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I started going to UT in the fall last year. So far all of my professors have been fair and they did a good job of teaching the information.
My experience at the University of Toledo was incredible. I was able to live on my own the entire year and had the chance to find myself. The academic workload is a good amount to the point where it's not too stressful. You still have a chance to relax and hangout with friends on the weekends. The campus is beautiful in the fall and you have the opportunity to study outside. The campus is safe and it is a great school.
The University of Toledo has been an enjoyable college experience so far, and I am eager to continue my education with this outstanding university.
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I liked the assistance I got from the university and professors whenever I asked. I feel I got a good education. I plan to attend for my masters program.
very good school to study at, smart ways to study and great library to get all the information you need.
The University of Toledo has a very diverse student body, overall great/caring professors, and has a variety of great programs. Toledo is a growing city with many different activities.
Im going there for my 4 years of college starting in august 2018 fall and will be staying in the beautiful parks towers building and it looks very relaxing and comfortable the people who assist you to be great through college the guidance and students who call you when you apply are very welcoming and open and yeah
I feel as if I belong to something, versus my previous experience at a community college where I merely showed up, rarely talked to anyone, and then went home. The atmosphere at the University of Toledo is totally different. I felt like I became a part of a close-knit community and was welcomed by all students and staff. I feel excited to come to school and learn now, after feeling burnt out after my first two years. Additionally, there are so many helpful resources to help better your education including an enormous library and success coaches! My success coach has helped me overcome my fear, nervousness, and pushed me to be a better student. This is something I never had at my community college, and I am thankful for it every day because it's so important to have someone by your side rooting for you during the entire semester.
I am an Education major with a focus in math and a majority of the teachers do not speak English very well and it can be very hard to understand them. They often are not lenient teachers and they are not helpful in office hours. I suffered a medical injury and was unable to walk or attend class for a semester and despite it setting me back a year in school because of the way classes are laid out, the teachers refused to let me work from home or meet in their office hours. I have had some good teachers and met wonderful people, but the advisers could use some work.
I absolutely love being enrolled in the University of Toledo because there are so many opportunities with any major you choose. I personally think that if you choose a major in engineering or nursing (like myself), you will get so many connections post-college and work for during college.
I like the University of Toledo because I have had multiple opportunities so far, including research labs and experience, offerings for teaching assistant positions, honors thesis programs, and clubs. I like the big library and the campus recreation fitness center. The only thing I dislike is the lack of summer scholarships.
What I loved about the university of Toledo was their amazing school spirit! I've met tons of friends. I also approve of the professors. They take the time to teach you. The library also has an amazing study center.
I love UT! It’s a quality education at an affordable cost. Most of the professors are attentive and will help when reached out to.
The campus is very safe, professors care and want to see you succeed. Programs are difficult but prepare you for your career after college. Pricing on dorms are a bit too much.
The diversity in the different types of people and cultures there really makes the experience amazing for everyone.
I am going to attend UT in the fall and I have had many friends and family attend there and they have said they loved their experience going there. I am very excited to attend there this fall!
Due to this being the only college that I have attended, I don't have a reference for comparison. However, I do enjoying attending this college. However, I would appreciate more female teachers in the engineering program and professors who provide more assistance with explanation of classwork. The housing can also get very expensive.
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The University of Toledo is a very beautiful campus that is very diverse. Students from all over the world come to UT. 95% of the professors are very nice and helpful. Other UT students are also very kind and social. Overall, UT is an amazing campus. I am very happy I picked to go to UT!
The university of toledo has a variety of student organizations and so you will find a club that you fit in without a problem. The international staff are very helpful and the honor college has a lot of opportunities for you.
Campus seemed nice during orientation but they lobby around and hide all of the negatives. Very few decent teachers. Living on campus sucks unless you’re an athlete. If you are a follower, it’s a good fit for you. If you expect more, don’t go.
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