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The University of Tulsa prides itself on being a diverse campus with a plethora of student organizations and a welcoming campus environment. I’m about to finish my first semester as a freshman, and I can say this is 100% incorrect. The only diversity is the large group of asian foreign exchange students. There is one lgbt club that isn’t even advertised on the school website and their events are often paired with the Student Association. In regards to Student Association (SA), it’s the worst. They don’t accept everyone into their organization. I understand having applications for executive positions, but if someone is willing to work and wants to be involved they should have the option to. Nearly every event on campus is SA or Greek Life. When it comes to greek life, if you’re not in it— just another way you’re being left out. Basically, if you’re not in SA or greek life, this school sucks.
I have only applied however, so far my experience has been quite excellent. The faculty and staff are extremely helpful and inviting.
The University of Tulsa has a unique friendly atmosphere and makes you feel at home. Professors are also very friendly and willing to help.
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I love the amount of things to do on campus. It’s so inclusive and it’s amazing. There is honestly not much I would change about the University. Very clean and well put together logistically. Student body is very engaged and diverse.
The university so far is pretty good and it seems like a really good school. There’s not really much diversity but you will be able to meet some pretty nice people.
This scholarship would be extremely helpful in certain expenses such as books and living because I really don’t have much in terms of those aspects; I truly need help.
Extremely difficult. I am in a sport and it is hard to juggle everything, but they have a lot of resources to help and people willing to sit and talk with you about plans for success and make sure you have tutors to help you understand what you are learning.
Though a small, private university, this school was exceptional as far as the collaboration that occurred among students and faculty. I was fortunate to be in a college where my professors not only were easy to reach out to, but have continued to maintain contact with me since graduation.
TU is a small school with a strong academic atmosphere. There are so many opportunities to research or interact with professors. It is also very culturally diverse, with many international students coming to study.
I am a graduate law student online. The online format is great, it's not overly easy but not 3x the amount of work as normal campus classes like other online programs I have done. The price is manageable and average compared to other online masters programs. The teachers are knowledgeable and willing to answer questions and most classmates are respectful to fellow classmates and differing opinions on course content.
TU is the perfect middle-ground between a liberal arts college and a state university. Professors are invested in our success, opportunities are endless, yet at our fingertips, and the diverse community is unparalleled.
Small class sizes are good, faculty and high ranking administration are very friendly and involved, but small school size means the variety of classes is limited. Also if you're in engineering expect most of the recruiters to be in the energy or aviation industries. There aren't many opportunities outside of those industries here.
The University of Tulsa is a great school academically and I couldn't have asked for a better place to start my adult life. Through times of confusion on what I want to do, my counselors and teachers were always there to guide me! It is a truly supportive atmosphere.
The University of Tulsa is very dedicated to providing an above average education to it's students. It is a private university therefore tuition is also above average, which makes things hard for lower class families. Living off campus as a freshman makes it hard to feel involved sometimes. But while on campus most students are very welcoming.
I received my BA from the University of Tulsa in Film Studies, with a focus on Screenwriting. I found my program to be very good, with excellent professors for both screenwriting and production. However, TU is very expensive compared to nearby schools with similar programs, such as OU, and the outcomes are not better in this particular major. Since TU is a Liberal Arts college, they should really have more support in place for graduates with creative majors.
The only reason that I rate The University of Tulsa as a 4 out 5 is because overall it is very expensive and very difficult but it is a great school and I am excited to see if it pays off in the long run. I love that I can feel confident knowing that I am receiving a very good education and I am becoming smarter every second that I attend The University of Tulsa.
Since the University of Tulsa is a private college, it offers small class sizes, easy one-on-one time with professors, while providing better opportunities for securing internships, with it having lesser students. Academics are very rigorous, but professors are always willing to help!
Campus is beautiful and you can get where you need to in 10 minutes. Some of the dorms are a little old but they have character. For incoming freshmen, the freshman dorm is definitely worth it if you want to meet new people! Classes are hard but you get what you put into it. There are plenty of ways to get involved on campus even if you do not want to go Greek! The campus is fairly small but you can still walk around and see new people everyday.
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I loved TU. The small campus made me feel like I was part of a community. The professors, especially within the chemistry department, were very experienced and professional.
I love the University of Tulsa because it is a small school size with all the benefits of a larger university. Tulsa has one-on-one teacher to student interactions, but it still offers students the networking skills to make a difference in their future careers.
This is a great University! I love the small class sizes that make for a more personal college experience!
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