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The University of Toledo was my top choice for a school when I started looking two years ago. I picked to go here because I could see myself being successful in not only the academic side with the help of hands-on professors that want to see their students succeed in class, but also the personal growth of college life. With over three hundred plus student organizations on campus, a student can easily find a way to fit in and grow as a member of not only the University of Toledo community, but also Toledo's and surrounding areas' community.
The University of Toledo has been a very good place for me. I am a second-semester freshman and my first year overall has been pretty good. Most of the professors are very understanding and kind, especially when my 3rd week of classes I had emergency surgery. I was extremely worried that I would fall behind. But all of my professors were willing to work with me to figure out the best strategy to catch up. My success coach has also been a huge help. She is always there for me when I have questions and helped with my anxiety when I first started at Toldeo.
I liked the availability of classes and majors as well as an affordable tuition. Works well as a jack of all trades school as opposed to excelling in any one category.
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The professors are nice and helpful, the campus is clean and easy to navigate, good education at a low cost to attend
Medium to large campus. Good faculty. The surrounding area is somewhat lacking in terms of restaurants and things to do but the campus itself is relatively large and it's an attractive campus.
University of Toledo is a great environment for a college. It excels in the academics and is known for its medical school.
The University if toledo is a great school. It has all the necessary resource a freshman would need. There is always an open door policy for any and everyone!
When it comes to Engineering I love how involved the University of Toledo is in actually developing the students for a technical career path. I am excited every semester to actually engage in the new classes and look forward to meeting with the teachers!
First things first: the campus is beautiful! There's so much scenery and beauty to take in the minute you step foot on the campus. The entire staff is there to help you as well! Overall, I love it!
I like that it's not too small and not too big, but they could work on helping students through financial issues and academic advising.
The University of Toledo provides excellent academic programs an has wonderful and educated professors. The one thing that I feel could be a little better is the security on and around campus.
Couldn't have picked a better enviroment to further my education. Toledo has impactex my life in only positive ways.
UT is an excellent choice! Impressed with the entire campus and excited to start college in the Fall!!!
I very much liked the campus when I went on a college visit. I also liked how everyone was so friendly and willing to help.
The university of Toledo is amazing. The professors and always concerned about you and your school. They want to see you do the best possible the campus is beautiful and student life it awesome. There are so many organizations to join and they help you become a well rounded student
It took some time to get use to but once I sat backed and looked it is a very good school and I feel like toledo is setting me up for a good future.
I love Toledo but what I would change is the city because there's always a lot of construction going on and it very confusing when your driving around a new city you're unfamiliar with.
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The university provides excellent opportunities to interact with other students. Tutoring is available all throughout the day if you need help in any subject and faculty members are always available to offer advice.
The Engineering program is excellent. I have enjoyed many of the classes I have attended. The campus is clean and easily accessible. The parking however is limited which makes finding a close spot difficult.
I have been attending the University of Toledo for the past two years. I wen to the main campus my freshman and sophomore year, and now as a junior I am at the University of Toledo Medical Campus. Both campuses are absolutely stunning and the education is well worth it. The main campus has added several new food places, and I hope that they may consider adding a coffee place on medical campus.
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