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University of the West is a small Buddhist college located in Rosemead California. The school is more focused on international students, and it is not so known by usual high school students because it is such a small campus.
Although this school is good and friendly. Most credits are not transferable.
I haven't taken any online courses.
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Every year we have a job fair that allows students to find internships regarding their major.
The class sizes are great! Compared to other school who have about 50+ students in one class. Our class sizes are at most 12 students. Encouraging students to talk to the professor one on one. The class participation is great as well.
This university has religious values that make the school very comfortable and heartwarming.
The work load is not terrible considering I just completed my first year in college, but it has great opportunities to work within the school disregarding what major you are.
Its a good school, but doesn't offer many majors.
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The professors and advisers for Religious Studies seem knowledgeable.
I think they are not flexible, but I'm not sure how that is compared to other campuses. They won't accept any credits from my past graduate studies, because of "time limit".
I haven't taken any online courses here.
It has a career center, but haven't use it, yet.
The course I took was great.
I haven't been there long enough to assess this area.
The faculties and advisers seem personable and knowledgeable. I'll be in the Master's program for Religious Studies with concentration in Buddhism, which is a core and uniquely strong program for this university.
Only taken one course so far, so my experience may be limited. But because it is a small college, it is not hard to get to know the departments, staff and students, and everyone I have met so far seems more genuine and caring than most other campuses or institutions.
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Financial aid is poor as they have too much requirements just to get a little help.
It is very diverse,allot of different races and persons from different countries.
They seem to be some what absent.
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