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Overall, I love my school. I took a chance and decided study in Canada, which I think was a great decision. I am receiving a great education for half the price of an American school and it's a great fit for me!
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I had friends who lived on campus and they said that it is great for the "University experience" meaning close to classes and events but not so great for the spaciousness and close proximity to other roommates. It can be very expensive as well so after first year be sure to look around, maybe find a place that isn't right next to your lecture hall. ;) You will have to commute on the TTC but I go on the train for an hour and you can get a lot of your readings done for a much cheaper living accommodation. Be sure to get the best deal as being a student is very expensive! :)
The food pales in comparison to off campus eating; some places are generally "OK" with the pricing and the fact that most students are in a rush, however given how diverse the surrounding areas are around the University, one could do better. Some dining halls are absolutely terrible. I know the engineering one (Chestnut) has declining food service throughout the year; I recall one day being "french fry dinner night", which was kinda pathetic considering the price of the meal plan. The diversity of the food is nice though; there is a restaurant in Hart House that serves various kinds of foods,lots of franchises in various buildings on campus, and even a faculty club/restaurant.