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Coming to this school was the best decision I ever made. I am here for Mechanical Engineering and I have grown so much as a person because of it. There is a ton of support for students in any major in whatever capacity they need support. What is also nice is you get the benefits of being a big school like Division 1 sports and a lot of resources, but it's also relatively small class sizes and a lot of personal attention. The atmosphere is great, and it is in a great great location with plenty of things to do outside of school as well.
I am a CCP student of University of Toledo. Currently, I am a senior at Emmanuel Christian School, but am planning to attend University of Toledo in the future. With my experience taking classes through UT I have found that the professors are open to discussion and easy to connect with. There is also a good amount of diversity among students, which makes class discussion more interesting and relevant.
This college has some very good teachers, they do their best to make sure you past. Their tutoring lab is very good they helped me pass my statistics class. Their food court is the best, the food is very delicious.
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The University of Toledo is very diverse! I take online classes as a senior in high school and I love it. All of my siblings have gone to school there and my oldest sister even works there. It's a good community and I have known the college for my whole life. I go to school in downtown Toledo so I am very familiar with the area of The University of Toledo
UT is sometimes thought of as a subpar school just because the people in Toledo are so close. But it is actually a really good university where people from all around the world come to learn.
The campus has really developed over the years and appears to be updated. Living on campus in the dorms and Greek life was a great experience. Students activities and involvement around campus is very easy to participate in and meet people.
The University of Toledo is an excellent school. The school it's self holds many titles and has a great academic standing. One thing that I would like to see change is having better professors. It seems that to hold all of these titles they have to sacrifice having good professors. Sure there are a few good ones in the mix but there should be more to help balance out the courses.
Toledo is a very diverse university! I grew up right down the street and it was really convenient for me to stay home and commute! The commute is always great, especially driving around campus and looking at all the architecture.
As a freshmen I still new to this university but it is such as a big future maker that you can achieve with this university . This is because it has a really powerful ways to teach and places to make students love to go to it. University of Toledo give many scholarships to students who works hard and those are hard to get them and in same time this university is cheap ,so that if you applied for Free Application For Federal Students Aid (FAFSA) that will take care of more than half of the tuition and with the scholarships that you can get with your Act ,SAT and you GBA ,you can easily pay for your tuition and fees .Major you don't know where you are going to study it ? Or skill you have and you need to train it more and get certificate? You are from different state and care about what your campus look like ? Just applied to University of Toledo and you will be happy for all of these .
-I have been at the University of Toledo for Eight weeks now and have really enjoyed it. There is so much to get involved in and the academics are great here. There is also a really great athletic program here. The teams are very dedicated and it pays off. Every home football game is filled up and each game is exciting. The football games are even free for students going to the University of Toledo. I would highly recommend going to the University of Toledo.
The school has a beautiful campus. I enjoy all the classes. I have had one or two professors that were excellent. I hope to graduate by 2020.
I have had an amazing experience at the University of Toledo! I love the environment and there are so many wonderful classes to take as well! The teachers are amazing and very relatable. All of the students on campus are very friendly and it’s just an amazing place to attend school! They also have some pretty awesome places to eat on campus as well!
Although most of the facilities on campus are older, both the academics and the student involvement on campus are pretty great.
The University, I feel does not give you all the tools you need to succeed, I am looking at not graduating on time because I did not have the right resources to carry out my major degree requirments.
The University of Toledo has provided an educational foundation in my life. Through the University of Toledo, I have been able to realize my dreams.
Wish more credits were transferable. Have to re-take a lot of classes. Didn't find a helpful advisor until my jr year. Glad more classes are available online through distance learning.
I want to say poor because of many experiences I’ve had, but overall that’s just not true. I am very upset that they have increased tuition and I have no idea whether or not I’ll be able to pay for next semester without taking out additional loans. Books are way too expensive and usually unnecessary. They also are very unfriendly to commuter students, they desperately need more parking and all I hear about is Sharon Gaber doing all this amazing stuff when she’s forcing students to live on campus for two years and stole scholarship money that was rightfully earned by our students. The ONLY saving grace of this institution is that I’ve made some amazing friends here and that I’m forever grateful for.
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Beautiful campus and wonderful professors. Financial aid department is a nightmare to work with. Great support system in every field! Safe and clean campus. There is very limited parking after 9am.
I love the way everyone is part of a family in some way. I wish they would change the way in which you go about trying to get an on campus job.
Just speaking from the perspective of a parent of a special needs son - this may not apply to your situation. UToledo puts on a great face, talking about the systems they have in place, and how much they care. This is disingenuous at best - success coaches, SDS advisors, academic advisers - they are punching a clock, and will not go out of their standard operating procedure for the individual. When a child who can score a 35 on the ACT fails out because the safety nets we were assured were in place are never actually put out to catch him, this is unacceptable.
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