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It was awesome! I very much enjoyed my program (music composition), and how small it was, meaning I got a lot of personal instruction. There were a lot of extra activities and opportunities as well. While my program was intimate, the university overall is quite large, so the social scene isn't as great, but overall this was a great time! :)
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Attending the University of Toronto was the greatest choice I could have made. While I was worried about visiting a country I've never been to before, I was surprised by how friendly and open-minded the students were, and how much care and attention our teachers gave each and every one of us. The campus is beautiful, and supported my studies by providing a comfortable environment to study what I am truly interested in. This year was truly a memorable experience, and I look forward to the next year.
My advice is to keep up with the work at UofT. If you slack off and cram in the last week, your GPA will suffer. You should know that studying here will be the hardest experience of your life as this is a very prestige but difficult school, however, the rewards are definitely worth the wait. Amazing job opportunities, internships and you're in the heart of Toronto so there is many things to do. If you're looking for a party school, this is definitely not it. You have to work hard here, but remember that nothing good comes easy.