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Its a great school, although challenging at times it will come with great rewards. You are pushed for your own good. It is a small school but thats what I like about it because it feels more inclusive. Overall good investment just be willing to put in the work.
The course load is challenging, but the school offers a lot of resources to help students. The community is friendly. The school is close to a lot of public transportation, so commuting is easy. There are a lot of networking opportunities for whatever your future career is. There are a lot of forums to make a suggestion or a complaint if you have a problem.
I very much enjoy the campus community and the feel of the campus. It is a very personable environment where you get to know most of the staff and students due to the smaller size. I would like to see more campus engagement opportunities and more club/organizations.
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The community of University of the Sciences is very small but tight-knit. The education you will recieve at Usciences will not compare to any other college. However, I would like to see the university become more commuter friendly in order to make our lives easier and our experience that much better.
When I first visited University of the Sciences, the current students there were very kind. For a small school like this, I met many wonderful staff members. I was able to talk to many professors on my first day. The campus was small and what I was use to growing. The local area wasn't too bad, I liked that it was close by to cool sites like Center City. I was also a fan of the many cool foods the school offered as I am a vegetarian. I liked the many clubs and activities, like sororities and sports, USciences offered.
Incredibly hard school. Honestly needs to improve housing. The teachers are either very good or completely aweful. It's a place where you need to be extremely dedicated to make it all the way.
University of the Sciences is not an easy school. The worst aspect unrelated to course difficulty is that the school usually does not listen to younger students, but instead only the concerns of older students are addressed. Otherwise, it is an excellent school with strong academics and provides many great opportunities for students wishing to get major-related experience before graduation.
I was a part of the 4 year B.S. in Biochemistry program. The university is small and cozy but with most of the student's living on campus the commuters were not provided transportation discounts and the faculty with the exception of a select few were not quite as interested in each individual's success.
Enjoying my time here despite personal set backs in my program. OT department gives lots of hands on opportunities despite some disorganization with professors. All professors still work in the field and give us stories about their experience.
So far my experience at USciences has been great. I fell into the groove pretty quickly and I found a solid friend group. Everyone is very friendly and it's a nice community. The area is okay, there are run-down neighborhoods. But public safety is always on duty so that is reassuring. Pretty tight-knit campus, which I like. The walk between classes isn't bad at all. Food is okay, I personally got tired of it quick. Dorms are average, as Goodman is pretty old. But there's a new residence hall being built so that is a nice addition. Academics are great, the professors really want students to succeed. They really do care and are always there to help. Overall, this is an exceptional school.
I am satisfied with the location, security, and the student life. However, there were professors who did not show any interests in the students' success and could not properly teach the students on the necessary topics. For some classes I had to self-teach myself through Youtube videos, outlines, and textbooks so that I don't fall behind in class. The housing is also very poor since the building is old. There are cockroaches everywhere in the Freshman dorm building.
I chose USciences, because of how focused they are on health-care careers. I believed that I'd get the most out of this school, being surrounded by the kinds of people I would be working with in the future. I also really liked the campus, and the distance it was from my house. It wasn't so far that I wouldn't be able to go home if I wanted to, but it wasn't so close where I was basically in the same town with the same people again.
I like the fact that is was so homey and everyone was so kind. I felt like I belong the moment I had stepped onto the campus.
I am an incoming Freshman at USP. So far, my experience has been great! The school is very diverse and welcoming. The dorms are pretty standard, not shabby- the only thing you need would be lights. However, USP is building the new dorms as we speak so that rating might change. The food is a bit...lackluster. Sure, it's buffet style and there are a lot of drink options and fresh fruit. The food is pretty standard. I'm not too worried about safety since there are a lot of precautions and security about, including access cards to get into certain buildings. Student life I am giving 4 stars because THERE ARE SO MANY CLUBS.
I love how small the learning community is because it really gives students a hands-on experience and more time with each professor. The only thing I would like to see change is the high cost of this university because it is very difficult for an average family to afford.
Its a small school which has its ups and downs. But the best thing about the school is that you have smaller classes which makes it easier to connect with professors.
Since coming here in 2013 (and expecting to graduate 2017 and in 2019), the university has really made the effort to improve and does not look like what it did 4 years ago. They have renovated the dining hall, have plans to create a new freshman/sophomore living space, more educational space, and has a new marketing campaign. Even the landlords around the area have been doing new construction to modernize the living space for students once they move off campus. While I agree that greek life wasn't what it was back in 2014 when I joined, it still has a lively spirit on our campus. Going through one of their accelerated programs, it felt disjointed at first (possibly due to my impatience to "get to the real stuff already"). It was a matter of taking further classes and seeing the material continuously integrate itself. I can say I proudly see myself growing into being as a strong, entry level practitioner.
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I love this school, really great atmosphere and tight knit community. Professors are always experts in their field of study. They are always willing to help. I respect every student at this school, everyone is really intelligent and driven
My experience with the University of the Sciences has been excellent so far. All of my professors have been so great. They have all been eager to help and really having the best interest of success for all of their students. They take their time to really get to know every student and help to answer as many questions and meet to go over any material. Also, the University does an excellent job providing a lot of extra curricular activities to keep the student busy. All of the facilities are very kept up with and up to date with technology. Also, being in the city of Philadelphia people would think that it would be dangerous, but on this campus you always see security around and just feel safe all of the time.
I am a fifth year pharmacy student at USciences and I can assure you that Temple and Jefferson are a much better choice for a pharmacy school in Philadelphia.
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