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The virtual classroom at the University of the Rockies is very friendly and easy to get around in. Each instructor that I have had are wonderful and very knowledgeable on the subjects they teach.
In relation to Ashford University and the Rockies. I am a current online student. I love my Instructors'and the programs available to choose from. It is very reasonable in price and delivers excellent leadership and learning materials. I will stay with Ashford University for my academic studies. Thank you Ashford staff. I had to rate the party scene a one because I don't party I study and raise my children instead and would not want it any other way. Call me boring and focused. Perhaps you could call me a nerd and that is fine by me. Thanks for opportunity to speak and to those who have taken the time to read my post. Best of luck to you all.
They give you a chance to retake any courses you do not complete up to three times, which is good because if you cannot pass on the third try, then maybe this is not the school or career for you or you should start as an associate and then work your way up.
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I would rather do online classes as it affords me the option of doing classwork any time I can on my schedule. We interact all the time and we are able to add to their discussion by answering them in the discussion group. Everyone is respectful o each other and value others opinions.
I really cannot answer this question as I have not got to that point where I need to use the career services, but i am working towards joining an alumni, which is the Golden Key.
The courses are designed to help you learn and use in your everyday life. There is not a day that will go by that you do not learn something new. The class sizes seem to be a nice size, they fluctuate so there is not set size, but there is never more than ten to fifteen students in the class, even online.
The whole staff is outgoing and help as much as they can. You must have a 3.79 in order to join the Golden key Alumni, which is what I am working towards as it is lifetime. Everyone helps you, you only need ask and they will inform you of your progress toward your goals and suggest others. I love this University.
The whole system allows you to work and study by it being online. You can study during breaks at work, listen to lessons on the drive home or to work. The workload is fast so be prepared for that as each class is six weeks, but you can always ask for a break i things become to hectic.
The school offers online classes and in the doctorate program you do an in residency class where you learn about your dissertation process, meet those you have been communicating with online, as well as many instructors. It is the best time being on campus and the people in Denver are the greatest and friendliest ever. I would continue to go and if it were possible I would live on campus all the time.
Since it's all on-line, I can do my assignments whenever I want as long as I turn them in by their deadline.
I prefer traditional classrooms. I feel too disconnected with the teacher, my fellow students, the course material.
I have not yet reached a point to utilize the career center.
I have to reach a point where I will be utilizing the career help center.
The professors are helpful. It takes a bit of getting used to taking an on-line course and having to wait for responses. It's intensive with the amount of work being compressed in each class but with it being all online at least there is the ease of making my own schedule of studying.
It's tough. A lot of material to be covered in a short span of time. It's intensive and intimidating.
The adviser I've been paired with is fantastic! She's helpful and enthusiastic and inspiring. It's tricky learning the way of doing an on-line class but the advisers are really there for you and helpful.
I love the idea of distance learning and UoR grants my wishes. The advisors are extremely helpful when there are issues that may arise. I wouldn't gone to no other school. I would recommend this school to anyone that has a passion for learning and loves online courses.
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I love online courses. Although the workload could be overwhelming at times, I like the flexibility of courses that are offered online.
Professors have been very thoughtful and helpful in my different circumstances.
My classes are online therefore I am a distance learner.
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