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The University of the Virgin Islands is an excellent school. They are very nice, patient, and willing to work with you.
So far my time at UVI is going quite well. I did not do as well as I thought I would have done last semester but that was due to personal issues. But still I would recommend anyone to come to UVI.
What I like about the University of the Virgin Islands is the fact that it has two campuses, one on St. Croix and the other on St. Thomas. I love how both campuses are very spacious. You have many different places to study and meet new people.
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UVI is a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). You can expect a top-notch education with outstanding instruction. All degree programs on the undergraduate and graduate levels are very rigorous, and prepare you for your career and life! Attending UVI has been a great academic decision for me, on reason being it was very cost effective. In state and out of state tuition and overall costs are much cheaper compared to other colleges and universities nationwide. There are various sport teams, clubs, groups, and other extracurricular activities that an individual can participate in that will enhance your academic career. The school's population is quite diverse as students are of various cultures, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation; this contributes to the type of experience that you will have. However, one major drawback is the scheduling of classes which do not provide much flexibility for individuals who are working full-time and may be single parents.
The University of the Virgin Islands has been a great experience so far. The school is small and down to earth and there is free help such as tutoring for math m, writing and any subject. The teachers are very knowledgeable and understanding. The dorm life is amazing you can go out and have fun with wonderful people on campus with rides to and from any scene. The campus is really amazing and anyone can excel here.
The University Of The Virgin Islands is a good school. Has quite a few majors to offer you. I think there should be a wider variety to choose from. But the college life there has been pretty amazing. The teachers are awesome. I really like the fact that there’s the writing center and math center for students who may be having trouble. UVI has a lot to offer. There’s different pageants and outdoor activities to enjoy. The people are really healpful and friendly in the library as well as the registrars office.
Its a cool school, and it feel homie like. I have been attending here for about a year now and i love it. The place is diversity and you meet people from all over the place. they have different activities and programs that can fit the character of any person.
I loved the curriculum, but there needs to be more student activities throughout the week. The campus is very beautiful and filled with lush greenery. The nearest beach is practically minutes away and it is a paradise to behold. The classes are small in size, so that one on one time with professors can be arranged. This is the first HBCU campus that is not in the US mainland. Other than that, this school takes much pride in itself and is filled with school spirit.
I didn't particularly liked anything about attending UVI but my experience there was average, there wasn't really activities going on as much and the school doesn't have pride in itself there aren't much to do at school. They give you unnecessary classes that you do not benefit your career. In all, UVI is a average school with somewhat good academic classes.
The University of the Virgin Islands is such a good school. The staff is amazing they welcome students with smiles and they are always ready to assist when they are needed .The advisors make sure students keep on task and they always encourage students to be the best . The teachers are the best. They don't only teach but they show you how to use what they teach in real life situations. Although the teachers may also be strict they try their best to make lectures, labs & etc fun. UVI is also filled with opportunities. UVI has work studies & they have so much programs that can help students be the best at what they want to be. My only complaint is that they don't have much activities for students.
The University of the Virgin Islands recently experienced a lot of damage due to two category five hurricanes (Irma and Maria). However, despite the UVI has gone the extra mile to help their students get back on track. They hosted many relief drives, offered counseling, and even financial aid to students who experienced damage to their home and personal belonging.
My experience in the University of the Virgin Islands has been a struggle, especially after Hurricanes Irma and Maria came and destroyed the island. The teachers wasn't being aware of students not having current and having to turn in the assignments on time. University of the Virgin Islands has not been a good environment for me to study and get what I have to do
I'm in my second year at the university of the Virgin Islands . I would have to say that I enjoy going there because it feels very homey. Although it is a HBCU it is VERY diverse .
Decent School. Needs a broader variety of degree programs. Amazing location and view however. Mostly African American students but still very diverse.
I am currently taking two class at UVI's, St. Croix campus. The professors are very helpfully and will help you anyway they can if you don't understand something in class. the campus is beautiful, but can be a little confusing at first. Over all my experience here has been a positive one and has changed my perception on college for the better.
This school is amazing and affordable. Academically, the curriculum is engaging yet challenging. The professors are willing to go beyond to help students in need. One thing that could be better are the work study opportunities.
My experience at the University of the Virgin Islands is wonder. There is a lot to to there and the party scene is amazing. The teaching are tremendous, I learned a lot going to this university and can't wait to see what else I will achieve there.
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My experience here at the University of the Virgin Islands have been great. The school is outstanding. The people are welcoming.
Not only does the University of the Virgin Islands accommodate your stay with room and board, but they offer great classes to fit your major and/or minor. In my opinion UVI has fit my needs and others very well as they are not only trying to help you reach your degree but encourage you to have a fun time achieving it as well.
Wish there were more class flexibility and availability, I want to get a minor but am unable to because a required course is offered at the same time as the minor course. They admissions and finical aide office seems to work is slow-mo, inly found a handful of people who actually care and will help you, instead of giving you an attitude. There are some very unprofessional professors who should've been fired years ago, but are still working here.
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