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The University of Utah provides an excellent education for a low cost. The atmosphere of learning is contagious and the majority of students are serious about their education. The professors are diverse and provide a safe learning environment for all of their students. The University also offers free tutoring and writing workshops, which makes coursework more manageable.

The athletic events are always enjoyable, as long as you are not getting snowed on at a football game. The fans bring a lot of energy and it is contagious.

The only downsides to the University of Utah are the food options and the housing. Many students live in expensive off campus housing that is run down and barely livable. The food is also expensive on campus and the options are extremely limited.
The University of Utah is a tremendous institute to attain an education from. The campus is safe and has every facility that a student could need to make their academic experience as productive and efficient as possible. The professors are highly qualified and have a great deal of experience. Overall, the U is definitely a very prestigious institution to be affiliated with.
I love the atmosphere, the openness of the professors and how they connect with the students. I enjoy how the professors are willing to listen to students and help with any problems that students are experiencing.
I also love how there is guidance from program coordinators when applying for school. It is so important to get that guidance and not be left out on a limb!
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This place has great resources and they blow the mind when it comes to doing college right, good job guys.
The U is a great place to go to school. All the professors are brilliant and passionate. Research options are everywhere. The campus is beautiful. I would like there to be more parking (maybe free please I mean come on we are paying you tuition) and less construction (do one thing at a time).
The University of Utah is a beautiful school, located at the base of the mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah. Among the thousands of students who go there the school gives you a feel of smallness and ability to learn in a large environment. The "U" is a very large campus with a lot of different buildings, cafes, dining places, and athletic opportunities. While the university offers so many things, my time here was more negative than expected. Living in Salt Lake City my whole life I've always been used to the not diverse community and the clique that Utah has. The state is very religion oriented and I've discovered that the U is a commuter school for people who are going back to school, returning from LDS missions or simply just looking for a bachelors degree and nothing further.
My overall experience was amazing and i recommend them to everybody.
The greatness of the campus life. Everyone is just amazing the sports is always on point.
Excellent university. Beautiful area and great environment for learning. Decent access by public transportation, and helpful resources on campus.
I am currently a sophomore at the University of Utah and have had a great experience at the college. The professors are experienced and eager to help students learn the materials, setting aside time each week to meet with students to discuss materials. There are always campus activities to participate in and the new student recreation center is a great place to relieve stress and make new friends. The academic counselors are very knowledgeable and friendly and can help you make many of the difficult college decisions that arise and get you pointed in the right direction. The college is very research oriented so it is easy to get working in an on-campus lab during research under professors and getting insight into future career areas and opportunities.
The parking situation at the University is horrendous. The requirements for the theatrical programs cannot be comfortably completed within 4 years.
I have loved attending the University of Utah. The campus is beautiful, people are friendly, and the education is great.
I am not graduated yet, but I've had a great experience overall. There is always something to do on campus. The professors are all great, the only downside is that a lot of them like to teach in the middle of the day and for students that work full time jobs it's not as accommodating. There aren't a lot of degrees that offer online courses either so for those that are busy and can't make it into a set class schedule, it can make it difficult. The sports teams are great as well.
This University has helped me follow all of my dreams by providing courses to fulfill a degree in Musical Theatre as well as all pre-med classes while allowing me to be a member of the Honors College. The professors care and have personally gone out of their way to help me succeed.
I've been fortunate to participate in some excellent programs through the Honors College and the MUSE project, some of which have been the highlights of my time at the U. I've also had the opportunity to take classes from professors that care about me and my learning experience, have challenged me academically, and are great instructors to learn from overall.
The U offers a multitude of opportunities for students of all backgrounds. The research done here is incredible and many students are readily involved in that process. Professors provide out-of-classroom opportunities for students to practice in the field they are pursuing. The campus is HUGE which can be a little overwhelming but you get used to it after your first semester. Any services you may need as a student are easily accessible and the campus is right by downtown. Many international students attend the U but we do need more diversity on the national level. The level of education you receive here is unparalleled to any other college with a tuition under 30 grand. The U was not my first choice when applying to colleges but I couldn't be happier to be here. The party scene here takes a while to actually find if you are not part of greek life but it's definitely not a conservative, completely LDS ridden school like BYU.
Great professors and university! Love the campus! Love the atmosphere with our competitive sports teams and area around campus.
I like the people at Utah and the professors are always willing to help out. There is so much outdoor activities to do year round and everything is so close to the university. You can ride buses and trax for free if you are a student.
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Love the campus and Salt Lake City. Many people come for the mountains and stay. Enjoyed my grad school program. A great variety of academic/ research opportunities. Possibility of getting teaching assistantships while in grad school, i.e., a chance not to pay for your degree.
What I enjoyed the most about the University of Utah was that they had a full fledged Medical School on campus and it had really amazing programs
I LOVE IT HERE!! I was deciding what to do for my college career and I decided to come to the U and I don't think there is a better fit for me. There is always something going on around campus, also everyone is all so friendly, and the professors all enjoy what they are teaching!
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