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I love the way everyone is part of a family in some way. I wish they would change the way in which you go about trying to get an on campus job.
Just speaking from the perspective of a parent of a special needs son - this may not apply to your situation. UToledo puts on a great face, talking about the systems they have in place, and how much they care. This is disingenuous at best - success coaches, SDS advisors, academic advisers - they are punching a clock, and will not go out of their standard operating procedure for the individual. When a child who can score a 35 on the ACT fails out because the safety nets we were assured were in place are never actually put out to catch him, this is unacceptable.
The University of Toledo is extremely diverse and has a wide range of academic courses. Aside from academics, The University of Toledo has a great athletic program and there are a lot of activities for students to get involved in.
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This is a great college, the professors are great. Everyone help you out and the counselors make sure they help you no matter what.
Attending the University of Toledo has been the single best decision I have made up to this point in my life. The diverse culture has made me feel right at home. Professors here at the University are "all-in" helping you to succeed and find your dream job after graduation. If it weren't for a few encouraging words, I would have never decided to return and get my Masters at this University. "You will do better in Toledo".
Had some amazing professors who made me feel like I was ready to begin life in the working world. I also me some of the best friends I have ever had here. Would recommend this school to anyone!
It is a pretty good school for engineering, however parking is usually horrible and it is not in the nicest area.
UT is not a bad school by any means. The University and the City of Toledo are up and coming. There's a lot of good going on around campus and in the community. However, there are many issues that will take a long time to fix.
My biggest complaint about UT is the lack of student engagement -- it's difficult to find others extremely passionate about their field of study. There certainly are students who are passionate and work hard to get internships, research, etc. but many students take classes and don't participate in any other activities. UT does not have an intellectual atmosphere and often time reminds me high school.
My freshman year I took a Sophmore/Junior level class (there were even a few seniors) and I felt like a Nobel laureate during group discussions. I don't consider myself to be particularly knowledgeable but the other students just didn't grasp elementary-level concepts.
The University of Toledo has an excellent mathematics program, in addition to their biology program. Advisors are active in trying to help students understand where their future path will take them career wise. Could use more campus diversity to give students a reality check.
The Unversity provides you with very soundas well as a wide variety of courses to take. UT is like other colleges however and it can be hit or miss with some of you professors.
University of Toledo is a good school for academics is really good though some professors are nuts.The parking at the campus is the worse thing to be around the campus.The parking reinforcement are all over the campus when parking the space is limited.The worst think is the parking workers are the worst.I felt some of them are racist and not willing to help.I treated so bad by one lady at the parking office.Also the designs of the school is amazing which i love most .Also the course are a lot which helps many student. As the tuition is cheap compared with some colleges
I started going to UT in the fall last year. So far all of my professors have been fair and they did a good job of teaching the information.
My experience at the University of Toledo was incredible. I was able to live on my own the entire year and had the chance to find myself. The academic workload is a good amount to the point where it's not too stressful. You still have a chance to relax and hangout with friends on the weekends. The campus is beautiful in the fall and you have the opportunity to study outside. The campus is safe and it is a great school.
The University of Toledo has been an enjoyable college experience so far, and I am eager to continue my education with this outstanding university.
I liked the assistance I got from the university and professors whenever I asked. I feel I got a good education. I plan to attend for my masters program.
very good school to study at, smart ways to study and great library to get all the information you need.
The University of Toledo has a very diverse student body, overall great/caring professors, and has a variety of great programs. Toledo is a growing city with many different activities.
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Im going there for my 4 years of college starting in august 2018 fall and will be staying in the beautiful parks towers building and it looks very relaxing and comfortable the people who assist you to be great through college the guidance and students who call you when you apply are very welcoming and open and yeah
I feel as if I belong to something, versus my previous experience at a community college where I merely showed up, rarely talked to anyone, and then went home. The atmosphere at the University of Toledo is totally different. I felt like I became a part of a close-knit community and was welcomed by all students and staff. I feel excited to come to school and learn now, after feeling burnt out after my first two years. Additionally, there are so many helpful resources to help better your education including an enormous library and success coaches! My success coach has helped me overcome my fear, nervousness, and pushed me to be a better student. This is something I never had at my community college, and I am thankful for it every day because it's so important to have someone by your side rooting for you during the entire semester.
I am an Education major with a focus in math and a majority of the teachers do not speak English very well and it can be very hard to understand them. They often are not lenient teachers and they are not helpful in office hours. I suffered a medical injury and was unable to walk or attend class for a semester and despite it setting me back a year in school because of the way classes are laid out, the teachers refused to let me work from home or meet in their office hours. I have had some good teachers and met wonderful people, but the advisers could use some work.
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