how successful they are because of this university.
I’m not attending this school yet but when I visited there I absolutely loved it! It’s a beautiful campus and the facility and staff are always so helpful and genuinely care about your education.
The University of Utah is constantly renovating and updating its facilities making for a beautiful campus and classrooms. However this does cause a lot of traffic and horrific parking. Students should take advantage of the free campus shuttles. There are a lot of great resources made available to students, but it can feel overwhelming trying to navigate them all.
The University of Utah is absolutely amazing. Many of the programs that the U offers are nationally ranked, and all other areas of study here are phenomenal. Every professor that I have had has genuinely cared about me and about my future and my success. The resources on campus are abundant and I have never had any trouble finding someone to help me through any challenge that I am going through. The student body is energized, and everyone on campus seems like they want to be here. Outside of school, there is so much to do. The U of U is 45 minutes away from over 8 ski resorts, and since it sits next to a mountain range, the U is a popular college for students looking to mountain bike, climb, ski, run, and go on outdoor adventures. I have loved every second here at the University of Utah and would recommend this college to anyone.
I love the campus and how big it is and how many resources are found all throughout campus. Classes are challenging and tuition is very expensive, but the experience is something you can't get somewhere else.
There IS only 1 other school in the U.S. that currently comes close to The U. of U. And THAT university is Ohio State. These people here at the U. of U. are the best in ALL of their fields, and I feel that they epitomize what universities AND medical professionals ARE!! In the nineties, I had 3 different kinds of surgeries at the U of U. Over the last few years, I have spoken with MANY current AND previous U of U students and employees. There is NOT a ONE who would have gone somewhere else for school OR employment. I REALLY admire and LOVE this university (U of U).

Carrie A.
I love that the U has so many resources that allow me to succeed as a student. I feel like the professors care about me and my success as a student, and take the time to sit down and help me personally with my academic goals.
I have only been going to the University of Utah for two months but already I have negative things to say. There are not many school activities and when there are everyone shows up drunk. On a Friday or Saturday night it is very hard to find fun that does not involve drinking. Because it is a big commuter school people come here to learn and not socialize. People do not smile at you when you walk by or hold the door for you. It is a very unfriendly place. I do have only good things to say about the academics. They are unmatched and even though the classes are very large, the professors do care about you and will get to know you. There are more opportunities here than at smaller colleges and being close to downtown Salt Lake is very exciting. The mountains are gorgeous and the buildings are nice.
Transferred here this semester and I love it. I love being near the mountains to go skiing while having a city. There are plenty of things to do on and off campus from sporting events to concerts. The people here are pretty nice and I enjoy most of my professors. My class sizes so far haven't been too big and I enjoy what I am leaning. Like every college there are some difficult classes and easy ones but for the most part not bad. I am a business student here and its a great program. I would highly recommend this school.
I am a 70% disabled veteran who attempted to utilize the GI Bill for Spring 2018. The Residency Office filed my residency application for the WRONG semester and I am now being charged over $7k. This is unacceptable and the Residency Office should be held accountable. I have attempted to contact the school in efforts of finding a resolution, however, I have only been met with rude and unhelpful employees. I have went ahead and emailed our Utah Government Officials, as well as Veteran advocates in Washington, D.C. This school has been a giant headache.

If you are deciding on which college to attend in Utah, I definitely do NOT recommend the University of Utah. Do not waste your time.
I would really like to see more interesting classes at the University of Utah, especially a Kurdish class.
So far the University of Utah is an excellent school that provides many opportunities to excel. I'm a military veteran and feel very welcomed in and around the campus. They have many services for current and prior service members such as dedicated study area, computers and all around family-like atmosphere specifically for veterans. Only thing I would change is during orientation is identifying those that are married and provide additional information such as housing, child care and possible work opportunities on campus. I learned about a lot of great information that could have benefited my family after it was too late; however, I understand that student coordinators can't curtail orientation to every prospective student's needs. Rather they should revise their briefs that provide some of the above information in the off chance it may hep someone in the future.
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The University of Utah is a stellar institution. The teachers are approachable, the classes are understandable, the drive for higher education is powerful. Admittedly, not everything is made of daisies and rainbows. There are aspects of the U of U that are not aligned with it's self appropriated vision. Namely, the anti-culture proportioned by many professors and students against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It seems to me that a school so focused on diversifying and accepting all religions, skin colors, sexual identities etc. does not do a very good job of accepting those students who belong to said ecclesiastic organization. Regardless, my two years of experience at the U of U have been phenomenal and I would gladly recommend attendance here to any of my peers around the country or even the world.
the capuse is amazing! all of the teachers care soo much about their students. It's truly amazing to be apart of a school thats so passionate about learing and creating oppertunites for their students.
I as an international student in the U, I enjoy most of my time in campus. Most people are really friendly, the environment is very nice. Most of professors and local students are really nice to international students, but some international students from different countries are not always friendly to other international students. The foods in the campus are not bad, but no variety enough. Dorms is okay, the circumstance of dorm is very nice, the only con of it is the dorm is pricy.
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