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This is a great University. It was free to apply, I transferred here to finish my undergrad and I received a free laptop computer at orientation. Most of the staff and faculty on campus are very personable and helpful. They get to know you pretty quick, so you can't get by with much. haha
One of the required classes is "Servant Leadership". There are always opportunities to volunteer somewhere in the community. There are also work study jobs available. The campus is small and the security is good. The dorms are new and clean with walk in closets for each person. There is always something going on and something to do.
My experience here has been pretty good so far. I got to play baseball here and go to school as well an its helped me make great life long friends that I will forever be grateful for. Its a pretty small town so there really isn't much to do when I am not playing baseball or doing homework, but having close friends is what mad it more fun outside of school. Not only did my teammates become close but we became a family and that's another reason I enjoy it here. It is pretty small so it would be nice to see it grow some more even though it has grown little by little in the time that I have been here.
I have enjoyed my experience with the faculty and staff through the courses I have taken. Everyone is eager to help you succeed in any avenue you choose.
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University of the Southwest is a good school. All of their professors already have their masters degree or are currently working on their masters. The athletic rate at University of the Southwest is 95% and of course as always accademics always come first. The coaches there have study halls so that the athletes can stay on top of class. There is only classes Monday through Thursday so we have the weekend off to catch up on any work that we may and attend any student activities or games. Classes are only based on your major so you won't just get thrown into some random class. Classes are typically done by about two o'clock in the afternoon that way the sports can practice.
I do really like the University of The Southwest. It is more of an athletic school more than anything. It is a very small campus but the people/professors are great! Only athletes live on campus and attend in-class classes. So, the environment is very nice. A few things that should change with this university is the food. The cafeteria food is not the best. Being athletes and being constantly hungry then to go to the caf to eat is bad. Other then that maybe they should try to expand their schools because they do not have a wide selection with majors. Those are the only negatives, everything else is awesome.
Small college which is great for learning, giving you a chance to interact with your professors on questions you may have on learning.
The online instructors are wonderful. The classes are easy to follow and the content is very informative and rewarding.
The classes were very easy to take as long as you show up to class and do all your work. The teachers grade very easy and will help guide you through every essay, quiz, test, project, etc...
It was a definite good experience. Got to do so many travels, activities with my team, and met good people.
I completed an online Master's degree in School Counseling with the U of Southwest. I chose this program because I am living in Europe, and needed to find a program that didn't require me to be in a 'cyber' classroom during specific times of the day. The professors were all very accessible and responsive and the coursework was interesting and well delivered. Additionally, the registrar department was exceptionally helpful and kind.
I haven't attend it yet but i will be attenting this yeat
I am on online student.
This so far has been my first semester at the University of the Southwest. I am so glad I started to go here. They offer me a program which is called NExT. new experienced teachers aids. This is where I am working at the school and it is going towards some of my credit hours. Every time I have had a question about the school it was quickly answered. Another thing I appreciate is that it is Christian based. I was completely discouraged with starting school and I believe I was directed towards this school. I was discouraged because I have a 4 year old daughter and it is stressful at times to work and go to school. I didn't know when I would have time for her. Thank God it has all worked out thus far greatly.!
I believe what makes University of the Southwest unique was the fact that everyone on campus is an athlete. Walking around from class to class, you know everyone; it makes it a whole lot easier to adapt because you have a lot of things in common.
Access to resources needs to be improved.
what makes university of the southwest unique is that every student is an athlete and participates in a sport they have here.
I didn't make the fafsa deadline.
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It just depends on the individual.
There's a lot of variety, some are small business.
There's Asians, mostly Hispanics, African-Americans, and Caucasians. And Everyone gets along.
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