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The professors were very understanding of any difficulties students came across. Materials were usually uploaded in a timely manner.
I love the small size and welcoming environment. The professors are also willing to help whenever you ask.
I enjoy the small campus and class size that allows me to have better interactions with my professors and other faculty, while still providing the benefits of a private university.
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I so far have had an excellent experience and as a veteran it has been incredible with the scholarships and funding that they provided. if not I would never have thought of coming what so ever. great job TU.
In my experience the University of Tulsa has given me great opportunities to develop my career interests. When I first got here, I was awarded with college credits for having taken IB courses in high school and this allowed me "easily" pursue two majors.
At the university you have a lot of opportunity to do research with faculty, and this is very personalized training in my opinion. In terms of academics, it is very equipped with wonderful faculty.
In terms of housing and dinning, the cafeteria "the caf" it's not the most popular, and they make us pay for 2 years of a meal plan, which is a down side. In terms of dorms, the first year is a must, after that you can move to university apartments. These are not the best apartments, there is often maintenance issues, but you can submit a work order online and they repair it for no fees.
Tulsa is not a party city, and the university is not in a good area, and campus housing is expensive compared to the prices in the area.
Started out great, ended great. However, the student experience has deteriorated since I started in 2016. I loved my time at TU and I wish I could have finished it on campus instead of from home.
Very acadeically focused university. However, very segregated and not integrative student body. Seems like there are only two majors group of students. There are the (majorly) wealthy caucasian greek students and the )(majorly) wealthy international students. It was hard to find my place here coming from a very diverse high school. The school’s lack of diversity is robbing me of the opportunity to broaden my horizons and experiences outside of the classroom. These groups that the study body is separated into really limits the interaction. It feels as if I cannot talk to certain people. lmao almost like high school but worse. This school may be right for you but definitely not for me.
This university offers the best education for any health science, engineering or business degree. The foreign language professors are some of the best professors I have ever had, they go above and beyond for their students. The students on this campus are driven, ambitious and eager to learn. Being on this campus has been the most rewarding two years so far!
I came here to be closer to family and to be in a private school. I came from Houston Texas and wanted something different. I very much have enjoyed my time at this university.
I find life at TU to be very dull and the school to be quite expensive. I do have to admit the dorms at John Mabee are quite nice so it has that going for it.
I have liked my experience so far at TU and would recommend it to anyone. It’s a hard school, and definitely difficult, it’s most definitely not a state school
It's been a good school so far, many professors are good at teaching and are helpful. There are of course the bad ones but every university is plagued with those. The campus housing is very expensive, and if you choose to commute to avoid the prices you will miss out on a lot of opportunities both academic and social.
The school's academics are excellent. The professors value you and your education; however, the student also has to put effort into learning.
Lots of opportunities to get involved both on and off campus. Classes are fantastic and the professors genuinely care about the subjects and students.
I love this University. I feel welcomed and I feel like I belong. The community is small and from where I come from, I love belonging to a small community.
Professors and advisors in the School of Music are amazing. They always do the most to make sure I'm on the right path for me. However, the new cuts TU is making makes it clear that they don't value the arts and humanities.
I am absolutely in love with this school. Not only that they are top 5 in the nation for engineering. Tusla is a medium sized campus, which is great if you really want that teacher to student connection.
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TU is very welcoming to people of all backgrounds and has a wonderful study-abroad program. They also are the highest ranking private university in the state and also rank very high nationwide. I get to see multiple sides of the school, considering my father is an alumni and my mother currently works there. They have both had/ are having amazing experiences at the university, and I hope to go to there for college for the next four years.
I love all of the people on campus. Students, faculty and staff are all so helpful and friendly! It's small enough that you can see a familiar face everywhere you go. Everyone who attends TU is eager to learn and make a difference in the world.
The University of Tulsa is absolutely beautiful! The people I met there are super nice and friendly. The teachers seem to be very helpful and more than willing to go out of their way to help you succeed.
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