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The classes are too big with over 1,500 people in a lecture. Really really hard to meet people. Went to the registrar many times and they are not very helpful. Their advice most of the time is either to come back during summer or come back for a fifth year (for the money) and sometimes they will tell you they don't know because it is not their department. Most professors are here for their research and some of them do not teach undergrads very well because their main focus in this school is grad school.

Campus food is really bad and super super expensive. Not worth coming here at all. Most people here are depressed.
The people were lovely and the sense of ego was almost nonexsistent. The professors are engaging for the most part, the surrounding area is exciting, and all the student activies are lively.
I guess that this is the university we all are looking for because of a number of reasons starting with the environment, local area, dorms and all of the professors could not do any better. I have had a job experience over here as an intern and I have to say that the staff of the university is really good and co-operative
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The University of Toronto(UofT)'s diverse academics and resources gave me an opportunity to test out my academic interests. The student life offers students activities and opportunities to have fun outside of academics.
The University of Toronto is not only recognized as the "Harvard of Canada" for its academic, but also for its social life. From its high-class teaching experience to all of the clubs it has to offer, U of T is indisputably the best university for your studies. Precisely, Brain Hackers is one of the most impressive clubs offered at UTSC which encourages students who are both interested in pursuing careers within the neuroscience field and who are fascinated to learn more about brain and behaviour science to join this club. It is also strongly recommended for students to get an on-campus job, whether it is at the library or in a lab, this job opportunity will allow students to feel more involved within their school community while earning some extra cash to pay.
Attending the University of Toronto was the greatest choice I could have made. While I was worried about visiting a country I've never been to before, I was surprised by how friendly and open-minded the students were, and how much care and attention our teachers gave each and every one of us. The campus is beautiful, and supported my studies by providing a comfortable environment to study what I am truly interested in. This year was truly a memorable experience, and I look forward to the next year.
this is really good university. all things are good . for students . and people here are good. things are okay.
It was awesome! I very much enjoyed my program (music composition), and how small it was, meaning I got a lot of personal instruction. There were a lot of extra activities and opportunities as well. While my program was intimate, the university overall is quite large, so the social scene isn't as great, but overall this was a great time! :)
My first year was tough, however I took advantage of my opportunity of getting this education. However, I believe the professors should be on the topic during lectures and not leaving the main idea until the last minutes of class (because the will go over time)
My advice is to keep up with the work at UofT. If you slack off and cram in the last week, your GPA will suffer. You should know that studying here will be the hardest experience of your life as this is a very prestige but difficult school, however, the rewards are definitely worth the wait. Amazing job opportunities, internships and you're in the heart of Toronto so there is many things to do. If you're looking for a party school, this is definitely not it. You have to work hard here, but remember that nothing good comes easy.
The University of Toronto is an excellent place for research and is the number one school in Canada and top 20 in the world. The university has a host of clubs activities and communities to get involved in. The university also has its campus in the center of the most international city on the planet, bringing the brightest minds from around the world.
The professors care about the student's learning experience and present a lot of aids in order for them to succeed
It was awesome to visit many libraries and using the resources provided there. Great scenery and the teachers really want you to succeed.
The class sizes are huge. Professors rarely pay attention to the individual growth of students; in fact, they are just seen as numbers in this school. The food is terrible and expensive, and social life is even worse. It's hard to make friends here. Everyone's focused on their own studies, and the competition among students makes everything stressful.
U of T is not a social environment. It is hard to make friends unless you are on residence. You have to keep up with the reputation of studying all the time.
if any one would be liberal it is fine
i have not gate opportunities to select alternative
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if the course and lecturers great, i would be lucky
i totally agree with student safety and security
as i have understand about the Canada, really it is very good
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