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Great teachers! Depending on major workload can be tough, beautiful campus. High amount of Greek involvement.
As an incoming Freshman, through several events, I've learned and seen the interaction between faculty, administration and the students. They are extremely close to each of the students, take an interest in you and want know you how you are doing each day. Something you do not see in all universities.
I love the University of Tulsa! I am a very academic student, and TU's academics are perfect for me. The professors are always willing to talk and try to help each individual student. The smaller classes allow that to happen.
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Pretty good professors, nice looking campus, friendly students and many clubs and activities. The caf is ok, but student union has variety of places but open only for lunch. The surrounding area TU is in isn't the best, but security patrol regularly and respond quickly if needed. There are many sports games throughout the year to go to, but it doesn't dominate campus
Great experience so far. I enjoy the professors here and the students are decently friendly. The atmosphere is studious buthe there are many clubs and activities available for every kind of student.
The University of Tulsa is a good school with high standing. Of the schools that make up the university, I can speak of the ENS and A&S schools, which both had a very good and helpful counseling staff. I will say the university made the switch between colleges very easy, and this year has been extremely successful.
One issue I had with The University of Tulsa was that some of the professors organized their curriculum poorly so that study was difficult, and learning became very unintuitive or stressful in some classes. Less of this happened in the Arts and Science college, but it's still something to look out for.
The other issue I ran into was with getting transcripts and other official documents for outside scholarships. Deadlines were a real struggle to organize at times, and some services do not have very clear instructions.
All in all, a good school with few problems!
I was skeptical when first arriving, but after my first semester I knew it was the right place for me. The rigorous academic programs and campus community and environment are welcoming and diverse, and the campus police are always available to be with you if you ever feel uncomfortable in a situation. Hands down the best life choice I believe I could ever make.
I love TU! The faculty is always friendly and helpful. The students are there to learn and better themselves for the future. I would recommend this college to anyone wanting to have a good but challenging college experience.
Although I initially wasn't too excited about going to TU (it was my safety school), in retrospect I couldn't imaging going elsewhere.
The University is a fantastic place for those who are desiring a rigorous college experience. But it's not all just rigor. There are countless opportunities to join clubs, activities or other groups that will get you connected with like-minded people. It is a relatively small school, which offers each student a greater chance to get connected with their peers and professors and create an academic environment specific to them. While I am still enrolled at the school, I have learned an incredible amount inside and outside of the classroom. There is a wide cultural diversity which has presented me with opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and make new friends and learn about new places, religions, and cultures. They make studying abroad easy, which is important to many students. I do wish that there was a bit more of a variety of classes offered in the Art department. There are a good amount of solid classes, but a wider choice would be welcome.
This school is smaller than major state universities, but includes all aspects of college. There is a wide range of organizations, sports, activities, and academics. Managing financial aid can be inconvenient at times, however.
Beautiful campus and helpful professors. Food is meh.
I am in greek life and have plenty of friends who are affiliated with other houses or who are not greek. Greek like isn't everything but it is a ton of fun here.
The gym is nice, and very big. It has great equipment. Our football scene isn't the greatest, but our basketball team makes up for it.
I overall have enjoyed my time here at the University of Tulsa. It has a great learning environment, a beautiful campus, and is very involved in the surrounding community. The student body is full of involved and dedicated students.
I look forward to the many opportunities my degree program will offer me.
I have had a great experience at Tulsa so far. I enjoy the small class sizes and all of my professors. The courses aren't so easy that I'm bored, but they aren't extremely challenging that I am stressed out all the time.
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I have always felt safe walking across campus at night because of the emergency poles all around campus. The campus security is great too.
I have loved every on campus housing I've been in. I prefer my apartment, but the suites and dorms weren't that bad.
The many sports here are great, but it wouldn't hurt if the students got more involved.
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